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Image: SadnesscomesSadnessgoes.jpg   527x672 123084 bytes 2008.11.19


Something I did at work when I was down. I was just going to just stick with the top image, but decided to add something positive at the end.\r\n\r\nSadnessComesSadnessGoes 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: Cold_Thoughts.jpg   715x521 236904 bytes 2008.11.01

Cold Thoughs

The discription is WAY too long to put onto VCL. If you want to read more, go to my Furaffinity page link below until " Comment "\r\n\r\nCold Thoughts 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightWereWolfBunny.jpg   797x765 236754 bytes 2008.08.31

FurFright Werewolf Candy

I really have nothing else to upload since I have been working more on my comic. This was my last submission to Furfright. The detail in the werewolf was fun to do. \r\n\r\nAgain with bunnies! Yay!\r\n\r\nFurFright Werewolf Candy © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightCollab2008.jpg   791x722 237306 bytes 2008.08.10

FurFright Collab 2008

These are images that I sent to FurFright, all 14 illustrations. I know that they wont use all of them, but they did not say how many an artist can send out. I did enjoy doing all of them, each one a piece of art. When I am at furfright, I might sell some at the auction for those who haven't been picked or used.\r\n\r\nSee everyone there!\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2008 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: FurFrightFurSuitMassacre.jpg   734x729 188630 bytes 2008.07.19

FurFright Fursuit Massacre

This is another submission for FurFright. I was looking through thier website and their images for insperation and decided to draw some fursuits. It came out well ^_^\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: BigKeySmallLock.jpg   811x595 264279 bytes 2008.07.11

Big Key Small Lock

I don’t know really who to blame, him or me. He is a Horse, of coarse. I just didn't expect him to be "a handful". I just thought that it was a myth that Horses have an erection that can be as long as a foot and more. When we got to that moment, I realized that it was no myth but a very common measurement for Horses. I thought that he would be like everyone else and have a normal size package!\r\n\r\nMaybe I should blame myself. I am not the same species as him and I am small. He is 6'5" and I am only 5'3". We tried to figure out how we can get "it" to work, but physically it was very impossible. We both felt very useless and ashamed of our bodies. We love each other well-night to death, but we cant be sexually connected.\r\n\r\nBig Key Small Lock © 2008 Alex Cockburn

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Image: IronicRain.jpg   718x937 412835 bytes 2008.07.08

Ironic Rain

im sorry, but the poem is too long. if you wish to know more about this image, please go to ( ) Thank you.\r\n\r\nIronic Rain © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Tags: Romance   [Comment]
Image: FurFrightImages.jpg   900x400 168169 bytes 2008.07.04

FurFright Images 1-6

These are images that I have submitted to FurFright 2008 to use as they please. I will continue to draw more and submit them. This will be my first furry con ever, so I want to contribute something, even if they will never be used. And if not, then atleast they will be small protfolio pieces.\r\n\r\nFrom left to right: Fursuit, Mad Bunny, Witch's Cat, Hunger for Hugs, Wolf in Costume, NomNom ( t-shirt idea ).\r\n\r\nImages © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFightHugs.jpg   864x766 278268 bytes 2008.06.30

FurFright Hunger for Hugs

Another submission image for FurFright. It was much fun doing this. I wanted to do a Zombie image, but it turned out more "furry" than "zombie". Am I to expect this when I get there for the first time?\r\n\r\nFurFright Hunger for Hugs © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: BaristaBunnies.jpg   670x665 454627 bytes 2008.04.09

Barista Bunnies

Yes...Fear the Power of the Bunnies!\r\n\r\nThese are just cutout drawings I did at work from the past few days. I was bored and it was very slow. I saw some pads of paper and decided to make the time go faster by drawing.\r\n\r\nBarista Bunnies 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThrowingAwayMemories.jpg   732x527 162279 bytes 2008.04.08

Throwing Memories Away

"It was rather hard doing so, each item and gift had some sentimental value attached to it that I dont want to forget. Photographs, Books, Toys, Jewelry...It was very hard because each piece I through away, I felt like I was throwing away a piece of myself along with it. This is the only way I could move on with my life and create a fresh start."\r\n\r\nThrowing Memories Away 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: YourInnerVoiceSpeaksToYou.jpg   638x470 158696 bytes 2008.04.08

