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Image: midori001.jpg   508x640 166148 bytes 2005.02.14

my new cat character, Midori. yay. the pink in her hair was supposed to be more pink and less red, and the border was supposed to be neon. i guess my scanner just doesn't like pink. oh well!\r\n-----\r\nprismacolor and crayola colored pencils, highlighters, and black gel pen on sketchbook paper\r\n[midori and artwork copyright© 2005 myself, A.A.Fernandez]

Image: ophelia.jpg   677x815 244545 bytes 2005.01.20

my half of an art trade with hoodie at dA. :D her character, ophelia.\r\n\r\nophelia copyright © hoodie (\r\nartwork copyright © myself, A.A. Fernandez (

Image: mangograv01.jpg   552x695 177204 bytes 2005.01.20

my character mango and her boyfriend gravity, who belongs to hoodie over at dA. yay for love!\r\n\r\ngravity copyright © hoodie (\r\nmango and artwork copyright © myself, A.A. Fernandez (

Image: friends.jpg   657x844 237972 bytes 2004.08.31

present i doodled up over the summer for two friends of mine over at dA. the rl picture looks nice, but my scanner ate the colors ;_;\r\n-----\r\nassorted markers, colored pencil and black gel pen on sketchbook paper; border added in psp8\r\nfrom left to right:\r\nsnow © thistle (\r\norchid © myself, A.A. Fernandez (\r\nhoodie © sonya m. (\r\n

Image: orchid001.jpg   623x759 104066 bytes 2004.03.12

my fursona, orchid. modeled after the blue's clues dogs. (i LOVE blue's clues). i started scribbling around the picture, but it didn't really turn into anything. so here it is. \r\n\r\nshe's waiting... for the bus.\r\n-----\r\nprismacolor and crayola colored pencils, gel pens on printer paper. border added in psp7.\r\n[artwork and character copyright © A.A. Fernandez]

Image: nijiiro_02.jpg   697x969 185232 bytes 2003.08.06

my half of a trade with kay at dA. it's her raver kitty nijiiro. oh yay. the colored pencil on marker technique doesn't work for me at all.\r\n---\r\nnijiiro copyright © kay (\r\nartwork copyright © me (\r\nprismacolor/crayola colored pencils, prismacolor/crayola/generic markers, and picture clip from picture it!

Image: symphony_01.jpg   471x945 93483 bytes 2003.07.31

my half of a trade with hoodie at deviantart. i like how it came out, overall. her legs are a little on the thick side though. oh well, i like her outfit... especially her socks! *lovelove*\r\n---\r\nsymphony is copyright © hoodie (\r\nartwork copyright © me (\r\nprismacolor pencils and mspaint on printer paper

Image: symphony_02.jpg   473x956 43082 bytes 2003.07.06

updated lineart for my half of a trade with hoodie at dA. XD i have to find out what her fur colors and such are, so i can techincolorize it.\r\n\r\nsymphony is copyright © hoodie (\r\nartwork is copyright © me (

Image: lock01.jpg   544x813 73972 bytes 2003.06.30

almost finished trade for nessa at dA. it desperately needs a background... as soon as i make one for it i'll upload the new one. rejoice.\r\n[lock © nessa (\r\nartwork © me (]

Image: lakai_01.jpg   627x1025 151060 bytes 2003.05.11

gift for hyperionwitch at dA. i like the tip of her tail.\r\n\r\nlakai is copyright © hyperionwitch (\r\nartwork is copyright © me (

Image: casablanca_01fs.JPG   459x1098 112796 bytes 2003.05.11

my half of a trade with thistle from dA. the background burns my retinas. augh.\r\n\r\ncasablanca is copyright © thistle (\r\nartwork is copyright © me (

Image: karina_001.jpg   611x613 116008 bytes 2003.05.11

a gift for natasha. ^.^\r\n\r\nkarina is copyright © natasha (\r\nartwork is copyright © me (

Image: mikopiko_01f.jpg   372x731 91618 bytes 2003.05.10

finished half of a trade with amanda at dA. i wish i had used other colors for the background. le sigh.\r\n\r\nmikopiko is copyright © amanda (\r\nartwork is copyright © me (

Image: mango_01.jpg   738x815 160477 bytes 2003.02.14

my first upload here at VCL; my fruit bat character, mango. she's a cutie. ;) her fur is way too orange here though... oh well. done with .25mm micron pen, crayola marker, prismacolor marker, and sharpie marker. contrast adjusted a little.\r\n[mango and artwork are copyright © 2003 Alexandra Fernandez]

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