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Image: ravencrow.JPG   621x456 33041 bytes 2001.11.21

"Of Raven and Crow" - Lead apostles of the Korvid Klan. 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: rawr_thing.gif   588x653 87432 bytes 2003.08.11

"Rawr, I Say!" - another head. I seem to draw a lot of those. Anyway, I guess this is a big cat/wolf hybrid. Very cliche. (micron pen) Artwork copyright Aaron Acre

Image: reign.gif   502x449 86911 bytes 2003.01.31

"Mad Ride" - micron pen & Photoshop.

Image: riff.jpg   397x482 45502 bytes 2003.02.13

"Riff" - dedicated to a large blacktail buck that I've known for years. (micron)

Image: roach.JPG   308x414 69265 bytes 2001.11.09

Roach. Yeah, he's a pick-o-the-litter cockroach alright. Such a gentleman too. Roach 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: roachroach.JPG   444x622 67110 bytes 2001.11.10

Roach and his beloved "roach".. 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: rodentstine.jpg   514x428 136950 bytes 2002.02.10

Rodentstine - drawn completely in photoshop with the 4" X 5" wacom and a habit of listening to Ozzy Osbourne 24/7 while working. I tried experimenting with fur texture and light direction; didn't seem to work out very well in the end. No layers used. Took me around two hours from start to finish and I'm planning on using it for the final Rodentstine album cover. This pic originally had a cobra snake in it but was taken out due to crap's sake. Enjoy!

Image: rottie.jpg   369x409 113036 bytes 2002.01.13

"Rot" - Commission teaser for Jared. *evil laugh* Man, your dog rocks!\r\n\r\nDone in colored pencil (Crayola). Rot is Copyright Jared Clyde. Pic is Copyright 2001 Aaron B. Acre

Image: rrac.jpg   341x398 44539 bytes 2003.03.02

"Robby Raccoon" - Dedicated to a raccoon who lost his tail not too long ago.

Image: scorp.jpg   490x560 69880 bytes 2002.05.01

"Black Scorpion" - 'nother bug. I wish people drew more bugs. Artwork copyright 2002 Aaron B. Acre

Image: sglider.gif   337x492 23161 bytes 2004.01.03

"Sugarglider" - a rushed micron pen drawing of a sugarglider admiring a juicy pomegranate seed.

Image: sheep.jpg   385x404 32686 bytes 2002.07.15

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want\r\nHe makes me down to lie\r\nThrough pastures green he leadeth me the silent waters by\r\nWith bright knives he releaseth my soul\r\nHe maketh me to hang on hooks in high places\r\nHe converteth me to lamb cutlets\r\nFor lo, he hath great power and great hunger\r\nWhen cometh the day we lowly ones\r\nThrough quiet reflection and great dedication\r\nMaster the art of karate\r\nLo, we shall rise up\r\nAnd then we'll make the bugger's eyes water."\r\nSheep - by PinkFloyd\r\n\r\nArtwork copyright 2002 Aaron B. Acre

Image: sheepc1.jpg   372x446 55505 bytes 2002.08.22

"You'd better look out.. There may be dogs about!" - Since we already have over 90 seconds of synchronized storyboard animation for "Sheep" by PinkFloyd, I've decided to post some of the first stage concept art (done by me) that will actually be used as reference in the final film. Lots more to come!

Image: slade.gif   282x338 28056 bytes 2003.08.11

"Slade" - it's 04's evil gryph brother, I guess. (micron pen + photoshop)

Image: spiritg.gif   344x437 44031 bytes 2002.09.08

My animal spirit guide - A cobra/rattlesnake hybrid holds up the staff of Lucifer.

Image: st.JPG   567x352 68641 bytes 2001.11.10

Saber-tooth just 'a walkin'. 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: stretch.jpg   453x574 104202 bytes 2002.09.23

"Good Morning" - taurs are fun. So are colored markers. Artwork copyright 2002 Aaron B. Acre

Image: sugarglider.gif   251x495 70418 bytes 2004.01.03

"Sneaky Sugarglider" - There's no such thing as too many of these little dudes.

Image: sukigelert.jpg   358x410 86800 bytes 2002.03.18

My 6th and newest NeoPets pic - this time it's Sukiva as a Gelert. DO NOT alter, re-size, copy, crop, redistribute, or re-post this picture for public use without my permission! Too many damn stupid art-ripping idiot kids on NeoPets, it's not even funny. Artwork copyright 2002 Aaron B. Acre

Image: sukivare.gif   433x285 42698 bytes 2003.11.02

"Sukiva Reincarnate" - PMS never dies. (micron pen & photoshop)

Image: syringe.JPG   660x500 47931 bytes 2001.11.26

"Dr. Syringe" - poor Herman. Being picked on by those nasty mosquitoes? 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: tangerine.JPG   441x504 162828 bytes 2001.11.11

More fun with pens. 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: thing.JPG   395x516 63709 bytes 2001.11.10

A mecha-fur done sometime last January. I don't much care for it, but people tend to like this piece. 2001, Aaron Acre

Image: tlboh1.jpg   674x879 190938 bytes 2002.05.10

"The Little Barnyard of Horrors" - Possible cover art for my new comic. Somewhat inspired by Pink Floyd's album "Animals". Done in pen, colored in Photoshop. Artwork Copyright 2002 Aaron Acre

Image: toogirly.gif   291x426 40873 bytes 2003.01.25

"Damn Hippies" - I just needed a little style break. So here's something mellow and girly for ya. Micron pen & Photoshop.

Image: tvirus.gif   467x593 98333 bytes 2003.03.29

"T-Virus" - commissioned shirt design. (mircon pen)

Image: twee1.jpg   319x345 48360 bytes 2003.03.02

"Tweezer" - a mentally disordered weasel.

Image: updawg.gif   330x426 36835 bytes 2003.11.02

"Up Dawg" - a rather cranky bull Terrier (micron pen & photoshop)

Image: waiterdk.jpg   366x316 40409 bytes 2003.03.02

"Waiter" - at your service.

Image: woof.jpg   488x545 60384 bytes 2002.01.22

Guess which celebrity supermodel this is! Heh, I always thought she was a dog. Kudos to whoever knows. Pic copyright 2002 Aaron B. Acre

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