Your inner voice whispers

I felt like I should put this on because I have been experiencing a lot of this and I had to draw it out. This picture mostly deals with one's inner voice. Many call it "Inner Conscience, Gut Instincts, Spirit Guild, Voice of Reasoning, Common Sense, or your Soul." There are many names for that voice that lives in your head, telling you what is right and what is wrong. Most times, it comes on automatically, telling you about something when you feel something is amiss. Its like one's backup system, or one's guide. Many listen to it, others dont pay attention to it.\r\n\r\nYour inner voice whispers 2008 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: TooLivelyForYou.jpg   647x488 186742 bytes 2008.04.06

Too Lively For You

This picture was based off a scene from "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind", and something I can also relate too as well.\r\n\r\nToo Lively For You 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightSub.Drawing1.jpg   521x695 436291 bytes 2008.03.22


I know this is very early to draw anything for Halloween, but I just did this and I just wanted to upload it. Its been a while since I uploaded anything.\r\n\r\nThis is just one out of five drawings I will be submitting to FurFright 2008 this October. I will be mostly submitting stuff for shirts orr conbooks.\r\n\r\nThis will be my first furry convention ever so I should submit something to it.\r\n\r\nArtwork 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ICanStillSmellHim....jpg   774x554 246409 bytes 2008.02.29

I can still smell him...

"Ever since the sleep over, I can still smell his fur and hair upon my pillow. His scent brings me a calm feeling to my soul and a tingling sensation to my nose...I can just picture him sleeping on my bed by his scent on my pillow..."\r\n\r\n"I cant wait until the day he sleeps over again..."\r\n\r\nI can still smell him... 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: EveryoneNeedsToys.jpg   716x491 175016 bytes 2008.02.27

Everyone Needs Toys

I know some friends that still have toys stashed away in their closet or in plain sight in their room. Even though their age are between 18 and 26, they still love to by small trinkets and toys once in a while. They believe that they are still clinging onto something in side of them that makes them young once in a while. I agree with them. No one is really too old to still collect small toys. Some say that they go to Newbury Comics to get their plushies and toys. I have been in Newbury comics before and half of their store holds toys and plushies, but more so for teenagers instead for toddlers.\r\n\r\nThis was just something small I just drew up. I dont really have any deep meaning for this picture, just something cute and happy.\r\n\r\nEveryone Needs Toys 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThankYouForCalling.jpg   872x607 347293 bytes 2008.02.14

Thank you for calling...

A simple phone call to a close friend or distant love one makes their world seem like cookies and creame on Valentines Day. Valentines Day can be an emotional day to many who have had a bad history on the 14th of February, so a phone call from a close friend, a crush or love one can make that person's day so much better. It just shows that someone cares about about that person. Show you care about someone by making a simple 5 minute phone call.\r\n\r\nHappy Valentines Day.\r\n\r\nThank you for calling... 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: Should_I_Tell....jpg   508x702 196065 bytes 2008.02.06

Should I tell

" Should I tell him... or should I keep it inside? Should he know the truth, or shall I live a lie? My mind is a divided road and I can only go down one path. My actions effect others and their reaction effects me. He loves me. I love him. I will do anything for him, but I can not continue to lie to him or myself. I am too scared to change this right now, and I don't know when would be the right time to change. The spotlight is on me now. Should I tell him... or should I keep it inside?"\r\n\r\nShould I tell 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThePowerOfTheBunny.jpg   731x517 238109 bytes 2008.01.12

The Power Of The Bunny

Diary entry is too long. Please visit my Furaffinity website.\r\n\r\nThe Power Of The Bunny © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Tags: Stuff Animal Bunny   [Comment]
Image: StillYoung.jpg   413x583 94767 bytes 2008.01.11

Still Young

I was putting off some ideas for future drawings for a while due to the commitment to my comic, but I decided to try to at least do one image relating to a feeling that I am experiencing at the moment. This image deals a lot about maturity.\r\n\r\nThere is much more that needs to be said about this, so please click on the COMMENT button for more details.\r\n\r\nStill Young © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: DoodlesFromWork.jpg   479x660 75233 bytes 2007.11.28

Doodles From Work

Small little doodles from work. This is what happens when I am bored at work...\r\n\r\nPussyCat is back and in chibi form.\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: ConsealmentPageWakeUp.jpg   517x702 194082 bytes 2007.11.24


This is a page from my in-progress comic Consealment. In this page, the main character wakes up after a nightmare where she finds herself torn between two different types of personas. \r\n\r\nConsealment is about a girl who changes herself to try to fit into certain groups and tries to find a boyfriend while she is at it. She manages to join a punk/goth group and falls in love with one of the punks, Sasha. In the comic, she slowly loses herself in this seperate persona as she ties her best to make Sasha notice how much she loves him. This graphic novel is a drama based story which I hope I will publish in the end.\r\n\r\nConcealment © Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.\r\nArtwork © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: YouAreNotInHerDream.jpg   710x538 205215 bytes 2007.10.11

