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Image: For-Iss.-.jpg   313x491 112530 bytes 2004.08.20

Issarlk wanted me to do a picture of his character ( issarlk, a Raccoon/Feline character ), sitting under a street light, hugging himself and having snow fall on him. He wanted the picture to be similar to my old image "Noone Wants You". This came out pretty good in my eye. I got teh tail wrong though, now knowing that his character has a FELINISH tail, but I thing that the rings and the light shading on the tail works well. It balances things together in some way.....Am I making sence? 0.o\r\n\r\nissarlk © issarlk\r\nArtwork © 2004 Alex Cockburn\t\r\n

Image: forgotsomething.jpg   370x487 31098 bytes 2002.10.01

guess...he forgot something to put on...\r\n\r\nforgotsomething© Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: FourScenesOfDrama.jpg   537x399 125195 bytes 2004.12.02

These are only four detailed scenes of drama related stories I somewhat wrote about. The Title of these drawings, from Upper Left to Bottom Right: "Waking Up The Queen", "Late Date", "Protective Friend" and, "Do You Have Time For Me?"\r\n\r\nI am going to make more later on, more dealing with friendship related stories.\r\n\r\nFourScenesofDrama © 2004 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved

Image: FurFightHugs.jpg   864x766 278268 bytes 2008.06.30

FurFright Hunger for Hugs

Another submission image for FurFright. It was much fun doing this. I wanted to do a Zombie image, but it turned out more "furry" than "zombie". Am I to expect this when I get there for the first time?\r\n\r\nFurFright Hunger for Hugs © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightCollab2008.jpg   791x722 237306 bytes 2008.08.10

FurFright Collab 2008

These are images that I sent to FurFright, all 14 illustrations. I know that they wont use all of them, but they did not say how many an artist can send out. I did enjoy doing all of them, each one a piece of art. When I am at furfright, I might sell some at the auction for those who haven't been picked or used.\r\n\r\nSee everyone there!\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2008 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: FurFrightDesign.jpg   733x916 348320 bytes 2010.06.18

FurFright Design

This images was a small experiment dealing with connecting images and characters. Took me roughly 2 days to draw and ink it on a 11 x 14 bristol board using only a .5 ink pen, so yeah, took a while for detail.\r\n\r\nI was thinking of a cool T-Shirt design for furfright so I came up with this idea. This is my last art submission to furfright, making it #20 submission. I just need to do some badges and Im all set for 2010.\r\n\r\nFurFright Design © 2010 Alex Cockburn

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Image: FurFrightFurSuitMassacre.jpg   734x729 188630 bytes 2008.07.19

FurFright Fursuit Massacre

This is another submission for FurFright. I was looking through thier website and their images for insperation and decided to draw some fursuits. It came out well ^_^\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightImages.jpg   900x400 168169 bytes 2008.07.04

FurFright Images 1-6

These are images that I have submitted to FurFright 2008 to use as they please. I will continue to draw more and submit them. This will be my first furry con ever, so I want to contribute something, even if they will never be used. And if not, then atleast they will be small protfolio pieces.\r\n\r\nFrom left to right: Fursuit, Mad Bunny, Witch's Cat, Hunger for Hugs, Wolf in Costume, NomNom ( t-shirt idea ).\r\n\r\nImages © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightImages1to4.jpg   1915x548 406719 bytes 2009.03.20

FurFright Images 1 to 4

I know, it is early, but here are four images that I submitted to FurFright 2009.\r\n\r\nAll were done on 11x14 Bristol with ink.\r\n\r\n"Boar Witches"\r\n"Clown"\r\n"Pumpkin Head"\r\n"Horror"\r\n\r\nimages © 2009 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.

