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Image: dragonlady_fin.jpg   1125x800 215046 bytes 2013.08.17

Dragon dance

Kind of inspired by the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with all those colourful and flashy costumes that show more than they hide. ;)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: dreams_of_freedom_fin.jpg   596x800 105623 bytes 2013.05.26

Dreams of freedom

Well, no big words here, as I just want you to enjoy this piece with your very own thoughts about it. :)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at Confuzzled art show.]

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Image: Evanescense_fin.jpg   796x564 150453 bytes 2012.01.05


Another piece I finished shortly before EF and didn't upload yet ... This piece is one of my personal favorites and I'm glad it found a loving new home.\r\nIt really was a whole lot of work I put into this piece - no wonder if you consider its size. This piece is about 45x65cm (around 17,5"x25,5") and I'm happy I finally painted such a big piece again. :)

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Image: fading_memories_fin.jpg   800x570 115653 bytes 2011.04.25

Fading memories

Phew ... That was quite some work ... My last piece for MMC art show.\r\nI had this piece in my mind for quite some time, but I never finished it until now. I'm glad I did, though ... The scan's not really great (as the paper is still a bit wrinkled) and the sky's not as blue as on the original but I think it turned out well enough. I hope you like this piece. As for me ... I am quite pleased with the outcome ... I guess ... I love using antiquated techniques. :)\r\n\r\nAs for the content ... well, I think the piece explains itself well enough ... Tell me what you think about it, I'd love to hear your interpretations of it.\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: farewell.jpg   420x600 87107 bytes 2011.07.04


Since a lot of people already posted their submissions for this year's conbook, I feel rather silly for only wanting to post it after EF ... So, yeah, I was asked if I wanted to make a full color illustration for the conbook, too ... and I agreed (obviously).\r\nI decided to go for something that has nothing to do with Kung Fu or fighting - Chinese mythology.\r\nI tried to illustrate the parting of Chang'e and Houyi ( ). I chose the first version of the story as I think it's way more emotional than the second one.\r\nOh well ... what's more to say? I hope you like it, though it's something rather simple for a change. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be available at EF 17 art show.

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Image: favoritedance.jpg   450x706 47535 bytes 2009.07.27

His favorite dance

Just a little line art I painted 3 days to relax my hand a bit.\r\nI know, you should just totally see his balls, but since I didn't like the idea of painting some I decided to just leave them be. Yeah, I know, evil me. >:)\r\nAnyways, his hips turned out way more female than I wanted, but I hope you'll be able to forgive me and like him anyways. ;)\r\nHe'll probably be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Medium: black ink)

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Image: fireflies.jpg   600x446 102042 bytes 2009.10.23


I finished this one a few days ago. It was a lot of fun to do, I hope you like it.\r\nIt's about 30x40cm and currently for sale. Just write me a note or an email if you're interested. :)

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Image: fourty_fin.jpg   576x746 109799 bytes 2013.08.17


... what a bitch to scan ...\r\nAnyway, I've been thinking for a long time about the title, as this piece might be a bit more than it seems at first glance. In the end I simply settled for 40, which is not only the age of the whisky. ;)\r\nIn my opinion, there are some things that need a bit of time to get better. Like whisky, wine or men, just to name a few. So, whoever you are, always remember: You're not getting older, you're getting better. :)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: foxglove_fin.jpg   563x799 169374 bytes 2013.08.16


Sorry for all the uploads recently. Just wanting to show off all the paintings I did during the last few weeks. :)\r\nAnyway, this piece sure took me a while ... and I won't paint flowers ever again ... But it was fun working on it. :)\r\n\r\nAlso, thanks a lot for all your nice comments recently, I probably won't be able to answer them all before EF, but there's always a time after EF. You guys rock, you know that? Always shows me why it's worth putting effort into a painting and sharing it.\r\n\r\nThank you for looking! :)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: furball_portrait.jpg   400x527 52557 bytes 2009.12.15

Honest Eyes

Commissioned by F-Fellow, sorry for making you wait so long! ;)\r\nThe scan is rather crappy and no match for the original picture, but I hope you like it anyways.\r\nF-Fellow ę F-Fellow

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Image: geekyfoxy_tradcolour.jpg   406x600 28340 bytes 2013.05.02

Geeky foxy

I want to try something new at times, so here we go. :)\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at MMC 16 art show.]

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Image: going_home_fin.jpg   669x500 91970 bytes 2011.07.22

Going home

Going home, going home,\r\nreturning to what's left behind.\r\nGoing home called glorious victor,\r\nreturning as a broken man.\r\nGoing home, going home,\r\nreturning home at last.

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Image: guarding.fennek.jpg   500x709 104862 bytes 2009.06.22

Watchful eyes

I did this one in December 2008.\r\nIt will be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Medium: pencil)

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Image: have_you_forgotten.jpg   370x500 76418 bytes 2010.05.11

Have you forgotten?

...\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCrappy scan is crappy.\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.\r\nReference provided by Tekumseh.

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Image: heart_to_heart_fin.jpg   515x600 86945 bytes 2013.08.01

Heart to heart

Love does not need big words.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n[For sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: i_still_hear_your_whisper.jpg   996x420 154613 bytes 2011.05.10

I still hear your whisper

This piece was inspired by some historic facts about the real Maude (You still remember that awesome story, don't you?) Vixyyfox told me ...\r\nOne of them being that the "real" Maude stopped flying after her love died.\r\nA piece about loss (again) ...\r\n\r\nI finished this piece only shortly before MMC (actually, I was already done with my work for this con but then inspiration bit me and wouldn't let me rest until I painted this picture). It's rather big (21x51cm/8,3"x20") and I really enjoyed working on a big piece again.\r\nI hope you like it, too.\r\n\r\n(The original was sold at MMC art show.)

