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Image: selfportrait.jpg   450x423 101989 bytes 2002.12.15

Me, myself, and I.... and my player?!\r\nYep, all of my current forms and the one that created me.\r\n\r\nAll of me (C) Me...and him ;)

Image: silverfanganddream001b.jpg   700x457 123121 bytes 2005.05.02

Dream and her little song mage friend Sparky 'Silverfang' Wilsoctt. (C) NDI 2005

Image: skyler001.jpg   570x750 92415 bytes 2003.10.26

A character from a Rifts game that I created. Hitaro Skyler, emotionally envolved with to the point that he'll put his life on the line to save a loved one, and did so. This is him, waiting in the ER of the hospital, awaiting the outcome of the massive battle he and his lover when through.\r\nHitaro Skyler (C) NDI 2003

Image: skyler003.jpg   733x750 113135 bytes 2004.03.10

Skyler, a character I roleplay as in a Rifts style RPG. :)

Image: skyro.gif   460x400 56007 bytes 2002.02.06

Meet Skyro. He's a Protector, one who uses his magic and chi to help those in need. He's quite powerful. (C) Me.

Image: talazia002.jpg   527x750 66919 bytes 2003.07.23

Talazia. My fav winged skunkette friend, relaxing after a day of modeling swimsuits.\r\n\r\nTalazia (C) Herslef. Image (C) Me.

Image: talazia003.jpg   550x750 76287 bytes 2003.09.24

Talazia showing she can size change and still look beautiful while doing it. Ever the gental skunkette, she doesn't even damage the builing she poses on.\r\n\r\nTalazia (C) Herself. Image (C) NDI 2003

Image: talazia004.jpg   750x744 129572 bytes 2003.09.24

Talazia shows just how flexible she can be.\r\n\r\nTalazia (C) Herself. Image (C) NDI 2003

Image: tommyboy001.gif   269x450 73083 bytes 2002.11.20

A gay little feline for those of us that like alternate lifestyles =^.^=\r\n\r\nTommy (C) Me.

Image: tommyboy001.png   371x450 80465 bytes 2002.11.12

A little tomcat morph in bike shorts.\r\n\r\nTommy Boy (C) Me

Image: vixentwins002.jpg   500x333 102668 bytes 2002.12.16

Working on my shadowing technique i photoshop.\r\n\r\nHere, Flare and Articya do a little posing in a grassy field.\r\n\r\nVixen Twins (C) Me.

Image: vixentwins003.jpg   600x397 101466 bytes 2002.12.23

Flare and Articya were strolling along the beach when they noticed someone (prehaps you?) following them.\r\n\r\nMind you, these vixens are not only twins, but they do everything together...and I mean -everything-, they are also very, very good at what they do.\r\n\r\nFlare and Articya (C) Me.

Image: yacnegreme.jpg   281x400 80068 bytes 2002.07.03

Messed up with the light sorce, but then, not bad for a first time with a new style of coloring in photoshop.\r\n\r\nYacengerme (C) Me.

Image: youngnyte99.jpg   472x450 50997 bytes 2002.04.10

Way before I started getting into art seriously. This peice was one of a few that were saved from a fire at my school. That fire had killed my interest in art, but going to Brooks College to learn Computer Animation brought it back. :)

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