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Image: femnyte005-small.jpg   402x550 64705 bytes 2003.05.07

My fem form stopping to sit...on a building. Forgot why I picked up the train car, but I'm sure I'll think of something.\r\n\r\nFemNyte (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious017.jpg   449x550 87439 bytes 2003.04.23

A tender momment shared between me, and my mate LilBryan.

Image: femnyte004.jpg   550x350 42117 bytes 2003.04.18

My pet on FM and I enjoy some time at the beach.\r\n\r\nMisty_Crom(C) Himself.\r\nFemNyte(C) Me.

Image: easter2k3-Ester.jpg   538x770 71198 bytes 2003.04.07

25 foot tall Ester the cotton-tail was looking for a place to swim. She found Payback's pool and was in the process of taking her skirt off when she noticed she wasn't alone.\r\n\r\nEster (C) me.

Image: laya003b.jpg   292x550 54420 bytes 2003.03.24

Laya leaning on a building, in color.\r\n(C)'s on the image.

Image: laya002-color.jpg   450x441 70198 bytes 2003.03.11

This time posing by a building. I really need to work on my backgrounds.\r\n\r\nLaya (C) Herself.\r\nImage (C) me.

Image: laya002.jpg   550x539 88925 bytes 2003.03.11

Laya, posing by a wall.\r\nLaya (C) Herself.\r\nImage (C) Me.

Image: jenora001.jpg   362x500 57039 bytes 2003.03.02

Jenora of FM. Wasn't actually trying to draw her, but here she is anyway, wondering what a little foxy is doing under the waist band of her skirt...maybe she forgot about him there?\r\n\r\nPosted with her permision. Jenora (C) Herself. Image (C) Me.

Image: massage001-small.jpg   302x450 40579 bytes 2003.02.24

*growls at the compression detector...even at 100% jpg compression, this image was only 74k...*sighs* anyway...\r\n\r\nThis little brown fox is waiting for her massage...won't you give it to her?\r\n\r\nImage (C) Me.

Image: laya001-fnished.jpg   417x500 63860 bytes 2003.02.17

"So this is where you work, little one? Guess what! You get the day off!"\r\n\r\nLaya (C) Herself, posted with permisson. Image (C) Me.

Image: nyterious016-firestorm.jpg   450x310 62847 bytes 2003.02.12

Fire Storm, an attack that could burn a whole through a giant, or wipe out half a city at half power.\r\nI only use it when I get really pissed off.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: femnyte003-tame-3Dbg.jpg   700x525 95092 bytes 2003.01.17

A little large with the image size, but it was as small as I could make it and still have the text readable.\r\nAnywho, the overall file size is still rather small.\r\n\r\nHere's me, my vixen form, challenging you to a swim. Wanna take up that challenge? And, yes, that's Payback's pool in the background.\r\n\r\nFemNyte (C) Me.

Image: femnyte002-3dbg-fixed.jpg   439x450 88956 bytes 2003.01.08

Been so busy lately I forgot to upload this one.\r\nMy Vix form on FM in the middle of a 3d town.\r\n\r\nThis is actually a reupload with some slight changes.\r\n\r\nMe. (C) Me.

Image: nyterious012.jpg   640x480 89469 bytes 2002.12.31

Reupload with a couple of fixes.\r\n\r\nHere's me flying high over some river somewhere. Odd how my evil half, NeoNyte, shows up in my reflections sometimes.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: femnyterious-vrs1.jpg   450x338 93173 bytes 2002.12.30

Upload allowence is 15 nipples?! o.o\r\n\r\nWell, no nipples to speak of in this one, but pleanty of blue fur. The fist version of my Blue Vixen form from FM.\r\nOnly had one tail in this form, now I've got three. But no, I'm not a kitsune in this form, just multi-talied.\r\n\r\nFemNyterious (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious003-finished.jpg   450x174 73528 bytes 2002.12.29

I thought I uploaded this already.\r\nThis would be my Lightning Storm attack. Capable of massive destruction or simply paralyzing my target. Depends on how much energy I use.\r\n\r\nMe (C) me.

