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Image: backcover.jpg   600x469 90047 bytes 2006.05.20

The back cover to the previous image. Again, the sketchy look was intended. \r\n\r\nThe girl is a chinese water deer, if i'm not mistaken. also, if i'm not mistaken, the males have the bigger tusks. oh well. *shrug* I love her little hoof-hands. They make me smile.

Image: coverart.jpg   600x598 91459 bytes 2006.05.20

A project for computer art class. The sketchy look was intended.\r\n\r\nFirst bit of successful anthro art I've done in a while. We had to design a CD cover for a fictional artist, and I chose to create a cover for my character Virus. I believe the font came from or something like that, and the art's mine.\r\n\r\nI originally meant to do a print with this... but then I realized that printing was definitely not my strong point. art is, of course, Courtney Woodall 2006.

Image: industriallove.jpg   402x640 39333 bytes 2006.05.20

...More old art. I still think it's cute, even if the shading on her face/body isn't all that great.

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