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Image: OverDressed.jpg   739x1013 365362 bytes 2009.09.16

Over Dressed

"Friday night: Party Night, date night, the start of the weekend. Whatever you want to call it. Every Friday night in the college district, everyone dresses up and goes out to enjoy themselves at bars, clubs, gatherings and party places. Now I'm getting dressed. Single and looking, I try to find the right outfit, but am I over dressed?\r\n\r\nI have seen girls that wear much less. Some just wear a short dress and nothing else under it. Am I over dressed or should I expose more fur? What exactly do single guys on a Friday night look for in a girl physically?"\r\n\r\nOver Dressed © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: Pika...-.jpg   354x518 72255 bytes 2004.02.29

Too mush Super Smash Brothers Melee. I LOVE that game so much. It is so much fun and the music kicks so much ass.I know that Pikachu here looks somewhat " grownup" with the claws and the fang and the additude and the massive shock to the groiven!! Oh very nice monster in my pocket with the no hurting~! ( Professer Franky from The Simpsons )\r\n\r\nI dont know Pokemon that well, so I got did this using a very wierd Pikachu referance. Go here to see for yourself 0_o ( )\r\n\r\nPika... © 2004 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: Pudgeness.jpg   707x495 202142 bytes 2007.04.04


The message to this picture is too long and I cant chop it up. Please go to the Comment box below to get the complete story and idea behind this picture. Thank you ^_^\r\n\r\nPudgeness © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: PussysTigerBeforeAndAfter.jpg   935x746 211016 bytes 2006.12.25

Pussy Tiger Before and After

This is an image that is based off of a true event of her christmas present I got for her a few days before christmas, a 40" stuffed tiger. She really loved it, but the only thing is, is that she brought it to work with her. I had the day off, so I had no idea what "really" happened.\r\n\r\nWhen she came back, the tiger was covered with coffee stains, mocha and expresso. The tail was also torn off. She came back with a sad look on her face, holding up the tail and the tiger. How she managed to do that to the tiger is beyond me. Maybe the manager wasn't there today. I helped her fix her tiger.\r\n\r\nHappy Holidays.\r\n\r\nPussy Tiger Before and After © 2006 Alex Cockburn\r\n"White Luck", the tiger, belongs in the arms of PussyCat.

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Image: QuestioningSexulality.jpg   655x473 127363 bytes 2006.05.31

I have written a long discription about this picture, but it is over 800 characters. If you wish to know the meaning behind this piece, please go to my DeviantArt page:\r\n\r\nQuestioningSexulality © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: Red_Star.jpg   337x439 26233 bytes 2002.01.28

In search of the Red Star\r\n\r\nRed_Star©Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: Reddragon.jpg   359x505 30081 bytes 2002.12.15

>< Kind of a pixilated little red dragon. Was watching a dragon movie, and got the idea\r\n\r\nReddragon© 2002 Alex Cockburn

Image: redswayhair.jpg   420x430 30947 bytes 2002.10.07

I saw one too many vines today, with thier curling up on ends. So I desided to do something like that with the hair...wish I had hair like that\r\n\r\nredswayhair© Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: RemeberingEyes.jpg   769x576 226476 bytes 2007.03.14


o you believe that every item in your room has a history to it? Do you believe that something that was given to you from someone close has a strong personal and emotional imprint that will remain with it forever? Do you look at something and remember when you first bought it or given? if your gift or item has eyes, do you look into those eyes and remember exactly what you felt when you were given or when you bought that item? If someone close to you that is no longer in your life has given you something, and you look into it's eyes, do you remember those good times that you spent with that person?\r\n\r\nRememberingEyes © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: RibCage.jpg   899x1125 388627 bytes 2009.11.21

Rib Cage

Did this last night while watching "American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art". It was very inspiring and desided to go back in making large images, almost poster art in some way. This idea came to me while listening to "E-Nomine: Das Tier In Mir". Even though the song is about werewolves, before I read the translated lyrics, I thought about a story where The Devil trying to convert a trapped bunny angel into becoming a demon.\r\n\r\nDone on Bristol Board, 11x14, pen and ink.\r\n\r\nRib Cage © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: Ringu.jpg   356x509 56746 bytes 2003.03.10

yes yes. i did this while watching "The Ring" Poor girl -_-; Bu the movie was bbased off a japanese gothic movie called "Ringu", which is far more better and scarier then the American version ^_^;

