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Image: CameraSmile.jpg   514x421 104251 bytes 2006.05.17

Smile for the Camera! >^_^<\r\n\r\nSomewhat of a more "realistic" approach this time.\r\n\r\nCameraSmile © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: ImageofManyMeanings.jpg   820x596 288455 bytes 2006.05.05

This image, I feel, has many meanings, many past stories that led up to this one particular moment. When I first drew this, I was feeling alone and frustrated. I felt like hell due to some bad recent events. The other side of me felt calm, nurtering. I want to be soneone's shoulder that they could cry on, relieve stress, relax in general. \r\n\r\nI feel like that is something everybody should do, should experiance. In my mine, it is a rare thing now a days. You get this unique feeling when someone you care about just leans against your shoulder and cries. You are helping that person relax by just being there, lending a body part for him or her to rest on and calm themself down.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nImageOfManyThings © 2006 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: LizardSeaCreature.jpg   488x777 157363 bytes 2006.05.01

I did this last night. It is part of my small DnD Book.\r\n\r\nSpeaking of which, Sanquine Productions ( IronClaw ), emailed me back. They said that my work was exteremly good, but they are not looking for artists or freelancers at the moment. He said that they were on a "stand still" now. So I emailed them back, asking to be put on file until anything comes up....I hope soon.\r\n\r\nKindof confused about what exactly I should draw for my book. I just been drawing random images here and here.\r\n\r\n- Ookami\r\n\r\nLizard Sea Creature © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: InShop.jpg   555x758 247100 bytes 2006.04.14

Hi Everyone.\r\n\r\nThis is a drawing for my Furry DnD book that I am slowly putting together. Right now, I am just doing illustrations for it. The writing will come a little later. I am also hosting this game, so it is still in progress and I dont want any of the gamers to see what I have instore for them. Ill post more images on here. More to come.\r\n\r\nI guess I just felt very inspired by the Sanguine Production books, a.k.a IRONCLAW and FURRY PIRATES. They have not replied to any of my emails. I guess I lack the talent maybe? Not sure. I will keep email them every week.\r\n\r\nInShop © 2006 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.

Image: BreastPillows.jpg   584x744 139618 bytes 2006.03.31

I just thought it was cute to draw. Good subject.\r\n\r\nBreastPillows © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: InternetMemoriesFinished.jpg   781x639 276158 bytes 2006.03.30

It is difficult forgetting people you know online that has been part of your life for years. I am having trouble forgetting close people I know online, even those who helped me change my life around. Some of them are cool friends, others are Ex's. Just remembering the pain in which I felt when we disconnected or broke up still linger inside of me. It is hard to read what they are up to or even glimps on how they are doing...\r\n\r\nOnline life is nothing but a long drama novel. Everytime you IM someone or email someone, you are adding a page in this long and drama filled "novel"...\r\n\r\n...I forgot what chapter I am on...\r\n\r\nInternet Memories © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: DearLBestFriendWorseEnemy.jpg   626x828 252954 bytes 2006.01.09

I decided to give you guys a sample of what Dear L is going to look like in this book. It does not have teh same style as the earlier ones, but I still want it to work well.\r\n\r\nI just want to show you that not all of the Dear L letters will be sexual, but it will talk and describe all problems that a person goes through, like drinking problems, parental problems, money and obsetion. \r\n\r\nThe book will run about $15 dollars per copy. There will be about 20 images and 20 letters. It wont cover EVER SINGLE drama episode, but there are some things that I think people will connect to right away. \r\n\r\nDear L- Best friend, Worst Enemy © 2005 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.\r\nArtwork © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: VirginReveal.jpg   745x424 182933 bytes 2005.11.21

A small little comic I did out of the blue. It came out pretty well.\r\n\r\nVirgin Reveal © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: AnubScale.jpg   413x533 74953 bytes 2005.10.22

I have seen many Anubis images done by furry artists, and all of them seem to be adult in relation. Many portray Anubis as a sex figure with a slender or six-pack body or a large chested female. My friend send me this comic called "Dark Desires". Its an adult comic that has many sexual images and stories about the God Anubis and how he sexually subduces the females through trickery and magic, or just plain passion.\r\n\r\nDoes the fact that an Egyptian hunting dog, now rare in the world, is found to be somewhat sexual now? Do people find that Anubis is similar to Zeus who mates with females in animal forms ( gave them sexual satisfaction? ) Do many think all Gods are like that, human and animal form? Were they furries themselves? XD \r\n\r\nAnubScale © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: NotYourBodyScan.jpg   418x579 124261 bytes 2005.09.25

