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Image: 1001_arabian_nights.jpg   500x693 139536 bytes 2009.07.13

1001 Arabian Nights

Entry for the Eurofurence 15 art contest. Wish me luck, I'll need it. ;)\r\nA4, will be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils, acrylics)

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Image: anbessa_symbol_commission_fin.jpg   362x600 34952 bytes 2010.01.12

Mysterious Dance

Commissioned by Anbessa. He wanted one of of his Rauna somehow forming a question mark, so that's what I came up with. :)\r\nI finished all line art commissions and going to upload the other ones in the next few days. I'll probably open up for new commission slots (only for small commissions though) this evening.\r\nRauna Anbessa

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Image: berlicon_9_shirt_front_fin_small_up.jpg   600x600 72534 bytes 2012.05.07

BerliCon 9 T-Shirt Design

Sooo ... Riffuchs asked me last year if I wanted to illustrate the front of this year's BerliCon t-shirt. The theme was supposed to be along the lines of the end of the world and a flood. I enjoyed working on this piece, especially since I rarely get to do cel shading. :) It's already half a year old, so it might be not up to par with my more recent works but I hope you like it anyway. :)\r\n\r\nCredit for the basic idea goes to Phelan.

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Image:   413x567 60573 bytes 2009.06.22

Bewitching Blue

Done in January 2009.\r\nSold via FurBuy, prints are available.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils)

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Image: black_guardian.jpg   419x600 45313 bytes 2011.04.18

Black Guardian

It's been quite some time since I last worked on black paper ... and I really did enjoy doing so again.\r\nAnd since it's black paper, I just had to draw a black cat - or rather a black panther ... gargoyle ... thing ...\r\nAnyways, I hope you like him. :)\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: bond_of_trust.jpg   500x718 45696 bytes 2010.04.12

Bond of Trust

Who holds the other end, I wonder ... ?\r\n\r\nBirthday present for my very best friend Tabalon.\r\n\r\nTabalon Tabalon

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Image: boo_tshirt_fin.jpg   953x600 91023 bytes 2013.06.10

Stuck Boo t-shirt

Alight, this one is actually several months old ... It was commissioned by Boo, who wanted to me to make a simple and cute "stuck" t-shirt design with their character , so here we go. :)\r\n\r\nAlso, check out the original stuck t-shirt designs by TaniDaReal they're awesome! ;)

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Image: bound_fin.jpg   800x423 124071 bytes 2011.09.05


One of the pieces I finished shortly before EF, but I couldn't post it due to lack of time.\r\nI think everyone should have their own thoughts regarding this piece.

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Image: breaking_point_fin.jpg   396x600 58568 bytes 2013.02.05

Breaking point

Another piece I did for last year's EF art show. I really liked the concept of someone literally breaking into pieces, thus I just had to paint it. Though looking at it again I really wish I had spent more time working out the sketch properly. :')\r\nWell, I hope you like it anyway. :)\r\n\r\n[Sold at EF art show.]

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Image: broken.jpg   748x500 106707 bytes 2011.04.19


\r\nUh ... well ... I'm afraid I don't have much to say about this piece, as I was hoping it would speak for itself ...\r\n\r\nA lot went wrong while painting this piece, especially when I tried to apply the final color layer ... but I also learned quite a lot. I am always trying new things and for this picture I tried to improve my skills for under paintings ... I have still a lot to learn, but I think I'm slowly starting to develop some kind of hate-love relationship with my acrylics. *laughs*\r\n\r\nMost of you might not like it since it's so gloomy. However, to me this piece means quite a lot. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: butterflies_fin.jpg   558x800 89739 bytes 2013.05.06


That one didn't scan so well ... It's way less pink-ish in real life. Anyway, I wanted to do a painting with that colour range for a while now, so here we go!\r\nEnjoy!\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at MMC 16 art show.]

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Image: c_t_elder_commission_fin.jpg   428x600 60980 bytes 2010.01.12

Changer the Elder

Commissioned by Changer the Elder (Check out his gallery, he's an amazing artist!).\r\nI really hope he likes it, painting this character was so much fun. :)\r\n\r\nChanger Changer the Elder

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Image: carefree_finfin.jpg   635x420 98686 bytes 2011.07.07


Some time ago I ran out of paper. Thus, I had to use an other brand of Bristol paper than I usually do ... Thrice as expensive and hell! I hated it the moment my brush touched it. :) That paper was quite awful and was nothing like the wonderful one I used before (which is incredibly hard to get where I live).This is one of the pieces I did on the new paper. I'm not all that dissatisfied with it, but I think I already painted better pieces. The new paper sucked too much paint, making the picture seem less saturated ... it was a horrible experience. Yet, I enjoyed painting a rather carefree (haha) piece again. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image:   547x450 27161 bytes 2009.06.22

Limping fox

I did this one for the charity flyers for EF 14.\r\nUsually I don't do non-anthros ...\r\nOriginal uncolored line art is sold, prints are available.\r\n(Done in Gimp.)

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Image: come_to_me_fin.jpg   524x800 132339 bytes 2011.07.13

Come to me ...

Nooooo! Don't go there!!! D:\r\n\r\nErr ... I mean ... here's the finished version of the WIP I posted yesterday.\r\nTwo days of work. Two whole days of work ... I'm so slow ... :')\r\nBut I guess it turned out good enough to use it for my portfolio. Thanks a lot for looking, I hope you like it. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 15 art show.