Image: SadnesscomesSadnessgoes.jpg   527x672 123084 bytes 2008.11.19


Something I did at work when I was down. I was just going to just stick with the top image, but decided to add something positive at the end.\r\n\r\nSadnessComesSadnessGoes © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: SadPartyTan.jpg   377x513 94079 bytes 2005.08.04

Long story short, go here to find out the entire thing about this picture: ( )\r\n\r\nAll I can say is, is that I love the way the detail came out on this. the stairs are a litle warped, but that is fine with me. I give the picture a small Tan color instead of just black and white. It looks better and has more feeling to it. ^_^ Puppy happy~\r\n\r\nSadPartyTan © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: SecretKiss.jpg   513x787 99363 bytes 2007.05.24

A Secret Kiss

Only someone close and special to you can kiss you in such ways.\r\n\r\nA Secret Kiss © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: Shiroi_Kegawa.jpg   354x501 31620 bytes 2002.02.06

This 19 year old white rabbit's name is Shiroi Kegawa. A complete albino rabbit. She is some-what of a good person to be with, but the only problem is, she cant speak. She hears well and can understand what other people are saying. Although she cant speak, Shiroi expresses herself very well in Dance class with her smooth movement and great spirits. She loves to dance without clothes on because she is in an art college and the nude body is not new to the artist's eye. She is also a ribbon dancer and has been one for two years now. \r\nHer twin sister is Sugoi Kegawa, the one who gets her drinks the easy way. Sugoi is magoring in Drama class. She is a very good actress who loves to play dark and depressed roles. Both Sugoi and Shiroi are in the same college now and both are sophmores..still single and really don't care that much...\r\n\r\nShiroi and Sugoi Kegawa©their character©Alex Cockburn 2002\r\nShiroi_Kegawa©Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: Should_I_Tell....jpg   508x702 196065 bytes 2008.02.06

Should I tell

" Should I tell him... or should I keep it inside? Should he know the truth, or shall I live a lie? My mind is a divided road and I can only go down one path. My actions effect others and their reaction effects me. He loves me. I love him. I will do anything for him, but I can not continue to lie to him or myself. I am too scared to change this right now, and I don't know when would be the right time to change. The spotlight is on me now. Should I tell him... or should I keep it inside?"\r\n\r\nShould I tell © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ShutDownSilence.jpg   743x558 194456 bytes 2007.03.04

Shutdown Silence

Friends can easily misjudge one another. They think that they are turning into something that the other feels is stupid and unreasonable. They get mad at that person, shut them out and ignore them completely while the other tries to explain his/her actions in a friendly gesture, but is ignored, misjudged and pushed aside. It is easy to throw problems and ideas out of proportion and judge that person only on that. In order for one to understand, they need to talk face to face and explain everything out. Everyone is different in many ways, but some dont understand those differences.\r\n\r\nMore in Comment URL\r\n\r\nShutdown Silence © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: SoPeaceful.jpg   1031x757 414783 bytes 2009.09.14

So Peaceful...

Sadly, the story behind this is too big to fit onto here. Please go to my FA page to read more about this image. Thank you.\r\n\r\nSo Peaceful © 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: StarvingFullStomach.jpg   795x680 134267 bytes 2007.05.24

A Starving Full Stomach

"Its funny, those kind of feelings..." she thought. "You feel hungry, but when you put something in your mouth sometimes, you dont feel like eating at all. Its like your mind is playing tricks on you constantly. Sometimes when you do starve or dont eat 3 meals a day, your mind starts to tell itself the 'truth' about you and the world." \r\n\r\nA Starving Full Stoamch © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: StillYoung.jpg   413x583 94767 bytes 2008.01.11

