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Image: DedicatedMessanger.jpg   622x857 263251 bytes 2011.06.02

The Dedicated Messeger

Story with image can be found on the link below.\r\n\r\nThe Dedicated Messeger © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: YourHand.jpg   662x861 234625 bytes 2011.06.02

Your Hand

" You caress my cheek, a place where you are so close to my eyes, my face, my nose, my hair, my ears: a very personal spot. I start to cry. I feel your hand upon my cheek, your thumb trailing under my eye to collect the tears that escape. I can feel the warmth of your hand pressing against that cold spot on my face. It warms me - it gives me comfort. Your fingers lace around my hair and play with it as you rub my cheek. I felt you slowly starting to take your hand away. I hold it in place and give you a small look: please keep it there. Its the only spot that you can touch that will calm me down and put me at ease... " \r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nYour Hand © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: CEASE.jpg   1053x810 328739 bytes 2011.03.24

CEASE Animal Cruelty

ďI was born in this cage.\r\nI never felt the cool breeze of the outdoors.\r\nI never walked the soft gravel of the earth.\r\nI never smelled the scent of flowers.\r\nI never heard the wind brushing through the leaves.\r\n\r\nI only feel the humid air in this enclosure.\r\nI only walk on the cold metal ground of the cage.\r\nI only smell the blood and fear of other helpless animals.\r\nI only hear the cries and soon silence of my brothers and sisters.\r\n\r\nI never experienced freedom.\r\nI never experienced a full life.\r\n\r\nI donít want to die in here.Ē\r\n\r\n\r\nThere are a few posters of CEASE posters on the T: images of animals in cages at a farm and other NO FUR related concepts. Later, I randomly saw animal rights activists near the commons. Inspired me to draw this sad image.\r\n\r\nimage © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: GraveCat.jpg   798x998 261800 bytes 2011.03.08

FurFright WTF Grave Cat

Undead pounce!! Nya!\r\n\r\nartwork © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: LucidsDream3.jpg   684x854 292330 bytes 2011.03.01

Lucids Dream Poster 3

What going through art block and art doubt gets me: A Rat Snake \r\n\r\nink on 11x14\r\n\r\nLucids Dream Poster 3 © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: LucidsDream2.jpg   826x653 185956 bytes 2011.03.01

Lucids Dream Poster 2

What going through art block and art doubt gets me: A horned feline. Had to find good references of light on fur.\r\n\r\nink on 11x14\r\n\r\nLucids Dream Poster 2 © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: LucidsDream.jpg   826x653 218067 bytes 2011.03.01

Lucids Dream Poster 1

What going through art block and art doubt gets me: A feline with an eyeball in the mouth \r\n\r\nink on 11x14\r\n\r\nLucids Dream Poster 1 © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightDesign.jpg   733x916 348320 bytes 2010.06.18

FurFright Design

This images was a small experiment dealing with connecting images and characters. Took me roughly 2 days to draw and ink it on a 11 x 14 bristol board using only a .5 ink pen, so yeah, took a while for detail.\r\n\r\nI was thinking of a cool T-Shirt design for furfright so I came up with this idea. This is my last art submission to furfright, making it #20 submission. I just need to do some badges and Im all set for 2010.\r\n\r\nFurFright Design © 2010 Alex Cockburn

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Image: Bleed2Live.jpg   596x812 155730 bytes 2010.04.18 know youre still alive...

" I just snapped... That last insult drove that rusty nail into my soul. I can't take it anymore. There is so much for me to handle alone. My fingernails rake against my arm. I see myself bleeding, but I don't feel the pain. Too diluted from what I'm feeling now. If I bleed, that means I'm still alive...\r\n\r\nI'm weak. Their strong. Because they are strong, does that give them any reason to tease me, to abuse me, to hurt me? Does it give them every right to push you away because my will is weaker than theirs? Am I just one of their puppets that they can swing about and break my strings? \r\n\r\nSo much pain and anger, given to me by other people... Stupid bullies... Assholes... Are you happy now? I'm bleeding because of you... "\r\n\r\n\r\nStop the hate.\r\n\r\n\r\nartwork © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: AFeatherTouch.jpg   618x834 262221 bytes 2010.04.03

Feather Touch

"I have a large chest. He loves me in my tight shirt. I wear it without a bra on. He loves the roundness of my breasts as it hugged against the fabric of my shirt. I pull the front down and arch my back for him. He grabs the feather that I requested... He started to trace it against my breasts and nipples...I couldn't help but squirm an blush shyly..."\r\n\r\nReminded me of one person years ago. Haven't heard from her in years...until the night I was coloring this...\r\n\r\nFeather Touch © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightRembrandtConcept.jpg   962x1201 360133 bytes 2010.04.03

FurFright Rembrandt Concept

Another image for FurFright. This was inspired by Rembrandt's concept "Autopsy", except not. It was just... random. heh.\r\n\r\nart © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: VivadeButtFluff.jpg   606x851 161180 bytes 2010.03.28

Viva De Butt Fluff!

