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Image: OnzaFM.jpg   400x450 47264 bytes 2005.06.17

This is my avatar for the forum. (Too bad I don't use it much). If you go to that forum, you can see some photo manipulations that I posted in the Artists Arena. And a whole bunch of other weird crap on that site.

Image: pantheon_air.jpg   600x449 72631 bytes 2005.01.26

And of course I don't draw many anthropomorphic birds, either. Hey, birds don't have any nipples!

Image: pantheon_fire.jpg   518x600 75288 bytes 2005.01.23

And next in the series is the fire goddess. (Is this what waits for you in Hell?)

Image: pantheon_forest.jpg   550x437 92426 bytes 2005.01.26

A forest god might not seem necessary to many of you, since forests and plants aren't generally regarded as an element the way water and fire are. But I thought this series was lacking something organic and something green. Plus, deermorphs are hot.

Image: pantheon_ice.jpg   659x582 89551 bytes 2005.01.21

This is an ice god that I drew for Zak's site, I plan to make several other elemental deities, each a different species and holding a different weapon. You'll probably see them here too.

Image: pantheon_moon.jpg   482x581 66043 bytes 2005.02.01

The second to the last in this series: the rabbit in the moon. (The thing she's holding is a boomerang.)

Image: pantheon_stone.jpg   535x635 64201 bytes 2005.01.22

Next in the elemental series is the god of stone. Yes I know, he looks like he should wield a much bigger warhammer than the one strapped to his belt. But he doesn't really need that type of weapon, the stone god is pretty mild-mannered. I mean, rocks usually stay put.

Image: pantheon_sun.jpg   447x578 83359 bytes 2005.06.03

And finally the sun god. You can see these same drawings on Zak's website,, the site for buffer-than-usual furries. :P \r\n

Image: pantheon_water.jpg   500x423 90282 bytes 2005.01.25

I don't usually anthropomorphize aquatic animals, but I figured the water god should be a full-time denizen. Not to disappoint the dolphin fans out there, but it's not likely that you'll see any more of this out of me.

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