Image: FurFrightRembrandtConcept.jpg   962x1201 360133 bytes 2010.04.03

FurFright Rembrandt Concept

Another image for FurFright. This was inspired by Rembrandt's concept "Autopsy", except not. It was just... random. heh.\r\n\r\nart © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightSub.Drawing1.jpg   521x695 436291 bytes 2008.03.22


I know this is very early to draw anything for Halloween, but I just did this and I just wanted to upload it. Its been a while since I uploaded anything.\r\n\r\nThis is just one out of five drawings I will be submitting to FurFright 2008 this October. I will be mostly submitting stuff for shirts orr conbooks.\r\n\r\nThis will be my first furry convention ever so I should submit something to it.\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightTombStone.jpg   628x771 191438 bytes 2010.03.28

FurFright Tomb Stone

Another image to FurFright 2010. Once a year I do a tomb stone image for them with their name on it. This one is more detailed and exaggerated this year.\r\n\r\n....Candy.\r\n\r\nFurFright Tomb Stone © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: FurFrightWereWolfBunny.jpg   797x765 236754 bytes 2008.08.31

FurFright Werewolf Candy

I really have nothing else to upload since I have been working more on my comic. This was my last submission to Furfright. The detail in the werewolf was fun to do. \r\n\r\nAgain with bunnies! Yay!\r\n\r\nFurFright Werewolf Candy © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: GayFurryPride.jpg   408x444 136698 bytes 2004.06.24

After the celebration of Gay Marrage through most of the US, and the outgoing and open Gay Furry Artists, I decided to do some pictures expressing gay love/relationships. I know that some figures here look somewhat thin, but meh :P I struggled to find a good name for these pieces, asking many of my outgoing gay friends. Seems most agreed on "Gay Furry Pride". I kindof like the name too ^_^\r\n\r\nCongratulations to all Gay Furry Artists and their Artwork. \r\n\r\n:D\r\n\r\nGayFurryPrideArtworks are all a copyright © 2004 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.

Image: GraveCat.jpg   798x998 261800 bytes 2011.03.08

FurFright WTF Grave Cat

Undead pounce!! Nya!\r\n\r\nartwork © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: HatingtheMirror.jpg   364x527 84917 bytes 2003.08.27

:;sighs:: I dont know. I was hating myself on that day. Decided to draw my feeling onto paper. At first, it was another MASK picture. You know, the one of the gril pealing off her face? Well, I wanted to do something that wasn't violent. I know the angles are wrong and moresome. I know that. But I dont care. if you get this message, you will not care for details.\r\n\r\nHatingtheMirror © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: HesitationKiss.jpg   589x568 159584 bytes 2007.08.02

Hesitation Kiss

Description is too long. Please go to COMMENT link below.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nHesitation Kiss © 2007 Alex Cockburn.\r\n

Image: hotspringsbath7.jpg   361x501 32970 bytes 2003.04.19

Heh. A sister and baby brother bath. Aww! Ain't they cute~?\r\n\r\nhotspringsbath7 © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: HowLuckyYouAre.jpg   740x578 165644 bytes 2007.07.31

How Lucky You Are

You should take this time and just realize how lucky you are to have found someone that means something very dear to you. Hover over your mate at night and just look at him/her and think about what could be, what will be, and what ifs. You will feel something very personal and sensitive in your heart that you never realized that it was there before and you might look at your mate with a new eye. The scent, the sounds and the feeling of your mate will burn inside you and never let go unless you want it to.\r\n\r\nHow Lucky You Are © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: ICanStillSmellHim....jpg   774x554 246409 bytes 2008.02.29

I can still smell him...

"Ever since the sleep over, I can still smell his fur and hair upon my pillow. His scent brings me a calm feeling to my soul and a tingling sensation to my nose...I can just picture him sleeping on my bed by his scent on my pillow..."\r\n\r\n"I cant wait until the day he sleeps over again..."\r\n\r\nI can still smell him... © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ImageofManyMeanings.jpg   820x596 288455 bytes 2006.05.05

This image, I feel, has many meanings, many past stories that led up to this one particular moment. When I first drew this, I was feeling alone and frustrated. I felt like hell due to some bad recent events. The other side of me felt calm, nurtering. I want to be soneone's shoulder that they could cry on, relieve stress, relax in general. \r\n\r\nI feel like that is something everybody should do, should experiance. In my mine, it is a rare thing now a days. You get this unique feeling when someone you care about just leans against your shoulder and cries. You are helping that person relax by just being there, lending a body part for him or her to rest on and calm themself down.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nImageOfManyThings © 2006 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: InShop.jpg   555x758 247100 bytes 2006.04.14