Image: vixentwins003.jpg   600x397 101466 bytes 2002.12.23

Flare and Articya were strolling along the beach when they noticed someone (prehaps you?) following them.\r\n\r\nMind you, these vixens are not only twins, but they do everything together...and I mean -everything-, they are also very, very good at what they do.\r\n\r\nFlare and Articya (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious-Minkherm001c.jpg   500x238 155555 bytes 2002.12.17

The final version of my minkherm form on FM.\r\nUsually I'm just the white one in the center, but I can change the fur color at any time.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: vixentwins002.jpg   500x333 102668 bytes 2002.12.16

Working on my shadowing technique i photoshop.\r\n\r\nHere, Flare and Articya do a little posing in a grassy field.\r\n\r\nVixen Twins (C) Me.

Image: selfportrait.jpg   450x423 101989 bytes 2002.12.15

Me, myself, and I.... and my player?!\r\nYep, all of my current forms and the one that created me.\r\n\r\nAll of me (C) Me...and him ;)

Image: lilbryan-bday12_14_2002-sma.jpg   500x376 94310 bytes 2002.12.13

12/14/2002, My mate, LilBryan truns another year older.\r\nMy present to him.\r\nThe Red Vix is Flare, the Blue Vix is her twin sis, Articya.\r\nHere they offer my little mate a nice b-day gift ;)\r\n\r\nFlare and Articya (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious-Minkherm001b.jpg   500x500 96597 bytes 2002.12.12

Late night fun with photoshop. I love this program, especially when you get a really good scan that you can copy the layer as many times as necessary.\r\n\r\nAnyway...with this one, yeah, it's the same Mink Herm form from FM. I did a few color variants and sizes to show that I can change myself at will when ever I feel like it.\r\n----hey, it's all in the name of fun!---\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious-Minkherm001.jpg   500x500 84273 bytes 2002.12.12

On Furry Muck, I change species, sizes and sex at will, among other abailities. Here's my minkherm form. I know, bad angle to tell if shi's really a herm, but trust me, more will follow later.\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Payback004.jpg   450x432 93178 bytes 2002.12.12

Just a quick one this time.\r\nPayback's paw descending towards you...enjoy *STOMP*\r\nPayback (C) Me.

Image: nyte_vs_neo001.jpg   600x233 102523 bytes 2002.12.11

Me vs. NeoNyte, my dark half.\r\nNeoNyte and me (C) Me.

Image: payback001-finished.jpg   465x589 67679 bytes 2002.12.09

Payback, offically my alt on FM now.\r\nFun loving giantess Malamute going into (or coming out of) a pool that a little too small for her.\r\nBG is 3d max.\r\nPayback now (C) me.

Image: Nyterious013.jpg   307x450 74231 bytes 2002.12.05

Lucky number 13....\r\nHere's me in a deep grassy field about to face off with someone. Love teh effect of the leaves swirling around in mid air as my energy gathers.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Li.jpg   304x450 89598 bytes 2002.12.03

Li is a red vulpine with a pure white tail. He's heavy into Martial Arts and Military dress. \r\n\r\nNot to happy with the Background on this one. It's all Photoshop.\r\n\r\nLi (C) Me.

Image: mega-paw-rogue.jpg   450x456 82537 bytes 2002.11.30

A pict for my fav macro author, Rogue.\r\nPosted here with his permision.\r\n\r\nNyte meets Rogue...I knew I shoulda been bigger!...this is the worse part about being immortal...having to regenerate after getting stepped on.\r\n\r\nNyte (C) Me. Rogue(C) His Player

Image: foxwalkframes.jpg   450x208 62240 bytes 2002.11.20

Hope this is okay to upload. A shot of each frame of an animation that's already up here.\r\n\r\nKeyotay (C) Me.

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