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Image: does_master_approve_fin.jpg   500x721 75346 bytes 2010.08.23

Does master approve?

All right, here I am, ready to upload all the brain farts I produced during the last two weeks. A lot of pictures will be uploaded this week (about ... 15?) and every piece will be available at EF 16 art show, so keep your eyes open. ;)\r\nSo, here we are with the first piece ... not much to say about this one ... some of you might still remember her from one of my line arts I did earlier this year.\r\nThe size of this picture is A3 (about 11,7"x16,5"), so it's one of the larger pieces I did for the EF art show.\r\nI hope you like it.

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Image: sound_of_the_savanna_contest.jpg   432x600 75942 bytes 2010.08.23

Sound of the savannah

This is my entry for this year's Eurofurence conbook cover contest.\r\nIt took me quite some time to finish this painting since it's pretty big (about A3). It's my second acrylic painting and I'm pretty fond of it ...\r\nAnyways, credits for the sky go to the very talented tabalon tabalon , he was kind enough to airbrush the sky and add some clouds (Thank you again, I owe you one!).\r\nYou could say it's some kind of collaboration.\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at EF 16 art show.\r\n\r\nThe scan's rather crappy for the colors ... here's a picture Eisfuchs took of the almost finished painting:\r\n\r\nAnd yes, I do know that ring-tailed lemurs don't live in the savannah, smartass. :P

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Image: w_m_charsheet.jpg   1200x600 291650 bytes 2010.06.11

Wichian Maat Character Sheet

The last commission from my old commission list is finally finished! Yay! Time to accept some new ones, eh? ^^;\r\nCommissioned by Anbessa.\r\nThe description how she came to the name "Wichan Maat" was also written by Anbessa (Thanks a lot for that!) and only translated by me. :)\r\n\r\nWichian Maat (c) Anbessa & me

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Image: time_thief.jpg   405x600 33807 bytes 2010.05.18

Time Thief

The second illustration for this year's MMC conbook.\r\nThe original is still for sale.\r\nA4, double matted, framed.

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Image: confidence.jpg   440x600 57888 bytes 2010.05.17


One of two illustrations I did for this year's MMC conbook.\r\nThe original was sold at MMC 13 art show.

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Image: have_you_forgotten.jpg   370x500 76418 bytes 2010.05.11

Have you forgotten?

...\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCrappy scan is crappy.\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.\r\nReference provided by Tekumseh.

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Image: vivienne_trad.jpg   442x600 77045 bytes 2010.05.06

Vivienne - Watercolor

Some of you might remember her ... Vivienne!\r\nI decided to make a traditionally colored version of it since I thought it would be a pity if it would stay a simple digital pinup. :)\r\n\r\nVivienne will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: bond_of_trust.jpg   500x718 45696 bytes 2010.04.12

Bond of Trust

Who holds the other end, I wonder ... ?\r\n\r\nBirthday present for my very best friend Tabalon.\r\n\r\nTabalon Tabalon

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Image: silver_night.jpg   412x600 45835 bytes 2010.04.07

Silver Night

Shitty scan is shitty ... ever tried scanning something shiny? :/\r\nNot much to say, I guess ...\r\nWell, I hope you like it anyways. :)\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: dancing_for_her_master.jpg   419x600 51458 bytes 2010.03.20

Dancing for her master

That surely was quite some work. I tried a few new things and I'm not that satisfied with the result. But all in all, I still like the whole picture, especially the composition.\r\nAll the fabrics in this picture actually have a pattern on it, but I guess you can't see that on this small version.\r\nI'm kinda sad because the scanner messed up the bright and shiny colors. :/\r\n... and who might her master be? Well ... it could be you since she's for sale. ;)

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Image: loss_fin.jpg   600x422 66202 bytes 2010.01.14


I'm sure everyone knows the feeling of losing something or someone important to them. This picture is supposed to express more than only this loss, it's also supposed to express that sometimes we just can't let go.\r\nThe flower this young fox is holding is an edelweiss, so you can already guess what he lost ...\r\n\r\nI don't know if I'm willing to sell this picture, but maybe you'll see this piece in one Art Show or another.

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Image: vivienne_colo.jpg   409x600 24241 bytes 2010.01.14


Just a quickly done pin-up of a female fox since a lot of you guys seemed to like the picture I made of Toy Wylie. :)\r\nSo I hope you like this one as well, please enjoy!\r\n\r\nI'm currently offering commissions in this style, if you're interested, please check out my journal for further information:

Tags: fox anthropomorphic vixen pin-up   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: toy_charsheet_pose1.jpg   369x600 33127 bytes 2010.01.12

Toy Wylie

A little gift for my dear friend Toy Wylie. I'm going to make a complete character sheet for her, but for now I'll work on commissions and stuff. :)\r\n\r\nI'm offering those digital commissions for 35 - 45 Euro, please check out my journal for further information: \r\n\r\nor\r\n\r\n\r\nToy Wylie Toy Wylie

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Image: anbessa_symbol_commission_fin.jpg   362x600 34952 bytes 2010.01.12

Mysterious Dance

Commissioned by Anbessa. He wanted one of of his Rauna somehow forming a question mark, so that's what I came up with. :)\r\nI finished all line art commissions and going to upload the other ones in the next few days. I'll probably open up for new commission slots (only for small commissions though) this evening.\r\nRauna Anbessa