Hi Everyone.\r\n\r\nThis is a drawing for my Furry DnD book that I am slowly putting together. Right now, I am just doing illustrations for it. The writing will come a little later. I am also hosting this game, so it is still in progress and I dont want any of the gamers to see what I have instore for them. Ill post more images on here. More to come.\r\n\r\nI guess I just felt very inspired by the Sanguine Production books, a.k.a IRONCLAW and FURRY PIRATES. They have not replied to any of my emails. I guess I lack the talent maybe? Not sure. I will keep email them every week.\r\n\r\nInShop © 2006 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: InternetMemoriesFinished.jpg   781x639 276158 bytes 2006.03.30

It is difficult forgetting people you know online that has been part of your life for years. I am having trouble forgetting close people I know online, even those who helped me change my life around. Some of them are cool friends, others are Ex's. Just remembering the pain in which I felt when we disconnected or broke up still linger inside of me. It is hard to read what they are up to or even glimps on how they are doing...\r\n\r\nOnline life is nothing but a long drama novel. Everytime you IM someone or email someone, you are adding a page in this long and drama filled "novel"...\r\n\r\n...I forgot what chapter I am on...\r\n\r\nInternet Memories © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: Invitation.jpg   387x473 54653 bytes 2005.01.02

Another emotional based picture. Heck, that is mostly what I do -_-.\r\n\r\nBunny being inviting by lifting her shirt and her tail. Nothing more.\r\n\r\nInvitation © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: IronicRain.jpg   718x937 412835 bytes 2008.07.08

Ironic Rain

im sorry, but the poem is too long. if you wish to know more about this image, please go to ( ) Thank you.\r\n\r\nIronic Rain © 2008 Alex Cockburn

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Image: IsLifeThatBad.jpg   363x500 44123 bytes 2004.08.14

Something I did when I was depressed. Many things in my life have been going in wrong directions with friends and outside life. Many friends are leaving without saying "good-bye" to me, job search is very difficult, and finding a place to live on my own as well. This year has been very brutal for many.\r\n\r\nLife always seems bad if you suffer through nothing but pain and injury in your life, even though you try to counter them with a smile. That song from "Monty Python, The Life of Brian"...what was it called, oh "The Bright Side of Life". True song, but easier to say then do and feel...\r\n\r\nIsLifeThatBad © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: ItsTheThoughtThatCounts.jpg   724x554 230809 bytes 2006.12.24


An image that I drew and PussyCat posed for. She bought a small Charlie Brown christmas tree with a small star to it. She also bought her "daily" pair of holiday treats. I would have colored it but I had no time to do so.\r\n\r\n"Its the thought that counts" - PussyCat\r\n\r\nHave a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!\r\n\r\nItsTheThoughtThatCounts © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: JasonSays.jpg   588x569 148512 bytes 2007.09.25

Concealment: Jason Says

This is a panel drawing from my work in progress comic "Concealment", already up to page 115. After much drama and idol scenes, Jason, the hung-over party rat makes a surprising appearance, just to lighten the mood.\r\n\r\nIn many ways, Jason is the comic-relief in this story. In the page I am drawing now, he pushes his lust-filled luck on the main character and ends up with a pillow in the mouth.\r\n\r\nYay nipple rings!\r\n\r\nJason © 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\nConcealment © 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\nArtwork © 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: JealousSounds.jpg   669x578 213483 bytes 2007.02.04

Jealous Sounds

This reflects to my other images "Lowering the Tail". To some, sex is just something you do when you are bored or just want to release tension. To others, it could be a way to show how much you care about another in a physical way. Every human/furry needs that kind of physical contact; someone creasing your body as you do the same. Its like a physical exchange of thoughts and emotions with very small and gentle gestures.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono

Image: Justfriends.jpg   656x505 166938 bytes 2007.08.10

Are we just friends?

How can you deny your feelings for someone when you really wish to help that person and be rewarded by getting closer to that person? Its all about trust. If that person trusts you, you can move closer to him/her. The more closer that person allows you to get, the more stronger the relationship will get. If you force yourself to step closer without permission, you risk losing everything completely.\r\n\r\nAre we just friends © 2007 Alex Cockburn


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