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Image: a+.jpg   470x366 49040 bytes 2004.06.26

Because I was bored and thinking of school drama movies. \r\nBesides, Dizziowl deserves an A+ for once. :)

Image: anaefinal.jpg   600x908 104462 bytes 2005.03.01

For Anae. :)\r\nAnae is copyrighted to herself.

Image: badger.jpg   480x480 71194 bytes 2004.02.03

'Cause badgers are cute. :) \r\nAnd I like curvy dancers.

Image: bathers.jpg   500x678 64747 bytes 2004.04.13

Everything but the basic sketch was done in Open Canvas. Man, I love that thing. ^^\r\nDizzi in her beachwear because I like the shape of her hips too much to hide it with clothes. :)

Image: bathing.jpg   600x538 63954 bytes 2005.09.04

I've never coloured entirely in Photoshop before. :)

Image: bcol.jpg   408x583 48469 bytes 2003.12.01

This has been in my sketch book for ... I think a year! o.o But now it's done.\r\nBriar, my pretty little lynx.\r\nImage and character Dizziowl, 2003.\r\nI really don't like that feather thing, though. Open Canvas and PhotoImpression.

Image: beloved.jpg   500x330 42023 bytes 2003.08.17

We do this all the time!\r\nI love my Motrax. <3\r\nMotrax Navarre Elder.\r\nDizziowl & image Dizziowl, 2003.

Image: briar_sits.jpg   620x867 74274 bytes 2002.11.28

My big-eared lyxen! A vixen/lynx hybrid.\r\nBriar (c) Owlie 2002.

Image: chrissie.jpg   700x593 47889 bytes 2003.12.25

For Tim.\r\nShale Riano is himself.\r\nDizziowl is mine.\r\nN.B. That is tinsel around his leg.\r\nJolly Holidays. :)

Image: ciara.jpg   600x867 113093 bytes 2005.06.29

For Animefreakgirl at DeviantArt. It's for her contest.\r\nShe's one of the sweetest people around. :)\r\nCiara is copyrighted to herself.

Image: colouredregret.jpg   400x586 65340 bytes 2004.02.26

I made someone I love feel so bad.\r\n\r\nDizziowl is Chloe Logan.

Image: comm.jpg   476x658 64872 bytes 2004.06.12

For Elarion on Deviant Art (\r\nShe waited so long and I swear I can't do fishnet or inked markings. But I tried. :)\r\nComm is Elarion.

Image: Copy_of_paintnhal.jpg   650x964 84969 bytes 2004.07.03

Paint and Halicadd (Hal).\r\nMy Australian 'yobbo' stereotype-inspired mutt-cat and colourful mutt-dog. You need one of each in every group. Yes. :)\r\nCompression made it all soft and pretty.

Image: corsemagic.JPG   519x505 41174 bytes 2003.07.20

Everything has been wiped from my poor computer! I've lost everything! Including my PhotoShop and Impression! ;.;\r\nSo. Whilst away from my computer, I had to do something. And this occurred.\r\nThank you, Nanna for the pens. =D

Image: cousins.jpg   400x555 73208 bytes 2004.03.12

Dizziowl has a cousin now. Yes, and she's a bad influence. Look how skimpy that outfit is!\r\nMnf.\r\nDizziowl on left, Fauve on right. Lemurcat, lemurfox.\r\nBoth are Chloe Logan.

Image: Deathdog.jpg   700x746 109054 bytes 2005.05.31

For Deathdog3000's contest on DeviantArt. :)\r\nDeathdog is copyrighted to herself.

Image: devart.jpg   500x500 84002 bytes 2004.02.10

Just my Deviant Art ID.\r\nSketch and colouring done in Open Canvas, text and swirly-majig done in Photoshop 7.0.\r\nDizziowl Chloe Logan.

Image: devid.jpg   600x871 76901 bytes 2004.05.23

For Deviant Art.\r\nOwlie and Dizziowl.

Image: distractiongalaxy.jpg   700x646 56023 bytes 2004.10.11

The Perth Royal Show was fun and the fireworks were pretty. :)\r\nL-R:\r\nZellena, FitZy, Dizziowl. All to our respective selves. :)

Image: dizbust.jpg   600x590 60048 bytes 2005.02.23

Dizziowl updated.\r\nJ.P. stands for Joaquin Phoenix. <3

Image: dizzi.JPG   700x616 37974 bytes 2003.12.02

My Dizzi'. Pretty and still not complete appearance-wise. ><\r\nDizziowl Dizziowl, 2003.\r\nIt looked so much better before I merge the layers. >(

Image: dizzibaby.jpg   600x558 54485 bytes 2004.07.10

Baby Dizziowl. :)\r\npose was inspired by the illustration by Camilla Ashforth in the book Who Do You Love?\r\nI love that story. =P

Image: dizziblast.jpg   700x418 39727 bytes 2005.05.18

Just a warning to my enemies; I will smite you with coloured string bursting from the tip of a stick! Huzzah!

Image: dizzihead.gif   251x237 31075 bytes 2005.02.18

Dizziowl's head, yes. =P\r\nI might turn it into an icon one of these days. :)\r\n\r\n

Image: Dizziowl.JPG   493x463 37147 bytes 2003.07.21

This is Dizziowl. Dizziowl is my persona. Hence the reason for her alikeness-ness to me. This isn't her usual get-up, so I suppose I should get around to drawing her properly. Yuss. \r\nDizziowl is Dizziowl 2003.

Image: done.jpg   600x820 109640 bytes 2004.11.22

The picture for AnimeFreakGirl on Deviantart. Her own character, Ciara (behind), and her mate Kay (foreground).\r\nBoth are copyrighted to their players.\r\nBorder brushes are Aleksandra's on Deviantart. \r\n:)

Image: Dragonkaki.jpg   300x300 33941 bytes 2003.10.07

I did this on NeonDragon's Oekaki DragonKaki programme. I spent over 2 hours on it. Silly me. But I like it muchly.\r\nWhy is there no hair, though, I ask!\r\nMouse-drawn and coloured with DragonKaki Hatchling programme.\r\nImage Dizziowl, 2003.

Image: drama.jpg   600x836 47405 bytes 2003.11.05

I got an 'Excellent presentation' comment written right on the original. How rude.\r\nI hated the task, I like drawing the cover page.

Image: durandal.jpg   450x493 32829 bytes 2004.06.03

Just a caricature of Durandal. 'Cause he's ALWAYS right. :)\r\n\r\nDurandal is S.O.

Image: estrif.jpg   700x727 67811 bytes 2004.09.21

Estrif without his batwings.\r\nEstrif is to his creator. :)\r\nI have owed him for a long time.

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