Still Young

I was putting off some ideas for future drawings for a while due to the commitment to my comic, but I decided to try to at least do one image relating to a feeling that I am experiencing at the moment. This image deals a lot about maturity.\r\n\r\nThere is much more that needs to be said about this, so please click on the COMMENT button for more details.\r\n\r\nStill Young © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: StuffyLizardFriend.jpg   531x394 72803 bytes 2003.10.04

I have a very long decription for this picture, but VCl wont let me post anything over 800 characters. If you wanna know more about this picture and my thoughts, the best place to go to is in my DEVIANTART website ( )\r\n\r\nThe decription is under the picture "Card13 The Awakening Pain"\r\n\r\nStuffyLizardFriend © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Sulking.jpg   541x348 59715 bytes 2004.04.14

Naked picture of a male, sulking in his bed...remembering bad times over a small amount of hours or throughout the year...Yeah...Seems when one seems depressed and weak, he or she just lets life slip on by, waiting for something, anything to pass by...So weak and hungry...\r\n\r\nSulking © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: Tail9'clamshell'.jpg   355x499 30119 bytes 2002.05.18

I was inspired by the Art Neavou(9or how ever you spell it...)) period and saw Alphans Muncha's work. I tried to draw that kind of feeling from his figure's hair to the tails. This is one out of many drawings with the same idea but with different creatures. I think the tails show a sence of power, lust and passion in the art itself. This was also an art trade picture for someone who loved my art work~\r\n\r\nTail9'clamshell'© Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: TailSnugglingWorry.jpg   836x638 182295 bytes 2007.04.21

Clinging Worry

Do you ever feel like something will slowly slip out of your hands without noticing it, or do you worry that you will loose something very precious to you within the blink of an eye? You wish for that moment to be kept with you at all times, never losing it, knowing that it is there to give you comfort. Time changes the world and effect people's lives.\r\n\r\nClinging Worry © 2007 Alex Cockburn\r\n

Image: tailteddy.jpg   376x472 26585 bytes 2002.09.04

I agree, Skunks have the bushiest tail and they are very soft too, even teh fresh ones~\r\n\r\ntailteddy© Alex Cockburn 2002\r\nPussy Cat© Alex Cockburn

Image: ThankYouForCalling.jpg   872x607 347293 bytes 2008.02.14

Thank you for calling...

A simple phone call to a close friend or distant love one makes their world seem like cookies and creame on Valentines Day. Valentines Day can be an emotional day to many who have had a bad history on the 14th of February, so a phone call from a close friend, a crush or love one can make that person's day so much better. It just shows that someone cares about about that person. Show you care about someone by making a simple 5 minute phone call.\r\n\r\nHappy Valentines Day.\r\n\r\nThank you for calling... © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThePowerOfTheBunny.jpg   731x517 238109 bytes 2008.01.12

The Power Of The Bunny

Diary entry is too long. Please visit my Furaffinity website.\r\n\r\nThe Power Of The Bunny © 2008 Alex Cockburn

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Image: TheSumOfTheYear.jpg   352x509 53922 bytes 2003.12.31

The sum of my 2003 year ... and basically, the sum of myself. This year was not a happy one at all. I dont know what I did to deserve such abuce, but maybe it is because I did nothing at all.\r\n\r\nHappy New Year Fur-Tushies~!\r\n\r\nTheSumOfTheYear © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: TheTruthHurts.jpg   692x497 185626 bytes 2009.02.05

The Truth Hurts

Diary 1/5 9:30pm\r\n\r\n" I ended up hurting a good friend of mine, all for telling the truth and being honest. I didn't meant to hurt her at all, but it was something I really had to say. I broke up with Jean today, Diary. It was a hard one, but I felt like it was the only time I could tell her what was on my mind."\r\n\r\n( More story at FA website )\r\n\r\nThe Truth Hurts © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: TheyTakeMySoul.jpg   353x499 59335 bytes 2003.12.05

I did this when I was still in pain about art thieves. I mean, there is a fine line between insperation and stealing one's artwork. If you want to know my thoughts about this, go to my Deviantart site ( ) and look under this picture.\r\n\r\nTheyTakeMySoul © 2003 Alex Cockburn

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