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Image: nyterious-prewings001.jpg   400x338 60521 bytes 2002.08.16

Me, before I became an immortal-draconic-fox. This is an illustration that I'm going to put in a story that I'm working on.\r\n.......Me (C) Me.

Image: nyterious-selfportrait.jpg   370x450 101260 bytes 2002.04.10

A more anotomically correct me. Prehaps I should start wearing more than just that thong? Nawh... ;)

Image: nyterious-selfportrait02.jpg   255x496 99205 bytes 2002.05.02

Been focusing on the anatomy of the body a bit more, tring to perfect the parts. Think I'm getting close with this one. But that tail (the white space between the legs) is just horrible :P oh well Me (C) me.

Image: Nyterious003-finished.jpg   450x174 73528 bytes 2002.12.29

I thought I uploaded this already.\r\nThis would be my Lightning Storm attack. Capable of massive destruction or simply paralyzing my target. Depends on how much energy I use.\r\n\r\nMe (C) me.

Image: Nyterious003-wip.jpg   549x335 48554 bytes 2002.05.07

Solar Spike!\r\nheheh...I love DBZ, and my fursona is from that world...well, partly.\r\n(C) Me. WIP

Image: Nyterious004-photoshoped.jpg   311x433 66355 bytes 2002.05.12

Photoshoped version. Trying to figure out how to render fur on my own. Me (C) Me.\r\n\r\n--"Do things the hard way, you'll have a better sense of accomplishment when you're finally done"--

Image: Nyterious004.jpg   311x433 39100 bytes 2002.05.12

A nice close up of me. And some Furs wonder why all I wear is a thong and a bandana. Being a fox, should I be wearing anything at all? ;) Me (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious006.jpg   300x375 71617 bytes 2002.05.22

Hand drawn and inked, scaned and photoshoped.\r\nMe getting ready to kick some poor furs butt into the next dimention. Me (C) me.

Image: nyterious007-inked.jpg   261x450 54581 bytes 2002.06.11

Me again.\r\nBeen really working on getting the body down just right.\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious008-afterbattle.jpg   282x450 59528 bytes 2002.06.11

Me after a short battle. My fur is supposed to be grey from all the dirt and dust kicked up during the fight. Me (C) Me.

Image: nyterious009b.jpg   400x268 90964 bytes 2002.10.06

Background done in 3ds Max. Charatcer finished in Photoshop 7.\r\n\r\nYes. It's a newer version of me throwing the FireBeam.\r\nMe(C) Me.

Image: nyterious010.jpg   450x338 41823 bytes 2002.09.27

Background done in max.\r\nCharacter done in pencil, then photoshoped.\r\nLeft off the shading on the character on pourpose.\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious011.gif   500x400 75490 bytes 2002.11.18

Someone pissed me off. Now they're going to feel the sting of 2.42 gigawatts of compressed Lightning energy coursing through their body.\r\nThe Lightning Storm attack. It packs a punch.\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: nyterious012.jpg   640x480 89469 bytes 2002.12.31

Reupload with a couple of fixes.\r\n\r\nHere's me flying high over some river somewhere. Odd how my evil half, NeoNyte, shows up in my reflections sometimes.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious013.jpg   307x450 74231 bytes 2002.12.05

Lucky number 13....\r\nHere's me in a deep grassy field about to face off with someone. Love teh effect of the leaves swirling around in mid air as my energy gathers.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: nyterious016-firestorm.jpg   450x310 62847 bytes 2003.02.12

Fire Storm, an attack that could burn a whole through a giant, or wipe out half a city at half power.\r\nI only use it when I get really pissed off.\r\n\r\nMe (C) Me.

Image: Nyterious017.jpg   449x550 87439 bytes 2003.04.23

A tender momment shared between me, and my mate LilBryan.

Image: nyterious019.jpg   472x550 80089 bytes 2003.06.05

Me and my Lightning Staff.\r\nThe Lightning Staff is just one of many weapons forged from a mystical tree of elemental energy. The powers contained in these weapons are massive, and can cause great damage, or just the opposite, do great deeds.\r\n\r\nMe and the Lightning Staff (C) Me.

Image: nyterious020c.jpg   550x531 57118 bytes 2004.03.10

Long time since I drew my normal form. So here it is, the white dracopine (Dragon-Vulpine).

Image: nyterious2_colored_small.gif   700x502 120016 bytes 2002.02.03

Hello. I'm Nyterious NyteDodger, making my grand entrance into the Fur Art community.\r\n\r\nThis little self-portrait was drawn and shaded in pencil, the inked and scanned. Finally it was cleaned up and colored in Photoshop. Artwrok is, of course, copywrite me.

Image: nyterious_meets_phaeton.jpg   245x500 89408 bytes 2002.04.07

Tried a new style of inking and coloring with this one. Rather like it. Phaeton (C) Himself. Nyterious is of course (C) Me. :)

Image: nyterious_ready_v2.gif   450x312 43636 bytes 2002.04.02

Redone background and touched up a bit. Love the way this one turned out. Myself (C) Me....of course :)

Image: Nyteroius002.jpg   500x491 57392 bytes 2002.05.07

That black stripe down my back represents the 10% evil that lurks in my good half. NeoNyte is the other yeah, he's 10% good...amazingly. (C) Me.

Image: payback-playful.jpg   201x450 71506 bytes 2002.10.05

Payback's been on a romp and made a mess of herself. Seems she's been caught in the act by someone bigger than her.\r\nDrawn in pincel, scaned, photoshoped.\r\nMainly experimenting with the brushes in photoshop 7 on this one. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. Someday I'll add the background.\r\n\r\nPB (C) Her player, and me....for now.

Image: payback001-finished.jpg   465x589 67679 bytes 2002.12.09

Payback, offically my alt on FM now.\r\nFun loving giantess Malamute going into (or coming out of) a pool that a little too small for her.\r\nBG is 3d max.\r\nPayback now (C) me.

Image: Payback004.jpg   450x432 93178 bytes 2002.12.12

Just a quick one this time.\r\nPayback's paw descending towards you...enjoy *STOMP*\r\nPayback (C) Me.

Image: payback018.jpg   750x740 77525 bytes 2003.08.01

Redraw of Payback I've come a long way in drawing.\r\n\r\n\r\nPayback (C) Me.

Image: Payback019b.jpg   700x445 65628 bytes 2004.04.12

Payback doing her morning stretches in the middle of downtown. Just wait til the traffic gets there and sees this!

Image: Payback_minusBG.gif   414x500 34649 bytes 2002.08.28

Payback, that fun loving, city destroying, little fur squishing Malamute from FM. Until her player comes back from her tour of duty this big fluff ball is under my care.\r\n\r\nPayback (C) Me and Her if only I could draw a good enough background for this one.

Image: sammie001.jpg   436x600 78554 bytes 2003.07.23

I went for a different color scheme on this skunkette. This is a POV looking out of an office window in a high rise. Her claws are scraping into the glass as she leans back against it.\r\n\r\nSammie (C) Me.

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