Now, I guess the story behind this is what if a furry, who does not have the correct 'body' for her mate, would be rejected because her body is not like the other 'model' female furries on the internet ( or in their case 'real world' )? I had to through VCL and SEXYFUR into the word bubble, because I have seen many well drawn female figures in both sites. The one that gets most attention ( I think ) is SEXYFUR due to the females figures and sexual content. What if male furries expect that kind of behavior and physical stature from other female furries? What if the female does not have the right breast size, hip size, flexability and/or the constant and sexual lust/gaze that is depicted in Sexyfur or VCL or any other yiff-based website?\r\n\r\nNotYourBody© 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: SadPartyTan.jpg   377x513 94079 bytes 2005.08.04

Long story short, go here to find out the entire thing about this picture: ( )\r\n\r\nAll I can say is, is that I love the way the detail came out on this. the stairs are a litle warped, but that is fine with me. I give the picture a small Tan color instead of just black and white. It looks better and has more feeling to it. ^_^ Puppy happy~\r\n\r\nSadPartyTan © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: Bathing.jpg   542x428 111796 bytes 2005.07.08

Did this while watching Witches of Eastwick. I dont know why this came up, but I like it anyways. heh. Haven't been drawing in a long time, so maybe it is time that I start to do more, eh?\r\n\r\nbathing © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: NudeWeapon.jpg   655x906 211473 bytes 2005.06.11

I have seen in alot of animes and movies that females with beautiful bodies walk up or show up naked to their victum, just to distract from what lies in the female's hand. :shurg: Took a while to color in and try to get that solid black, but I think it works well. Heh\r\n\r\n NakedWeapon © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: BareCrying.jpg   372x531 84202 bytes 2005.05.23

Yeah, it is an adult content, but atleast it is not meaningless yiff. There is nothing wrong with the female body at all. It has been a long time since I drew a naked female, I bet you can tell, right?\r\n\r\nThis has a small story to it, but I do not want to type everything out. Maybe there is no story and it is just a female leaning on he wall, crying, but from what?\r\n\r\nBareCrying © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: Dull.jpg   435x326 62796 bytes 2005.05.05

I wanted to title this DULL, because I was confused about the meaning of this piece. I remember drawing the SULKING image of a male laying there on his bed, feeling bored, weak and depressed. This picture remains me of that particular piece. You just want to lay in bed and never get up, your body limp and weak as your eyes gaze at something random infront of you while you think to yourself and let the word fly by without a single care in the world...\r\n\r\nDull © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: Dragon.jpg   495x569 103824 bytes 2005.03.22

Im sorry that I have not been posting that much on VCL or on DA. I have been very busy drawing images for my Character Design/Animation/Narritive Illustration portfolio for graduation. So I have been drawing up the wazzo in images. Most of them are done on Bristol board with color pencils, water color, pen, and pencil.\r\n\r\nThis is a pencil illustration I did of one of my DnD characters. He is more or less a small Silver Dragon. I was going to put all of his atire upon his form, but I decided to draw him naked. Never really drew a dragon before. I am glad the way this came out.\r\n\r\nDragon © 2005 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved

Image: DayAfterLove.jpg   520x375 107797 bytes 2005.03.01

This is, sorry to say, my Valentines day picture. I am sorry it is very late...very late, but I had my reasons to put it off.\r\n\r\nRuined roses, candles, naked woman in a tub, writing something upon a piece of paper. Need I say more about the topic? It seems like all my valentines pictures have been depressing...I wonder why...\r\n\r\nDayAfterLove © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: NativeWolf.jpg   295x456 33621 bytes 2005.01.22

Drew something a little different this time. I like it, all done in #2 pencil. I just found that Native symbol on teh web, but I do not know what it means.\r\n\r\nNativeWolf © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: AtticGirlTime.jpg   479x356 139207 bytes 2005.01.03

Something old I pulled out form my collections. I kindof like it. Needs more work though here and there.\r\n\r\nI wanted to fiddle around with light effects and a sence of issolation in a small room. Like the plants though ^_^;\r\n\r\nAtticGirlTime © 2004-2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: Invitation.jpg   387x473 54653 bytes 2005.01.02

