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Image: i_am_ugly_but_thats_okay_cause_so_are_you.jpg   514x580 251382 bytes 2002.02.09

my scanner messes colours. i hate it. stupid fuck scanner. (dark green should be light green, red should be pink ...)

Image: havealollypop.jpg   351x652 226450 bytes 2002.02.09

i finally have a scanner! w00t! *grin* this is a bit scribbley, but i drew it at school so what do you expect?! i liked the outfit heh heh...\r\n\r\nnuki (c) me

Image: trinacarrot.jpg   500x300 91201 bytes 2002.02.07

blah, just drew this for stacey when i got home from school, triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina and a carrot, in photoshop avec mon tablette.\r\n\r\ntrina (c) stacey rigby

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