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Image: comeandwatchthestarswithme_fin.jpg   567x800 84107 bytes 2012.05.03

Come and watch the stars with me

Come and sit right next to me\r\nCome and watch the stars with me\r\n\r\n[For sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: cone_of_shame_fin.jpg   418x600 32537 bytes 2012.08.15

Wear it with pride

... but how are you supposed to wear a cone of shame with pride?\r\nSo ... how about something completely different from my usual stuff? I don't want to bore you, after all. :)\r\n\r\n[For sale at EF18 art show.]

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Image: confidence.jpg   440x600 57888 bytes 2010.05.17


One of two illustrations I did for this year's MMC conbook.\r\nThe original was sold at MMC 13 art show.

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Image: cougarrr.jpg   422x600 68061 bytes 2009.09.10


I finished this one right before I left for Eurofurence. I'm not really happy how this one turned out ... But since I was quite in a hurry to finish it, it could have been worse.\r\nReference photo provided by the very kind Tekumseh.

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Image: curiousfoxie_fin2.jpg   800x562 81176 bytes 2012.05.10


This one did not turn out like I wanted at all, so I'm not really sure whether I like it or not ...\r\n(No FFC here, just my honest thoughts. It's not like I hate this piece. It's just different from what I expected it to be in the end. :))\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: daddysnewhairstyle_fin.jpg   420x600 47554 bytes 2013.01.24

Daddy's new hair style

Just a random doodle I decided to colour for last year's EF art show.\r\nWell, nothing much to say about this one. :)\r\n[Sold.]

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Image: dancing_for_her_master.jpg   419x600 51458 bytes 2010.03.20

Dancing for her master

That surely was quite some work. I tried a few new things and I'm not that satisfied with the result. But all in all, I still like the whole picture, especially the composition.\r\nAll the fabrics in this picture actually have a pattern on it, but I guess you can't see that on this small version.\r\nI'm kinda sad because the scanner messed up the bright and shiny colors. :/\r\n... and who might her master be? Well ... it could be you since she's for sale. ;)

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Image: dancing_naked_flatcolor.jpg   329x600 31792 bytes 2009.12.15

Dancing naked

I originally did the sketch of this picture for a little collaboration between Tabalon and me. I hope his colored version will come soon.\r\nI really like how the sketch turned out, even though one of her breasts is too small and the arms are a tad too long. ^^;\r\nAnyways, I decided to do some outlines and a flat coloration as a little reference for the style I'm planning to do digital character sheet commissions in.\r\nI hope you like her even though she might not have the "perfect body". ;)

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Image: dasgeheimnisimnebel_both.jpg   800x1026 188435 bytes 2013.04.09

Das Geheimnis des Nebels cover

The Original of this piece is currently for sale! Please follow the Bid/Buy-URL if you're interested!\r\n\r\nThis was a wrap-around-cover I did back in January for some kind of fantasy novel. The novel was written by Pia Hepke and published by Burg Verlag Rehau, you can find it on Amazon.\r\nISBN: 978-3937344997

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Image: day_gaze_fin.jpg   600x429 66761 bytes 2011.06.27

Day gaze

Commissioned by Northwestspiritwolf as a companion piece to "Night gaze".\r\nI really loved the idea, so I took on the commission even though I usually don't do acrylic paintings as commissioned works for private persons.\r\nI enjoyed painting this piece as well. :)

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Image: desert_flower_fin.jpg   600x600 112744 bytes 2011.04.20

Desert flower

\r\nWhere else can true innocence be found if not in the heart of a flower?\r\n\r\nThis piece was lying around unfinished at my place for ages ... but I'm glad I finally finished it. This is one of the few pieces that turned out like it was supposed to and like I had it in my mind.\r\nThe scan's a bit dark, though ...\r\nI hope you like it anyways. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: does_master_approve_fin.jpg   500x721 75346 bytes 2010.08.23

Does master approve?

All right, here I am, ready to upload all the brain farts I produced during the last two weeks. A lot of pictures will be uploaded this week (about ... 15?) and every piece will be available at EF 16 art show, so keep your eyes open. ;)\r\nSo, here we are with the first piece ... not much to say about this one ... some of you might still remember her from one of my line arts I did earlier this year.\r\nThe size of this picture is A3 (about 11,7"x16,5"), so it's one of the larger pieces I did for the EF art show.\r\nI hope you like it.

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Image: dont_let_go.jpg   450x696 93701 bytes 2011.04.18

Don't let go

This piece was inspired by a painting named "Tenderness" by the amazingly talented Alpha Ki.\r\nI could write a thousand words and more about what I had in mind while painting this piece. However, I want everyone to have the possibility to interpret it for themselves.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAnyways, I really enjoyed painting this piece, even though the sketch was already quite old ... I missed painting anthropomorphic creatures, as it is somewhat relaxing for me to paint them. :)\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: dont_move_fin.jpg   416x598 84817 bytes 2011.06.27

Don't move ...

I'm rather happy with the outcome of this piece, especially since I learned quite a lot about using Copic markers for texturing.\r\nAnyways, I put a lot of work into this piece to try out new things and to find out that Copic markers are rather tricky to use on such small surfaces (A4). Fiddling with all the small details there sure took some time.\r\nOh well, enough about the blabbering, I just hope you like it!\r\n\r\nThe original (done with mixed media) will be for sale at EF 17 art show.\r\n\r\n\r\nAnd still: Don't try this at home, kids! You won't be able to shoot an arrow properly like this.

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Image: down_at_the_waterfall_small.jpg   605x450 93260 bytes 2009.08.31

Down at the Waterfall

My first real acrylic painting.\r\n... now I finally know why painting is called PAINting ...

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