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Image: Thinking.jpg   529x351 63649 bytes 2004.01.01

The first drawing I did in the year 2004. Accully, I did this very late at night before the count down ( watched it on FOX and on the CARTOON NETWORK ), and just finished inking it two hours after midnight..:;shrugs:: I was watching this movie called "Home Room" while doing this and one other image. It was a very strange movie, well DUH, it was an independant movie :P. I like those movies. heh.\r\n\r\nWas a little down when doing this, but I really had fun doing the inking.\r\n\r\nThinking © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThreeGods.jpg   503x348 66798 bytes 2004.05.17

Meh, something old that I found in my old sketch books. Anubis, Horus, Bastet. Dog, Hawk, Cat. Puppy, Birdy, Kitty. Need I say more? :P\r\n\r\nThreeGods © 2004 Alex Cockburn

Image: ThrowingAwayMemories.jpg   732x527 162279 bytes 2008.04.08

Throwing Memories Away

"It was rather hard doing so, each item and gift had some sentimental value attached to it that I dont want to forget. Photographs, Books, Toys, Jewelry...It was very hard because each piece I through away, I felt like I was throwing away a piece of myself along with it. This is the only way I could move on with my life and create a fresh start."\r\n\r\nThrowing Memories Away © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: ToGothBunny.jpg   356x507 31689 bytes 2002.10.11

::shrugs:: A picture for SilverBlue. Took a lot of guts to email her, but I was glad that I got a responce from one of the well known gothfur artists. must say drawing her character GothBunny was very hard, finding the right pose to put her in. But remembering back to the S.T.A.R clan in teh past, those dancing murderers served a purpose and I drew GothBunny "dancing like". drawing this for her was more than a pleasure, I must say.\r\n\r\nartwork© Alex Cockburn 2002\r\nGothBunny© SilverBlue

Image: TooLivelyForYou.jpg   647x488 186742 bytes 2008.04.06

Too Lively For You

This picture was based off a scene from "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind", and something I can also relate too as well.\r\n\r\nToo Lively For You© 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: Tri.jpg   365x496 29806 bytes 2003.03.23

hehe. Nothing much to talk about this picture. Kind of did this out of the blue\r\n\r\nTri© 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: UnseenWorry.jpg   612x533 142001 bytes 2006.06.20

This one, as you can see, involves with health problems. It is somewhat scary. You dont know what is going on inside your own body. You can really detect every single problem your body is constantly fighting against. No one can see inside of their body. No one knows exactly what is swimming inside of their vains. Its scary what goes on inside your own body.\r\n\r\nEveryone is always worried about their health. Some take it to an extreme level so that their body is constantly "healthy", and other just take risks and let nature take its course. Everyone's immune system is different. Some can take strong viruses and shrug it off teh next day while other suffer though it for long periods of time. \r\n\r\nUnseen Worry © 2006 Alex Cockburn

Image: Unwanted_Canvas.jpg   688x908 154344 bytes 2008.12.29

Unwanted Canvas

" There are days in which I am proud to display, then there are days I wish it would go away. "\r\n\r\nUnwanted Canvas © 2008 Alex Cockburn

Image: VacantBedSpot.jpg   666x481 162122 bytes 2007.07.30

Vacant Bed Spot

Ever feel like you have nothing to come home to after a hard days work? You enter through your front door and drag your heavy feet into the bedroom, where you eye your own bed; unmade and empty. You feel like you could just flop down and never get up for the rest of the day, but yet something inside of you is saying that your night is "incomplete". All you have laying on your bed is an old stuff animal along with your blanket and pillows, nothing else. You are the only one who is on that bed, a bed big enough for two.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nVacant Bed Spot © 2007 Alex Cockburn.\r\n

Image: Valentines_02.jpg   362x499 28351 bytes 2002.02.14

"I have stolen your heart, my Valentine~"\r\n\r\nValentines_02©Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: VirginReveal.jpg   745x424 182933 bytes 2005.11.21

A small little comic I did out of the blue. It came out pretty well.\r\n\r\nVirgin Reveal © 2005 Alex Cockburn

Image: VivadeButtFluff.jpg   606x851 161180 bytes 2010.03.28

Viva De Butt Fluff!

A gift to Shadowwolf of her character, wearing her spider shirt, pokemon ball panties, lucky scarf and stockings, her hat, her pet spider and her secret bag of sugar cubes.\r\n\r\nYeah, she has Butt Fluff \r\n\r\ncharacter © shadowwolf \r\nVivadeButtFluff © 2010 Alex Cockburn

Image: WaitingbyLight.jpg   339x541 44044 bytes 2003.09.19

ugh. I have uploaded too much this time. Now it is time to take a break.\r\n\r\nThis is of coarse, GothBunny. SilverBlue is such a nice person and a joy o talk to. I did this for her out of the kindness of my heart and Pussy Cat's as well, wanting to thank her for supporting me to draw more and to feel better about my work. She and others have been a great insperation to me, thus, my sketchbooks keep getting filled every month with drawings -_-. I need a stroage room to place all my sketch boks. Dark closet cant hold anymore. Maybe some sketchbooks migth be on sale later in the furture...depends.\r\n\r\nPicture dedicated to SilverBlue ( Ceredwyn-Ealanta )\r\n\r\nArtwork © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: WhiteWall.jpg   337x459 29983 bytes 2002.02.28

