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Image: caracal.jpg   309x307 19415 bytes 2008.02.11

Caracal girl

An oC (open canvas) sketch that i added color to and really love. This only took about an hour, total, to do in about 6 layers.\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008

Tags: Caracal Girl Bust  
Image: crimson3.jpg   297x479 52894 bytes 2008.02.11


The first digital piece of my tiger girl, Crimson, that i ever did. Back in like 2004 i thought this was the most awesome work i'd ever done. :3\r\n\r\nCrimson and artwork are copyright Meg Dever 2008

Tags: Crimson Tiger Pink Old  
Image: Iygo.jpg   470x426 41191 bytes 2008.02.11

A character based on my Neopets pet Kyrii. I stopped playing on the site years ago but i kept her as a personal character because i just adored the design. :3\r\n\r\nIygo and artwork are copyright Meg Dever 2008

Image: kissie.jpg   365x370 31125 bytes 2008.05.12

Kiss Kissie

A little gift for my boyfriend since i rarely ever draw 'us' art. I should do alot more, all things considering. :P\r\nAnyways, a little doodle done to show my love for a certain someone. :3 He liked it too.\r\n\r\n<b>Materials</b>\r\nOpen Canvas\r\nPhotoshop\r\n2 days\r\n9 layers\r\nWacom Tablet\r\n\r\nArt and Orkid are copyright Meg Dever 2008. please do not alter or redistribute without permission.\r\nDeamon belongs to his respective owner.

Image: Untitled-1.jpg   680x616 43717 bytes 2008.02.11

Moonlite Protector

This piece was done for mine and my now husband's 7th anniversary last year. His fursona Deamon and my Orkid. He loved it too.\r\n\r\nOrkid and artwork is copyright Meg Dever 2008\r\nDeamon Wolf belongs to his respective owner.

Tags: Deamon Wolf Orkid Fox Embrace Love  

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