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Image: backtobackblack.jpg   584x750 96613 bytes 2001.03.28

Mixed media on bristol. Two friends fight side by side, as they are ambushed by a small clan of tribal toads....It could happen. (c) 2001 O. Holcomb, A.K.A. The March Hare.

Image: angrycenture.jpg   553x750 54797 bytes 2001.03.28

pencil on paper. I have nothing to say on this one.

Image: STRANGER.jpg   951x407 114677 bytes 2001.03.12

Acrylic, on masonite. 25"x55" I know I'm stretchen for the fur here, but thats a griffin in the sky, and who knows what the guy looks like under the cloak *weak grin*

Image: FaewithGuns.jpg   672x500 75299 bytes 2001.03.12

Pen on paper. I'm not sure what brought this on, but it works. the rabbit pooka in the background is a self portrate <GRIN>. The sidhe (another word for elf), is rather upset about somethig, wouldn't you say?

Image: LYNX.gif   507x500 120732 bytes 2001.03.12

Pen on paper. I got board, and then fell into this drawing.

Image: treeant.jpg   713x625 107492 bytes 2001.03.12

pen on parchment. I went through a pierod where I drew everything losely, and on parchment. This one was in spired one night when walking across the university of Arkansas campus at 3am, and the shadows on this tree from the street lamp gave it a face much like this on. I started the sketch there, and went to a dinner, and finished it....That was a beautiful nite....*sigh* almost magical.

Image: cookiemister.gif   457x480 28541 bytes 2001.03.10

Pen on paper. Well its girl scout cookie time again. I do love the chocolet mint, and the peanut butter cookies. This was a commisson.

Image: voredragon.jpg   476x475 79307 bytes 2001.01.25

Acrylic on masonite.

Image: pandora.jpg   707x943 158260 bytes 2001.01.23

pen & ink on paper. A snake in a post combat zone, on some distant world.

Image: snowfox.jpg   563x768 70164 bytes 2001.01.21

pen & ink on paper.

Image: 2imaraccoon.jpg   657x850 90822 bytes 2001.01.19

Ink & Marker on paper, The title of this one is "Oh my God! I'm a Racoon!". Cause thats what you say, when you find that for no reason you've been turned into a racoon.

Image: TheMoonDance.gif   713x951 634760 bytes 2001.01.11

Pen & ink on paper. The moon is full and we stand to honor the wolf mother in her silvery fullness, as she empowers her childern, the changing breed, the breed that hunts, the breed that lives.

Image: TotemDance.jpg   786x526 93636 bytes 2001.01.11

Oil on plywood, 20" x 30". On a dark night, in a enchanted forest, shamans come together to inact an ancient rite. The drums beat, in time with the earths heart, they begin to dance, around the cerimonial fire. Their spirits in time with the forest, they change, they turn, they find lost knowledge in the dance of beast. Balance is found in oneness with their totems.

Image: isis.jpg   895x705 234535 bytes 2001.01.08

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30". I'm not totaly satisfied with this one, but everyone tells me its great, so I grin, and bear showing it to the world.\n

Image: WatchfulDragon.gif   650x500 160261 bytes 2001.01.08

Pen, & ink on paper. Drew this for the conbook of a gaming convention. It never got used. A dragon watchs greedly over his territory.\n

Image: WakingDream.jpg   1040x774 492356 bytes 2001.01.07

Acrylic on masonite, 36" x 48" A rabbit with a clown ruff around his neck, admires the view of a land scape changing from day into nite. This was a dream I had, a vision you could say, as I was awake when I had it. \n

Image: BORIS.gif   933x1141 353934 bytes 2001.01.07

pen & ink on paper. I did this on a few years ago, for a fantasy game setting. \n

Image: SATYR.jpg   466x500 51422 bytes 2001.01.07

Image: Transformation.jpg   422x578 54964 bytes 2001.01.04

Acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24"\r\nDon't mess with dark magic, your you may not be the same afterwards. \n

Image: drunkhare.gif   836x492 34754 bytes 2001.01.04

pen & ink on paper.\r\nAll I got to say is that was one heck of a party!\n

Image: TAR.gif   320x507 92357 bytes 2001.01.04

pencil on paper.\r\n\n

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