Heh. I had fun with this. My classmate suggested that I should lose the bandage on her chest.\r\n\r\nWhiteWall© Alex Cockburn 2002

Image: WhoresOpenEyes.jpg   704x507 181409 bytes 2007.08.09

Whore Open Eyes

The discription for this is WAY too long. It is in a Diary layout as well. You can view the meaning of this picture by going to my FA account or clicking the Comment link below. However, I believe you might need to be a member in order to view the image there since it is a mature rating.\r\n\r\nAll I can really say about this, is that it is about a guy who has a fem-boy body and always goes to clubs to have a sexual experiance. This is when he suddenly has second thoughts about who he is and what he has been doing.\r\n\r\nWhore Open Eyes © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: WingedKem.jpg   354x511 53182 bytes 2004.10.02

Something totally out of the blue. Did not wish to draw hands and fingers, so I did wings instead. LOL. I liked the detail I did in this one.\r\n\r\nWingedKem © 2004 Alex Cockburn\t

Image: wishingtobetheimage.jpg   396x457 32672 bytes 2002.12.30

There is only one person who you could really trust, who will always be there in your sight when you really need company, who will not hurt or run away from you, and who will always smile when you smile back...\r\n\r\nwishingtobetheimage©2002 Alex Cockburn\r\n\r\ntoo many uploads..going to stop for a month or so... -_-

Image: WizardsPast.jpg   338x551 61592 bytes 2003.08.15

Was watching Lord of the Rings ( Not a huge fan, but I love teh story and plot ) and drew this little thing. I had to get some inspiration and help to do the stone statue. I used the artistic drawings for rock in the Japanese comic Dark Capture, by Ryusuke Mita ( KICK ASS ARTIST )\r\n\r\nWizardsPast © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: Wove.jpg   534x352 54333 bytes 2003.07.22

I wanted to do a love scene, something new. I had trouble doing the right pose for teh female, and the foreare for the male. heh. Tongue licking kiss~\r\n\r\nWove © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: YAOI.jpg   611x844 109994 bytes 2010.01.03

I am his Uke

I did this piece after reading an interesting article about Yaoi mangas and their historical past and meaning and after watching an adult Yaoi anime.\r\n\r\nthere is a story to go with it. Visit my FA page.\r\n\r\nI am his Uke© 2009 Alex Cockburn

Image: YouAreNotInHerDream.jpg   710x538 205215 bytes 2007.10.11

You Are Not In Her Dream

Being in a deep sleep is much like hypnosis. While that person is dreaming, you can alter their dreams by whispering into their ear, touching their hand or massaging their body. Sometimes, they slowly wake up, half awake and half asleep. They might not remember what just happened when they woke up because their mind is still a sleep and they are still dreaming when conscious. During this state, if you ask a question, chances are that the one who is asleep will answer. The answer might not be complete, but it might give enough information about what is going through their dream world. Sometimes, the answer is not what you wanted to hear. Chances are they might tell the truth, expel their secrets to you when they dont realize it.\r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nYouAreNotInHerDream © 2007 Alex Cockburn

Image: Youarenotwhatyouare.jpg   522x358 46243 bytes 2003.09.18

...I must say..I never seen Pussy Cat react to such a hatefilled email. Today, got this email, long and to the point, telling me that Pussy Cat is not and never will be someone gothic or a goth, and my artwork could never be concidered "gothic", or I myself as a "gothfur". She wants to be a goth so much, because that is who she feels she is. The person who wrote the email, said she was more of a sex subject and likes to masterbate to her body. She felt hurt and violated in a way, and took out her anger on her teddy bear, woozle. Another stich will be added to teh red bear. Pussy Cat here is now sulking, and I am trying all I can to cheer her up...\r\n\r\nFor you PC <3\r\n\r\nYouarenotwhatyouare © 2003 Alex Cockburn

Image: YourHand.jpg   662x861 234625 bytes 2011.06.02

Your Hand

" You caress my cheek, a place where you are so close to my eyes, my face, my nose, my hair, my ears: a very personal spot. I start to cry. I feel your hand upon my cheek, your thumb trailing under my eye to collect the tears that escape. I can feel the warmth of your hand pressing against that cold spot on my face. It warms me - it gives me comfort. Your fingers lace around my hair and play with it as you rub my cheek. I felt you slowly starting to take your hand away. I hold it in place and give you a small look: please keep it there. Its the only spot that you can touch that will calm me down and put me at ease... " \r\n\r\n- Ookami Kemono\r\n\r\nYour Hand © 2011 Alex Cockburn

Image: YourInnerVoiceSpeaksToYou.jpg   638x470 158696 bytes 2008.04.08

Your inner voice whispers

I felt like I should put this on because I have been experiencing a lot of this and I had to draw it out. This picture mostly deals with one's inner voice. Many call it "Inner Conscience, Gut Instincts, Spirit Guild, Voice of Reasoning, Common Sense, or your Soul." There are many names for that voice that lives in your head, telling you what is right and what is wrong. Most times, it comes on automatically, telling you about something when you feel something is amiss. Its like one's backup system, or one's guide. Many listen to it, others dont pay attention to it.\r\n\r\nYour inner voice whispers © 2008 Alex Cockburn\r\n


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