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Image: Werewolf2.jpg   481x700 72416 bytes 2007.07.30

This is supposed to be a werewolf in the process of transforming, if that isn't obvious.

Image: neko.jpg   436x700 88331 bytes 2006.10.23

The inspiration came to me after my brother got a book of concept art from the game World of Warcraft, and I was looking through it. It had the various races, such as humans and night elves and orcs... but it didn't have any cat people. I did this drawing with the idea that it was a concept for a fantasy game. \r\n

Image: rainbowdragon.jpg   700x452 90815 bytes 2006.09.18

I haven't been drawing much lately. Now that I have picked up the paper and pencils again, you can see that I've come back with a much different style. Originally I was going to upload this in the Magical Beasts folder, but I thought it was so different from anything I had done, on a stylistic level especially, that I thought it would hurt the continuity of that section. It belongs with the odds 'n' ends.

Image: catpeople.jpg   600x721 96219 bytes 2005.09.06

I just updated this picture, tried to make the lighting and depth more convincing. This was an attempt at comic book style art. I have decided that the characters are in fact mutants.

Image: ego.jpg   450x667 61045 bytes 2004.11.24

I can be sexy if I want to be! I should use this picture for a conbadge.

Image: superhero.jpg   500x747 83794 bytes 2004.11.24

Now that I have a folder for miscellaneous things, I finally have a place for this! This is a picture I drew a long time ago, of a superhero that I designed. I haven't though of her name yet, but she's a 1000-year-old were-jaguar. I'm just really proud of this picture.

Image: monster.jpg   528x538 97081 bytes 2004.04.23

I don't know.

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