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Image: bevingadmyster.jpg   655x817 144825 bytes 2005.11.10

This fellow originally appeared in a dream of mine, later became the model for a concept of a type of creature in my fantasy world. Go dreams, both night and day types!

Image: myster.jpg   478x660 69194 bytes 2005.11.10

A lesson for the wise: Don't spend several days making a water pencil piece if you're going to use the cheapest possible copy paper...\r\nLong story short, fantasy critters of mine.

Image: guardian.jpg   562x360 56264 bytes 2005.11.10

A picture I drew after a "story" that isn't really a story at all, just random but connected drawing ideas xD

Image: varghund.jpg   437x329 42006 bytes 2005.03.06

It's either a wolfdog, or a maltese. I think the first, but you can never be certain... I had some fun shading and colouring this one, even though the anatomy is a bit strange xD\r\nHand-drawn, photoshop 6.

Image: Chanoh-lighter.jpg   373x368 44957 bytes 2004.12.20

Simply a lighter version of the Chanoh picture, since the other version may look too dark on some computers.

Image: Chanoh.jpg   373x368 44067 bytes 2004.12.20

Chanoh, originally a petz of mine (petz is a computer game - it rocks so go play it!), but she's also become my main RP character. The species is called Anubite, and is based originally on egyptain mythology (d'uh!) but they've now taken on a life of their own... \r\nThis was my first real try at drawing a rocky wall, and I think it turned out pretty well! Horrible compression, but when I try to compress it more the eye turns a dusty grey instead, and Chanoh's eyes are what makes her... her, so they're important xD\r\nHand drawn outlines, Photoshop v.6.

Image: svarta.jpg   314x306 28880 bytes 2004.10.23

This black wolf keeps popping up when I draw and sketch... He finally got a name, Svarta, which is swedish for "Black". Though he may look like a normal wolf here, he's not really... There's more in that furry head than your average animal ;)

Image: Spökvarg.jpg   563x369 22216 bytes 2004.04.06

Mr Wolf says "Rawr".\r\nPhotoshop + PSP, just playing around...

Image: Provdrake.gif   437x290 29311 bytes 2004.04.06

Drawn about an hour before a philosophy test in school... I think it summed up my feelings right then pretty well XD\r\nGel pen and Photoshop + PSP for colouring.

Image: Myplanet.gif   422x433 40827 bytes 2003.11.30

Lol, lil inside joke there ;) I got some practice in drawing a twolegger though... Pencil sketch, coloured in Photoshop 6 with vector from PSP7 used for shading.

Image: voffsing.jpg   407x414 44026 bytes 2003.10.03

Random lil egyptain guy... Started out as a sketch in school, unfortunately on squared paper so I had to put quite some time into removing those lines on the comp ;) Just played around with the colours, main goal was to work on my poor two-leggers... He has an interesting chest shape, this one ;)\r\nColoured in photoshop.

Image: Unicorn2.jpg   335x257 16243 bytes 2003.09.19

Random silly little picture I made in school... during religion class, if I remember correctly ;) Yes... We were talking about Wicca and as far as I know, balance and harmony is important among wiccans, and I tried to draw that :) Dunno what the unicorn itself could be representing, but maybe it could be Earth... Gentle yet extremetly powerful. Yes let's pretend that ;)\r\nBallpoint pen, quick colouring job in Photoshop for added effect.

Image: Manvarg.jpg   604x636 57327 bytes 2003.08.14

Yeah, yeah, I know, maned wolves don't live in the rainforest XD Oh well...\r\nWatercolour and colour pencils... I wish I had some *real* colour pencils *kicks away her Disney's Aladdin pencils*

Image: cheetah.jpg   652x496 67181 bytes 2003.07.01

Random cheetah from Photoshop (basic colouring job) and paintshop pro (background). I used a gel pen for inking and put some grass from our yard in the scanner to use as a custom brush for the background. Amazingly enough, it worked ;)

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