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Image: cyber-guardian.jpg   880x600 199623 bytes 2006.09.16

Drawing for Cyberraptor, one of his characters.\r\nDone for a drawing meme on LJ.

Image: Voodoo-NS.jpg   800x326 121988 bytes 2006.07.07

I got Dr. Derange's characters for a character trade on Ephemeral and I've drawn Voodoo. Weird reptile, cool Draconic thingie. I've drawn her a bit dinosaur-like.

Image: Keth-NS.jpg   532x800 146972 bytes 2005.09.21

Keth is a dwarf psychotic alien created by Orbyss. Drawn for a contest.\r\nOh, and their tail is their reproductive organ, and Idunno why but Keth is shy and feels the need to hide his tail when he feels he could be observed - and it's actually the case.

Image: Xray-FenGryphoness.jpg   826x550 161813 bytes 2005.07.01

X-ray and a Fen Gryphoness. Furoticxchange July'05.

Image: Kataryna-NS.jpg   560x800 160197 bytes 2005.06.04

Kataryna for Lemurkat, because she rocks.\r\nPencil + PSP fun for a blue ink effect.

Image: Xaxoqual.jpg   462x900 238266 bytes 2004.11.12

Xaxoqual the meditating anthro dove.

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