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Image: c_t_elder_commission_fin.jpg   428x600 60980 bytes 2010.01.12

Changer the Elder

Commissioned by Changer the Elder (Check out his gallery, he's an amazing artist!).\r\nI really hope he likes it, painting this character was so much fun. :)\r\n\r\nChanger Changer the Elder

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Image: skinny.dipping.jpg   423x600 101339 bytes 2010.01.12

Skinny Dipping

Old art!\r\nI found this one while tidying up my place. I did it in 2008, I guess ...\r\nThis one is yet another picture that was supposed to be part of the "Simple is Best" portfolio ... but since I changed plans regarding my portfolio, I decided to upload it here and offer it for sale as well.\r\nI hope you like it even though it's quite old already. ;)

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Image: furball_portrait.jpg   400x527 52557 bytes 2009.12.15

Honest Eyes

Commissioned by F-Fellow, sorry for making you wait so long! ;)\r\nThe scan is rather crappy and no match for the original picture, but I hope you like it anyways.\r\nF-Fellow F-Fellow

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Image: dancing_naked_flatcolor.jpg   329x600 31792 bytes 2009.12.15

Dancing naked

I originally did the sketch of this picture for a little collaboration between Tabalon and me. I hope his colored version will come soon.\r\nI really like how the sketch turned out, even though one of her breasts is too small and the arms are a tad too long. ^^;\r\nAnyways, I decided to do some outlines and a flat coloration as a little reference for the style I'm planning to do digital character sheet commissions in.\r\nI hope you like her even though she might not have the "perfect body". ;)

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Image: the_fox_and_the_grapes.jpg   450x453 59232 bytes 2009.12.15

The fox and the grapes

Just practicing my children's books illustration style. I hope you like it, I really enjoy painting those pictures.\r\nThe original is for sale, just note me or send me an email (mail(at) if you're interested. :)\r\n(Media: black ink and watercolors; size: 24x24cm)

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Image: trust_me.jpg   405x573 68355 bytes 2009.12.15

Trust me

Finished version of "Trust me" and the scanner messed it up ... :/\r\nIt's not my best piece so far, but I still like it somehow. Anyways, this little lady is for sale, I'll probably put her on Furbuy or something ...\r\nYou can see the framed version of this portrait here:\r\nPlease enjoy! :)\r\nEdit: Sold!

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Image: fireflies.jpg   600x446 102042 bytes 2009.10.23


I finished this one a few days ago. It was a lot of fun to do, I hope you like it.\r\nIt's about 30x40cm and currently for sale. Just write me a note or an email if you're interested. :)

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Image: little_light.jpg   450x452 57179 bytes 2009.10.23

Little Light

I did this one a few days ago, it's the first picture I scanned with my new A3 scanner (A big thank you goes to Tabalon for that scanner! :hug: ).

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Image: nerz.lineart.jpg   348x600 33443 bytes 2009.10.23

Mink lineart

\r\nTotally forgot to upload this one ... I did this mink for this year's EF charity flyer (there's a colored version on the flyer).\r\nI hope you like it. :)

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Image: cougarrr.jpg   422x600 68061 bytes 2009.09.10


I finished this one right before I left for Eurofurence. I'm not really happy how this one turned out ... But since I was quite in a hurry to finish it, it could have been worse.\r\nReference photo provided by the very kind Tekumseh.

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Image: down_at_the_waterfall_small.jpg   605x450 93260 bytes 2009.08.31

Down at the Waterfall

My first real acrylic painting.\r\n... now I finally know why painting is called PAINting ...

Tags: wolf waterfall   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: snowkitty_commission_fin.jpg   500x341 40198 bytes 2009.08.15

Dreaming of you

Commissioned by the very kind Snowkittychat.\r\n(Media: black ink and colored pencil on bristol paper)

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Image: shishi_femme_fatale.jpg   600x431 35408 bytes 2009.08.03

Shishi - La femme fatale

For Shishi. Sorry for the crappy scan, the original looks way better.\r\nShishi (c) Shishi\r\n(Medium: pencil)

Tags: lion lioness anthropomorphic female   [Comment]
Image: favoritedance.jpg   450x706 47535 bytes 2009.07.27

His favorite dance

Just a little line art I painted 3 days to relax my hand a bit.\r\nI know, you should just totally see his balls, but since I didn't like the idea of painting some I decided to just leave them be. Yeah, I know, evil me. >:)\r\nAnyways, his hips turned out way more female than I wanted, but I hope you'll be able to forgive me and like him anyways. ;)\r\nHe'll probably be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Medium: black ink)

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Image: Queen_of_Blue.jpg   500x694 77083 bytes 2009.07.21

Queen of Blue

She sure is a grumpy one ...\r\nI submitted a nipple-less version to the art contest of EF 15.\r\nA3, Available at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils, acrylics)

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Image: 1001_arabian_nights.jpg   500x693 139536 bytes 2009.07.13

1001 Arabian Nights

Entry for the Eurofurence 15 art contest. Wish me luck, I'll need it. ;)\r\nA4, will be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils, acrylics)

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