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Image: 1193528946.onta_onta_dnp_desktop.jpg   800x640 69513 bytes 2008.02.22

Dog and Pony

Desktop I made of cute characters

Image: 1203054331.onta_onta_peacock.jpg   750x981 120673 bytes 2008.04.15

Peacock Boy Painted

I do so much for you guys.

Tags: male  
Image: colortest.jpg   326x718 38670 bytes 2008.04.15

Color Test


Tags: horse male transgender  
Image: devin_color.jpg   573x401 53600 bytes 2008.04.15

Devin color shcemes

Squsihed to super small cause i threw the color together and it looks bad at large sizes.

Tags: unicorn dragon male  
Image: onta.jpg   600x1127 150076 bytes 2008.04.15

Pwetty Horse (inked anc colored)

Yikes, so I spent way to much time ont his. and its not even done yet. I forgot the taile from my original sketch. Hopefully the massice errection will help detract from all glaring issues.\r\n\r\n(warning: selfdeprecatingbehaviourandperfectionistpersonalityalert)

Tags: male horse transgender  
Image: onta_0005_color.jpg   960x1116 298856 bytes 2008.04.15

Maid Colored

MAid....colored now. @_@ i need a break.

Tags: horse male transgender  
Image: onta_02.jpg   500x906 132146 bytes 2008.04.15

Submission title: Butterfly Costume Colored

Nothing special, was just anxious to see it colored so i gave it about 30 minutes.

Tags: horse male transgender  
Image: onta_03-02.jpg   565x696 127747 bytes 2008.04.15

Colored Cat Butt

Ever notice how hotdog ends look like cat butts? Anyway, this was my second effort at coloring this ink job, was done in the style more similar to momorodent's and shtuff. (also took way less time!)

Tags: transgender cat male  
Image: onta_asses.jpg   600x595 79419 bytes 2008.04.15

Devin and Mani

Nothing says valentines like tightly packed ball sacks.\r\n\r\n* Artisically it took to long... I rammed the thing together cause I was spending too much time rendering. I should have gone with a much simpler style. Also, name change for horse, its now Mani. Of send me your comments anyway ont he name thing if you have one.

Tags: horse unicorn dragon male  
Image: onta_devinfaces01.jpg   700x674 88455 bytes 2008.04.15

Devin Face Chart

Someone mentioned that i needed to work on my facial expressions. I need to alot more work but this is what i have so far.\r\n\r\nA bit of Devin info since some have asked.\r\n\r\nDevin is ageless and was hatched from an egg that he himself laid. Devin is drawn to look 17-18 years old but with alot of roundness. He has some ability to change his physicque but its limited. He is currently very happy with the way he looks and has no interest in changing.

Tags: unicorn dragon male  
Image: onta_devinicecream_02.jpg   550x882 101419 bytes 2008.04.15

Devins ice cream accident

Ennnnjoyy.......\r\n\r\nAlso ill be counting the ammount of times people make a "ill clean that mess" comment cause im thinking its going to be aroun 50 :p\r\n\r\nMankini's are important to very important.\r\n\r\n\r\nFor those who need explenations for stuff\r\n\r\n"Devin bought a cone and decided to go wade through the water, he popped a boner while thinking about dirty things distracting him thus making him accidently drop his icecream."\r\n\r\nThere!

Tags: male dragon unicorn mature devin  
Image: onta_momo_color.jpg   371x688 62239 bytes 2008.04.15

Squishy Momo

Cause momo deserves love.

Tags: mouse male mature  
Image: oooo09.jpg   426x768 107592 bytes 2008.04.15

Bunny boi - Star theme

I enjoyed my last bunny boy enough to try another one. This one took.. um a long time. I think i went through 6 different copies/transfers before this one. This is a very good example of my perfectionist nature making it impossible for me to do submission work for people. Sometimes i get it in 1 try, sometime it takes ...many many tries.

Tags: male rabbit transgender  
Image: yuni_color.jpg   500x1121 146228 bytes 2008.04.15

Yunicoon trade Color.

Well.. It's done.\r\n\r\n\r\n@_@ holy shit...I gotta figure out a better way to paint.\r\n

Tags: horse  

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