A gift to Shadowwolf of her character, wearing her spider shirt, pokemon ball panties, lucky scarf and stockings, her hat, her pet spider and her secret bag of sugar cubes.\r\n\r\nYeah, she has Butt Fluff \r\n\r\ncharacter © shadowwolf \r\nVivadeButtFluff © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: KuraichuEpicPicture.jpg   914x765 140083 bytes 2010.03.28

Kuraichu Pokemon

A 2010 version of darth Pikachu: Kuraichu, a twisted and very chaotic version of the kind Pikachu. Submitted to the GameInformer Art Contest. SoulSilver and HeartGold recently came out, so I thought this would be a nice add-on.\r\n\r\nartwork © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightTombStone.jpg   628x771 191438 bytes 2010.03.28

FurFright Tomb Stone

Another image to FurFright 2010. Once a year I do a tomb stone image for them with their name on it. This one is more detailed and exaggerated this year.\r\n\r\n....Candy.\r\n\r\nFurFright Tomb Stone © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: FailedFetish.jpg   811x604 255538 bytes 2010.01.03

Failed Fetish

There is a story to go with this. Please visit my FA page.\r\n\r\nFailed Fetish © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: YAOI.jpg   611x844 109994 bytes 2010.01.03

I am his Uke

I did this piece after reading an interesting article about Yaoi mangas and their historical past and meaning and after watching an adult Yaoi anime.\r\n\r\nthere is a story to go with it. Visit my FA page.\r\n\r\nI am his Uke© 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: Arelaxingscent.jpg   596x814 137939 bytes 2010.01.03

A Relaxing Aroma

"After a rough day and the physical labor at work, it always ends happily with just the scent that you coat on your clothes and body..."\r\n\r\nA relaxing Aroma © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: RibCage.jpg   899x1125 388627 bytes 2009.11.21

Rib Cage

Did this last night while watching "American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art". It was very inspiring and desided to go back in making large images, almost poster art in some way. This idea came to me while listening to "E-Nomine: Das Tier In Mir". Even though the song is about werewolves, before I read the translated lyrics, I thought about a story where The Devil trying to convert a trapped bunny angel into becoming a demon.\r\n\r\nDone on Bristol Board, 11x14, pen and ink.\r\n\r\nRib Cage © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: MealWaiting.jpg   797x600 257314 bytes 2009.09.26

Meal Waiting

A long day at work. 8 hours long. Under one company roof, selling their stupid products. Every hour, my energy drains, and my sadness is harder to hide behind the false smile for customers. The travel back was long and tiring. My stomach is empty and my body is weak. When I got to my door, the smell of food entered my nose. I found my friend, making dinner. I asked her why, and she said that she was making it for me. She told me that I had to have something to come home to, a good reason. A weak smile formed onto my muzzle.\r\n\r\nThere are days, when I exit from work, that I want to come home to some well-cooked meal...But I just find the cat begging for food...\r\n\r\nMeal Waiting © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: OverDressed.jpg   739x1013 365362 bytes 2009.09.16

Over Dressed

"Friday night: Party Night, date night, the start of the weekend. Whatever you want to call it. Every Friday night in the college district, everyone dresses up and goes out to enjoy themselves at bars, clubs, gatherings and party places. Now I'm getting dressed. Single and looking, I try to find the right outfit, but am I over dressed?\r\n\r\nI have seen girls that wear much less. Some just wear a short dress and nothing else under it. Am I over dressed or should I expose more fur? What exactly do single guys on a Friday night look for in a girl physically?"\r\n\r\nOver Dressed © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: Door_Stop.jpg   737x988 425889 bytes 2009.09.16

Door Stop

"It was getting late. It is time for me to go home. We did our homework project together. It took for hours. I have to catch the last bus back home. He held the door open for me. I took one step out, but stopped myself. My hand rested upon the frame of the door. What was a second of hesitation felt like several minutes.\r\n\r\nThe feeling of leaving a joyous place made my heart feel heavy. Our time went by so quickly that I never really savored the moment. What reason do I have to go back home? What is waiting for me? Do I want to go home? Do I want to feel alone in my own room?\r\n\r\nI turn to him and asked him a last minute question."\r\n\r\nSometimes itís hard to leave a place you feel comfortable in. \r\n\r\nDoor Stop © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: SoPeaceful.jpg   1031x757 414783 bytes 2009.09.14

So Peaceful...

