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Image: LoveScene2.jpg   527x360 117923 bytes 2004.06.12

Another love scene. This took me a while to do, but I think it came out very nice.\r\n\r\nLoveScene2 © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Bastet.jpg   354x525 66905 bytes 2004.06.12

Bastet: Feline Sun Goddess of Good Health and Birth. \r\n\r\nBastet artwork © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThreeGods.jpg   503x348 66798 bytes 2004.05.17

Meh, something old that I found in my old sketch books. Anubis, Horus, Bastet. Dog, Hawk, Cat. Puppy, Birdy, Kitty. Need I say more? :P\r\n\r\nThreeGods © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Sulking.jpg   541x348 59715 bytes 2004.04.14

Naked picture of a male, sulking in his bed...remembering bad times over a small amount of hours or throughout the year...Yeah...Seems when one seems depressed and weak, he or she just lets life slip on by, waiting for something, anything to pass by...So weak and hungry...\r\n\r\nSulking © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: BigSis-LittleBro-Icecream.jpg   376x489 53091 bytes 2004.03.26

Another Big Sister Little Brother image. I like this one. I like the way the detail really came out when I scanned this. These two are at the circus, and Little Brother dropped his icecream and is not very depressed about the loss. Wanting to be a good Big Sis, she offers her icecream to her crying sibling. hehe. The little one has a Chick Peep Stuffy~ >^_^<\r\n\r\nBigSis-LittleBro-Icecream © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Pika...-.jpg   354x518 72255 bytes 2004.02.29

Too mush Super Smash Brothers Melee. I LOVE that game so much. It is so much fun and the music kicks so much ass.I know that Pikachu here looks somewhat " grownup" with the claws and the fang and the additude and the massive shock to the groiven!! Oh very nice monster in my pocket with the no hurting~! ( Professer Franky from The Simpsons )\r\n\r\nI dont know Pokemon that well, so I got did this using a very wierd Pikachu referance. Go here to see for yourself 0_o ( )\r\n\r\nPika... © 2004 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: DnD-Lost-In-the-Woods.jpg   333x524 89536 bytes 2004.01.30

All sharpie pen and a ball point pen. :;shrugs:: I like the way this came out. It was very fun to actully shade in teh shadows with cross hatching and scribbles. The Dnd group I am in is has like, 10 people. I play as a 2 year old Silver Dragon ( a shape shifter ). I wanted to be something unique, but someone else wanted to be a silver dragon too, so now, we have two dragons... I tell ya, big Dnd group games go NOWhERE...\r\n\r\nDnd Lost In the Woods © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Dnd-Battle-Ready.jpg   514x357 78274 bytes 2004.01.17

Not really what I could really do. I could have done much much more to this picture, but I did this on the same day I did "Drama Scene.jpg", so I was a little tired.\r\n\r\nI...just like the sword...?\r\n\r\nDnd Battle Ready © 2004 Alex Cockburn\t\r\n

Image: Mama-Takes-Pain-Away.jpg   377x498 63891 bytes 2004.01.17

Well, I was watching the episode of Cowboy Bebop, and there wa sthis fan crazy man that can fly and is shooting everybody. I forgot the name, but he was somewhat dressed as a ring leader in a circus. Anyways, when the bad guy fell down, crying, I just thought was very deep man. I was like "wow" at the end, because I felt sorry for teh guy. Well, I guess you have to see the episode for yourself in oder to under stand. Anyways, this picture is related to that. \r\n\r\nNo matter how old you are, you are still a child, wanting your mother's hug...\r\n\r\nMama-Takes-Pain-Away © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Thinking.jpg   529x351 63649 bytes 2004.01.01

The first drawing I did in the year 2004. Accully, I did this very late at night before the count down ( watched it on FOX and on the CARTOON NETWORK ), and just finished inking it two hours after midnight..:;shrugs:: I was watching this movie called "Home Room" while doing this and one other image. It was a very strange movie, well DUH, it was an independant movie :P. I like those movies. heh.\r\n\r\nWas a little down when doing this, but I really had fun doing the inking.\r\n\r\nThinking © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: TheSumOfTheYear.jpg   352x509 53922 bytes 2003.12.31