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Image: joyful_bard_fin.jpg   546x800 92295 bytes 2013.05.13

Joyful bard

So ... this year I was asked to submit an illustration to MMC's conbook as well and so I did. The theme was "Fahrendes Volk" (traveling folk), which has some kind of romantic ring to it. And here's what I came up with! :)\r\nAlso, I do know that he's actually carrying a lute guitar instead of a real lute which was invented in the late 19th century and thus doesn't quite fit the time I chose for the setting in general. However, carrying a real lute like that (with one hand) is pretty much impossible, so I went for a lute guitar in the end.\r\nAnyway, does trivia like this bore you or would you like to hear more stories behind some of my paintings? :)\r\n\r\n[Sold.]

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Image: jugendstil.fuchs.fin.jpg   400x600 88700 bytes 2009.07.08

The Gate of Dreams

Art Nouveau-like, I did this one in February 2009.\r\nSold at MMC 12, prints are available.\r\n(Media: ink pens, markers, colored pencils and some golden acrylics on dyed bristol paper)

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Image: let_me_go_fin.jpg   800x597 150799 bytes 2013.08.16

Let me go

Here we go with your yearly dose of creepy and surreal paintings. For this one I was tying a new technique with acrylics, but it only worked so-so ...\r\nAnyway, the original idea of this piece was taken from some kind of graphic novel (I think it was something about zombies). And despite the graphic novel being not so great, that one picture somehow just stuck with me. So I decided to use the concept for a furry piece with a completely different meaning (so, no zombie hands ...).\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: letmetellyou_fin_universe_small.jpg   564x800 84074 bytes 2012.05.10

Let me tell you ...

\r\nSome of you might remember "I see", a piece of a fortune telling vixen I did years ago. And since I somehow have a knack for these things, I wanted to do another fortune teller - a black panther this time (You know what they say about black cats, right? ;)).\r\nThis piece was also inspired by the works of the wonderful Balaa and Bagheera.\r\nThank you for being such an awesome source of inspiration to me. :)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: little_light.jpg   450x452 57179 bytes 2009.10.23

Little Light

I did this one a few days ago, it's the first picture I scanned with my new A3 scanner (A big thank you goes to Tabalon for that scanner! :hug: ).

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Image: loss_fin.jpg   600x422 66202 bytes 2010.01.14


I'm sure everyone knows the feeling of losing something or someone important to them. This picture is supposed to express more than only this loss, it's also supposed to express that sometimes we just can't let go.\r\nThe flower this young fox is holding is an edelweiss, so you can already guess what he lost ...\r\n\r\nI don't know if I'm willing to sell this picture, but maybe you'll see this piece in one Art Show or another.

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Image: lynx.portrait.klein.jpg   600x418 133314 bytes 2009.06.22

Grey autumn

I did this one in December 2008, it was originally meant to be just a practice for pencils drawings.\r\nIt will be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\nReference photo by Tekumseh.\r\n(Medium: mechanical pencil)

Image: made_of_stars_fin.jpg   420x640 102271 bytes 2011.07.11

Made of stars

I painted this piece last night, finishing it around 6 am ... leaving me with only 2 hours of sleep ... Oh well ... but I'm rather content with the outcome. The anatomy is somewhat messy, but I enjoyed painting it quite a lot since I was working on Bamboo Mixed Media paper (I just love that one, especially because the new Bristol paper is such a pain in the a** to work on :')).\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: masks_fin.jpg   577x800 116251 bytes 2013.01.24

Which one should I wear today?

This is a rather personal piece, and I think a lot of you guys know that feeling as well. It's hard for me to admit, but this happens more often to me than I'd like.\r\n\r\n[Sold at EF18 Artshow.]

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Image: mau.÷.÷.jpg   500x500 63616 bytes 2009.07.08

Mau? Í.Í

April 2009, Sold at MMC 12 art show.\r\n(Medium: black ink)

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Image: memories_of_atlantis_fin_up.jpg   800x548 97399 bytes 2012.05.21

Memories of Atlantis

So, this year I had the pleasure and honour to be invited as "special guest" (other conventions might call it guest of honour) to MMC 15 and thus was asked to illustrate the cover of their con book.\r\nThe theme was "lost worlds", so I decided to go for the first thought that went to my mind when I heard that theme (though it's pretty much a cliche, I guess): Atlantis.\r\nThis piece was designed as a wrap around cover and a lot of fun as well as quite a challenge to paint. :) The original belongs to somewolf, the head of the MMC crew and the commissioner of this image.\r\nLimited jumbo prints will be available, though.\r\n\r\n[Commission]

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Image: mmc_centerfold.jpg   800x569 134710 bytes 2009.07.10

MMC - Voll auf die Zw÷lf!

MMC - Right into your face!\r\nCenterfold illustration for MMC 12, original was sold at the art show there. Limited jumbo prints (A3, 10 Euro/print, limited to 50) are available.\r\n(Media: Marker, acrylic inks, colored pencils, pastel crayons)

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Image: more_than_anything_fin.jpg   564x800 97671 bytes 2011.07.04

More than anything ...

Some kind of illustration I did in between for some kind of graphic novel I'm working on ... Maybe you remember the characters from the "chess" pictures I did last year. :)\r\nThis piece was a pain in the *** to scan, so I hope those who get the chance to see the original at EF 17 art show will do so. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: morning_shower_fin.jpg   420x642 114077 bytes 2011.07.17

Morning shower

The last A4 piece for EF art show. :) Finally ... so "only" the bigger pieces are left to be painted.\r\nSame technique as the paintings I posted before but on a different paper - which didn't work as I had hoped, but I think I'm slowly getting a grip of that whole technique and what paper to use thing ... or so I hope.\r\nAnyways, I hope you like that young lady. ;)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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