Another emotional based picture. Heck, that is mostly what I do -_-.\r\n\r\nBunny being inviting by lifting her shirt and her tail. Nothing more.\r\n\r\nInvitation © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: CryingFromFalseLove.jpg   468x352 57811 bytes 2004.12.05

Ok, in order to understand this picture, you will have to go to this link ( ) or this link ( ) There is not enough room on my VCL description box for a full explination, so you will have to go into my DA page and get everything in detail. If you wish to argue against or agree with this image and what I have to say on my DA page, feel free to email me or Instant Message me. Thank you.\r\n\r\nCryingFromFalseLove © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: FourScenesOfDrama.jpg   537x399 125195 bytes 2004.12.02

These are only four detailed scenes of drama related stories I somewhat wrote about. The Title of these drawings, from Upper Left to Bottom Right: "Waking Up The Queen", "Late Date", "Protective Friend" and, "Do You Have Time For Me?"\r\n\r\nI am going to make more later on, more dealing with friendship related stories.\r\n\r\nFourScenesofDrama © 2004 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved

Image: ClothFigure.jpg   284x491 63636 bytes 2004.11.04

Meh. Took a while to do with just one pen. I did not know that my pen held so much ink. heh. Going to use it for another detailed drawing~ :D\r\n\r\nClothedFigure © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: LikeableLizard.jpg   349x519 51974 bytes 2004.10.12

A very strange and bizzare lizard ... that I like 0_o\r\n\r\nLikeableLizard © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: ButtPillow.jpg   520x354 67505 bytes 2004.10.02

The first picture I did in my new sketch book. I wanted to start off with something semi cute. I have another version called "BreastPillow", which I know many would love to see that one. LOL. Too bad. Maybe next time~ <3\r\n\r\nButtPillow © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: WingedKem.jpg   354x511 53182 bytes 2004.10.02

Something totally out of the blue. Did not wish to draw hands and fingers, so I did wings instead. LOL. I liked the detail I did in this one.\r\n\r\nWingedKem © 2004 Alex Cockburn\t

Image: For-Iss.-.jpg   313x491 112530 bytes 2004.08.20

Issarlk wanted me to do a picture of his character ( issarlk, a Raccoon/Feline character ), sitting under a street light, hugging himself and having snow fall on him. He wanted the picture to be similar to my old image "Noone Wants You". This came out pretty good in my eye. I got teh tail wrong though, now knowing that his character has a FELINISH tail, but I thing that the rings and the light shading on the tail works well. It balances things together in some way.....Am I making sence? 0.o\r\n\r\nissarlk © issarlk\r\nArtwork © 2004 Alex Cockburn\t\r\n

Image: LongDistanceRelationships.jpg   355x523 56085 bytes 2004.08.20

Based on some Long Distance Relationship worries and problems. Did the saying myself. Took me awhile to say the right things here and there. :shrugs: From experiance people...LDR do not work that much at all. And if they do, you have to be strong enough to hold in the love for someone you can only communicate to online or by phone. And while you are holding up all that love for that person, and this person dumps you...well...would you like me to go into details on how your own emotions will make you crumble?\r\n\r\nLongDistanceRelationships© 2004 Alex Cockburn\t

Image: IsLifeThatBad.jpg   363x500 44123 bytes 2004.08.14

Something I did when I was depressed. Many things in my life have been going in wrong directions with friends and outside life. Many friends are leaving without saying "good-bye" to me, job search is very difficult, and finding a place to live on my own as well. This year has been very brutal for many.\r\n\r\nLife always seems bad if you suffer through nothing but pain and injury in your life, even though you try to counter them with a smile. That song from "Monty Python, The Life of Brian"...what was it called, oh "The Bright Side of Life". True song, but easier to say then do and feel...\r\n\r\nIsLifeThatBad © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: GayFurryPride.jpg   408x444 136698 bytes 2004.06.24

After the celebration of Gay Marrage through most of the US, and the outgoing and open Gay Furry Artists, I decided to do some pictures expressing gay love/relationships. I know that some figures here look somewhat thin, but meh :P I struggled to find a good name for these pieces, asking many of my outgoing gay friends. Seems most agreed on "Gay Furry Pride". I kindof like the name too ^_^\r\n\r\nCongratulations to all Gay Furry Artists and their Artwork. \r\n\r\n:D\r\n\r\nGayFurryPrideArtworks are all a copyright © 2004 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.

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