The sum of my 2003 year ... and basically, the sum of myself. This year was not a happy one at all. I dont know what I did to deserve such abuce, but maybe it is because I did nothing at all.\r\n\r\nHappy New Year Fur-Tushies~!\r\n\r\nTheSumOfTheYear © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: BeforeChristmasBreakup.jpg   512x355 80180 bytes 2003.12.21

I did this...all night. It is really not easy to handle a break up with the one you loved so dearly...even on the week of Christmas...I was so depressed when I did this, I just hated myself to the fullest extent.\r\n\r\n...Merry Christmas...\r\n\r\nBeforeChristmasBreakup © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: TheyTakeMySoul.jpg   353x499 59335 bytes 2003.12.05

I did this when I was still in pain about art thieves. I mean, there is a fine line between insperation and stealing one's artwork. If you want to know my thoughts about this, go to my Deviantart site ( ) and look under this picture.\r\n\r\nTheyTakeMySoul © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: NurseTheOneYouLove.jpg   373x480 58296 bytes 2003.12.05

if you think this is some kind of Incent, then go somewhere else, you sick sick monkey! This picture is like Boyfriend and GirlFriend, two lovers. I did this picture, wondering why female breasts are so Taboo in this country. I mean, they are just breasts and its teh first thing you see when you are born anyways. Males can go out topless, but females cant? Anyone know why?\r\n\r\nNurseTheOneYouLove © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: CookiesAndAMidnightMovie.jpg   524x343 44695 bytes 2003.12.05

Something that I love to do on pure nights. I like to watch midnight movies ( mostly Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network ), laying in my bed and eating some cookies. I want my teddies to watch with me as well. heh. ^_^ Cookie Cookiie Cookie~\r\n\r\nCookiesAndAMindnightMovie © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Bathroom-Question.jpg   513x370 43714 bytes 2003.10.29

I thought about doing this pciture after I took a shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I dont really like teh way I look, hate my body. So, I asked myself " Where is my Restatrt Button? " So I did this picture, USING MALES THIS TIME! hehe\r\n\r\nBathroom Question © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: StuffyLizardFriend.jpg   531x394 72803 bytes 2003.10.04

I have a very long decription for this picture, but VCl wont let me post anything over 800 characters. If you wanna know more about this picture and my thoughts, the best place to go to is in my DEVIANTART website ( )\r\n\r\nThe decription is under the picture "Card13 The Awakening Pain"\r\n\r\nStuffyLizardFriend © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: WaitingbyLight.jpg   339x541 44044 bytes 2003.09.19

ugh. I have uploaded too much this time. Now it is time to take a break.\r\n\r\nThis is of coarse, GothBunny. SilverBlue is such a nice person and a joy o talk to. I did this for her out of the kindness of my heart and Pussy Cat's as well, wanting to thank her for supporting me to draw more and to feel better about my work. She and others have been a great insperation to me, thus, my sketchbooks keep getting filled every month with drawings -_-. I need a stroage room to place all my sketch boks. Dark closet cant hold anymore. Maybe some sketchbooks migth be on sale later in the furture...depends.\r\n\r\nPicture dedicated to SilverBlue ( Ceredwyn-Ealanta )\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Youarenotwhatyouare.jpg   522x358 46243 bytes 2003.09.18

...I must say..I never seen Pussy Cat react to such a hatefilled email. Today, got this email, long and to the point, telling me that Pussy Cat is not and never will be someone gothic or a goth, and my artwork could never be concidered "gothic", or I myself as a "gothfur". She wants to be a goth so much, because that is who she feels she is. The person who wrote the email, said she was more of a sex subject and likes to masterbate to her body. She felt hurt and violated in a way, and took out her anger on her teddy bear, woozle. Another stich will be added to teh red bear. Pussy Cat here is now sulking, and I am trying all I can to cheer her up...\r\n\r\nFor you PC <3\r\n\r\nYouarenotwhatyouare © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Noone-wants-you.jpg   341x534 60373 bytes 2003.09.09

