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Image: Back_dated__Giftie_for_Darren_by_bee_no_fwee.jpg   334x254 23555 bytes 2008.02.11

Darren's 18th

An older piece done for a friend's 18th birthday. His character Dee and my Ego.\r\n\r\nEgo and artwork copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nDee is copyright Darren C. Ball

Tags: Dee Cheetah Ego Calico Cat Panda Birthday  
Image: bamfdollfull.jpg   442x611 91498 bytes 2008.02.11

Bamf again, this time with a little pink polar bear plushie i added in for fun and torment. :D He loved and hated this.\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nBamf is copyright John Pecyna

Tags: Bamf Plushie Polar Bear  
Image: bamffull.jpg   420x495 31655 bytes 2008.02.11

A little gift for a friend to torment him with. As he hates polar bears (inside joke) and thusly i turned him into a very cute one.\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nBamf is copyright John Pecyna

Tags: Bamf Polar Bear Cute Cookie  
Image: c0nkkosh.jpg   499x750 81679 bytes 2008.02.11


Done for Omari and his, at the time, girlfriend Koshi. Her character as a circus plushie.\r\nBackground image was found on Google but seems to have been deleted. =\\\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nConner Coon is copyright Omari Smith\r\nKoshizu belongs to her respective owner.

Tags: Conner Koshizu Circus Plushie Mine  
Image: meekoswing.jpg   700x1064 161033 bytes 2008.02.11

Sunset Serenity

A gift for a good friend of her character, Meeko Peeko.\r\nThis was very fun to work on because i don't often get backgrounds to work with the subject. :D\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nMeeko Peeko is copyright Amanda Brown

Tags: Meeko Swing Sunset  
Image: SD_Lovin_by_bee_no_fwee.jpg   342x248 24065 bytes 2008.02.11

Gift for Omari

Another older piece done for another good friend. His raccoon character, now renamed Conner, and my Ego.\r\n\r\nEgo and artwork are copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nConner Coon is copyright Omari Smith

Tags: Conner Raccoon Ego Calico Cat Panda SD  
Image: winterfun.jpg   1500x1100 260551 bytes 2008.08.06

Snowball Fight

Gift for Darren. Orkid pelting poor Dee with snowballs.\r\n\r\nDee is copyright © Darren C. Ball\r\nArtwork and Orkid are copyright © Meg Scott 2008, please do not alter or reuse without permission!

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