Sadly, the story behind this is too big to fit onto here. Please go to my FA page to read more about this image. Thank you.\r\n\r\nSo Peaceful © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: MarshmellowMonster.jpg   1067x849 443095 bytes 2009.07.04

Marshmellow Mosnter

Another submission to FurFright. This makes this my 17th submission. ^_^;\r\n\r\nInk on 11x14 bristol board.\r\n\r\nFurFright - Marshmellow Monster © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: ConceamlentCover.jpg   648x878 102151 bytes 2009.05.12

Concealment Cover

Here is the official cover of my WIP graphic novel, Concealment. Total pages: 235.\r\n\r\nDigital copies will be on sale at FurFright ( limited edition ). After FurFright, copies will be sold via online. $25 dollars.\r\n\r\nFan art needed to fill in some blank pages. Interested? Please read my journal here: ( )\r\n\r\nConcealment © 2009 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.

Image: NightThought.jpg   622x843 275096 bytes 2009.05.12

Night Thoughts

"The night is clear,\r\nthe moon is full,\r\nthe breeze is gentle\r\nand the air is quiet.\r\n\r\n"The smell of bbq filled my nose as I stared into the city from my balcony. The moon lights my balcony and the light from my window gives it color. My drink rests upon the edge, reflecting the street light and moon. The water is boiling on the stove, the noodle box open next to it. Time to myself. Time to my thoughts. Time to ponder about life and myself.\r\n\r\n"So much going through my mind. I have more thoughts than stars in the sky. One by one, I go through them as I take in the cold air into my lungs, losing myself in the abyss of memories and worries.\r\n\r\nI better check my noodles now..."\r\n\r\nNight Thoughts © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightImages1to4.jpg   1915x548 406719 bytes 2009.03.20

FurFright Images 1 to 4

I know, it is early, but here are four images that I submitted to FurFright 2009.\r\n\r\nAll were done on 11x14 Bristol with ink.\r\n\r\n"Boar Witches"\r\n"Clown"\r\n"Pumpkin Head"\r\n"Horror"\r\n\r\nimages © 2009 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.

Image: AFriendInNeed.jpg   823x562 140361 bytes 2009.03.20

A Friend in Need

" She said to call her at any time... "\r\n" She said that she is there for me..."\r\n" She told me to call if I am depressed of upset..."\r\n\r\n" Hello? Hello? "\r\n\r\n" I need someone to talk to... "\r\n\r\nA friend in need © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: CalvinKleinSpoof.jpg   1514x573 186318 bytes 2009.02.20

Calvin Klein Spoof

This was something i was kicking around until I managed to finish it today. I saw this ad on TV for Calvin Klein with a bunch of different people in a line up, describing themselves as they wore the jeans and perfume. I was thinking about what if they were Furries and if each defined a "fetish" in the furry genre. This picture is meant to be ironic because the models are BBW and you have PussyCat on the side who is skinny and somewhat of furry version of a skinny Calvin Klein girl who is evnious for the other girls bodies. Its much like a reverse effect with pudgy girls being envious over the skinny models.\r\n\r\nLine up "fetish": BBW, Herms, Cows, Multiple Breasts, Skinny Girls\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: TheTruthHurts.jpg   692x497 185626 bytes 2009.02.05

The Truth Hurts

Diary 1/5 9:30pm\r\n\r\n" I ended up hurting a good friend of mine, all for telling the truth and being honest. I didn't meant to hurt her at all, but it was something I really had to say. I broke up with Jean today, Diary. It was a hard one, but I felt like it was the only time I could tell her what was on my mind."\r\n\r\n( More story at FA website )\r\n\r\nThe Truth Hurts © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: Unwanted_Canvas.jpg   688x908 154344 bytes 2008.12.29

Unwanted Canvas

" There are days in which I am proud to display, then there are days I wish it would go away. "\r\n\r\nUnwanted Canvas © 2008 Alex Cockburn


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