I was feeling very shitty this day. One of my "friends" to me that I was a "hard to read" person, like they have a hard time trying to get the right idea about me. I felt somewhat hurt by that. It means, to me, that I am just somebody that was left in the dark by others. Im just alone, a forgotten riddle. No one understands me and my thinking. I have just a very open mind. I think they fear me, or are sick of me and my 'painful' soul, that they just push me off the cliff. Even though, who thought was my friend, never told me the day of their birth, so I could get them a nice present. It is like I do not exist in this world. ::sighs:; sorry, fucken babbling so fucking much\r\n\r\nNoone wants you © 2003 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: BytheoldWell.jpg   506x364 121398 bytes 2003.09.03

I know this old well that rests in this huge park near where I live. I thought it looked very interesting, so I wanted to put that in this picture. It was origanaly ment to be a poet picture, with a poem where the well is. but this picture came out more as a post card in a way. heh. I love my pen!\r\n\r\nBytheoldWell© 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: HatingtheMirror.jpg   364x527 84917 bytes 2003.08.27

:;sighs:: I dont know. I was hating myself on that day. Decided to draw my feeling onto paper. At first, it was another MASK picture. You know, the one of the gril pealing off her face? Well, I wanted to do something that wasn't violent. I know the angles are wrong and moresome. I know that. But I dont care. if you get this message, you will not care for details.\r\n\r\nHatingtheMirror © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: WizardsPast.jpg   338x551 61592 bytes 2003.08.15

Was watching Lord of the Rings ( Not a huge fan, but I love teh story and plot ) and drew this little thing. I had to get some inspiration and help to do the stone statue. I used the artistic drawings for rock in the Japanese comic Dark Capture, by Ryusuke Mita ( KICK ASS ARTIST )\r\n\r\nWizardsPast © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: DreamApart.jpg   521x367 60746 bytes 2003.08.15

Dreaming, peeling away form yoru body and going into a world where your Mind is God.\r\n\r\nMah, I has having trouble, deciding on what the background color should be... Black, White, or Gradiant. I chose white, because it seems to stand out alittle more than on black, not that heavy intense black.\r\n\r\nDreamApart © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Wove.jpg   534x352 54333 bytes 2003.07.22

I wanted to do a love scene, something new. I had trouble doing the right pose for teh female, and the foreare for the male. heh. Tongue licking kiss~\r\n\r\nWove © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: bedwithdoggy.jpg   372x501 70677 bytes 2003.07.05

::sits and rocks on the bed, hugging my stuffed animal close to my chest, my hand rubbing its head::...Im ok...Im ok...Im ok...\r\n\r\nbedwithdoggy © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: OldWell.jpg   380x526 102230 bytes 2003.05.19

Thats not really an well, but more of a water fountain. Big difference, yes I know...\r\n\r\nWhat can I say about like the grass? heh ^^;; It is mainly scribbles of the pen and not really heavily detailed in some places. I think teh house was teh hardest to do, since my Tech. drawing skills are starting to fade.\r\n\r\nI was watching RED DRAGON at the time while doing this, some insperation helped with garden scenes and whatnot. ::holds up a sharpie pen:: I did that all in one pen. hehe. And it still works great ^_^\r\n\r\nOldWell © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: D&Dthought2.jpg   378x486 30815 bytes 2003.04.28

:;sniffles:: It has been a bad day in DnD world for me. When I advanced to a 9th level Rogue, my DM took a look at my sheet and saw that I had HANDLE ANIMAL as a skill. He said that I can not have that skill unless I cross class with a Ranger or something. So, I had to set my baby Desplacer Beast ( a purple skinny feline which has six legs, skinny body, spikes on its back and two long tenticals coming from its back ) go because I dont have HANDLE ANIMAL anymore. that really brought me day down. Even though my Displacer Beast was Neutral/Evil, I still wanted to train it so it would fight with me.\r\n\r\nyes Yes, it is just a game, but when you play it more then enough times, you will start to grow emotions for your character and others -_-;\r\n\r\n...Byebye Fluffy....\r\n\r\nD&Dthought2 © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: hotspringsbath7.jpg   361x501 32970 bytes 2003.04.19

Heh. A sister and baby brother bath. Aww! Ain't they cute~?\r\n\r\nhotspringsbath7 © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Tri.jpg   365x496 29806 bytes 2003.03.23

hehe. Nothing much to talk about this picture. Kind of did this out of the blue\r\n\r\nTri© 2003 Alex Cockburn

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