You Are Not In Her Dream

Being in a deep sleep is much like hypnosis. While that person is dreaming, you can alter their dreams by whispering into their ear, touching their hand or massaging their body. Sometimes, they slowly wake up, half awake and half asleep. They might not remember what just happened when they woke up because their mind is still a sleep and they are still dreaming when conscious. During this state, if you ask a question, chances are that the one who is asleep will answer. The answer might not be complete, but it might give enough information about what is going through their dream world. Sometimes, the answer is not what you wanted to hear. Chances are they might tell the truth, expel their secrets to you when they dont realize it.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nYouAreNotInHerDream 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: JasonSays.jpg   588x569 148512 bytes 2007.09.25

Concealment: Jason Says

This is a panel drawing from my work in progress comic "Concealment", already up to page 115. After much drama and idol scenes, Jason, the hung-over party rat makes a surprising appearance, just to lighten the mood.\r\n\r\nIn many ways, Jason is the comic-relief in this story. In the page I am drawing now, he pushes his lust-filled luck on the main character and ends up with a pillow in the mouth.\r\n\r\nYay nipple rings!\r\n\r\nJason 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\nConcealment 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\nArtwork 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: LateNightTVNap.jpg   593x414 133774 bytes 2007.09.13


" We were just friends, enjoying the company of one another. It was getting late and she did not feel like going back home. So, I suggested that we watch a movie while laying on the bed for a while. I am honest and loyal, so I try not to put any moves on her. Sometimes, I see her as more as a friend, but I never admit to it. She decided to use my body as her pillow as we watched the movie. I said nothing or suggest anything. \r\n\r\n" It was past midnight and the movie was over. I was about to ask her what she thought of the movie, when I realized that she was sound asleep on my chest. I whispered her name, trying to wake her up. I felt her hand clinging onto my shirt. In someway, she was still awake, but she did not want to leave..."\r\n\r\nLateNightTVNap 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: ASoftCress.jpg   426x586 123127 bytes 2007.08.28

A Soft Cress

The act of love-making does not just deal with one nude figure being on top of another. It can be explored in thousands of ways, going from extreme activities to very mild movements. Love-making does not always have to end with one climaxing after the other. It can go to just even the moisten part or the pre-ejaculation moment. However, even those parts are difficult because your hormones go while and you cant really stop them on your own once you are all wired up. Saying " I love you " doesn't have to only exist through words, but also with simple touching.\r\n\r\nMore in COMMENT\r\n\r\nA Soft Cress 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: Lonely_Sunday.jpg   812x566 244304 bytes 2007.08.28

Lonely Sunday

It is Sunday, one out of two days that is dedicated to you. You do not have to worry about work or anything else, but to try to find ways in order to relax. But then, you find yourself upon the bed with the TV running dribble programs, snack wrappers and empty plates on the ground, one or two soda bottles resting within arm's reach, your bed unmade and you are still in your PJs. You find yourself having no motivation to do anything because of your lack of company.\r\n\r\nMore info on COMMENT\r\n\r\nLonely Sunday 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: Justfriends.jpg   656x505 166938 bytes 2007.08.10

Are we just friends?

How can you deny your feelings for someone when you really wish to help that person and be rewarded by getting closer to that person? Its all about trust. If that person trusts you, you can move closer to him/her. The more closer that person allows you to get, the more stronger the relationship will get. If you force yourself to step closer without permission, you risk losing everything completely.\r\n\r\nAre we just friends 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: WhoresOpenEyes.jpg   704x507 181409 bytes 2007.08.09

Whore Open Eyes

The discription for this is WAY too long. It is in a Diary layout as well. You can view the meaning of this picture by going to my FA account or clicking the Comment link below. However, I believe you might need to be a member in order to view the image there since it is a mature rating.\r\n\r\nAll I can really say about this, is that it is about a guy who has a fem-boy body and always goes to clubs to have a sexual experiance. This is when he suddenly has second thoughts about who he is and what he has been doing.\r\n\r\nWhore Open Eyes 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: HesitationKiss.jpg   589x568 159584 bytes 2007.08.02

Hesitation Kiss

Description is too long. Please go to COMMENT link below.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nHesitation Kiss 2007 Alex Cockburn.\r\n


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