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Image: nerz.lineart.jpg   348x600 33443 bytes 2009.10.23

Mink lineart

\r\nTotally forgot to upload this one ... I did this mink for this year's EF charity flyer (there's a colored version on the flyer).\r\nI hope you like it. :)

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Image: night_gaze.jpg   600x440 67521 bytes 2011.04.18

Night Gaze

It's been a while since I uploaded something. But since MMC is drawing near, I should hurry up and finish all the unfinished paintings lying around at my place. :)\r\nThe sketch for this piece was rather old, so there sure are a lot of mistakes concerning the shape of the head and such ...\r\nAnyways, I originally wanted to add more details and layers to this one but Tabalon told me to leave it like that (even though it's just the underpainting ...). And ... so I did.\r\nThe colors might look odd on your screen if your contrast is too high or something like that ... But I hope you like it anyways! :)\r\nIts something rather unusual from me, but it's fun to try new things.\r\n\r\nWill be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: not_fin.jpg   526x800 78495 bytes 2012.08.24


Very subtle ... I guess.\r\nI wanted to paint this piece for a very long time and finally got around to do so.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at EF 18 art show.]

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Image: one_hour_late.jpg   420x643 77493 bytes 2011.07.06

One hour late

... will she ever come?\r\nFinally back to painting ... I really enjoyed painting this piece, though it's a rather sad picture.\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: personal_fireworks_fin.jpg   642x420 87843 bytes 2011.07.11

Personal fireworks

A young fennec sitting on the beach and enjoying her very own fireworks ...\r\nThe scan's rather crappy compared to the original, maybe I can manage to get a better one sometime before EF. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: Queen_of_Blue.jpg   500x694 77083 bytes 2009.07.21

Queen of Blue

She sure is a grumpy one ...\r\nI submitted a nipple-less version to the art contest of EF 15.\r\nA3, Available at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils, acrylics)

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Image: rabbit_lady_fin.jpg   801x564 131743 bytes 2013.08.17

White temptation

Well, who wouldn't want to give in to such a beautiful lady? ;)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 19 art show.]

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Image: sacred_grounds_fin.jpg   800x595 153714 bytes 2013.01.24

Sacred grounds

Well, I already said I wanted to upload a few more pictures from time to time. So, here we are.\r\nThis piece was actually already done around summer last year. It was the centerfold of last year's EF's conbook.\r\nI'm quite unhappy with the flat background. Well, I did learn a few things while painting this piece, anyway. So I hope I won't make the same mistakes again. :)\r\n\r\n[Sold at EF 18 art show.]

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Image: shishi_femme_fatale.jpg   600x431 35408 bytes 2009.08.03

Shishi - La femme fatale

For Shishi. Sorry for the crappy scan, the original looks way better.\r\nShishi (c) Shishi\r\n(Medium: pencil)

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Image: shy_cutie_fin.jpg   532x800 37770 bytes 2013.05.22


I didn't forget about the poll I made last year, asking if I should draw a shy cutie or a bored beauty. Well ... almost everyone voted for the shy cutie, so here we go (even though it's a bit belated)! :)\r\n\r\nI'm currently still stuck with preparations for Cfz (like ... finishing another two paintings and cutting mats and ...), so I'm still a bit slow regarding replies and such. Sorry!\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at Confuzzled art show.]

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Image: silver.symphony.jpg   398x600 94982 bytes 2009.07.08

Silver Symphony

Art Nouveau theme, again; March 2009.\r\nFor sale at EF 15 art show, prints are available.\r\n(Media: ink pen, marker, colored pencil and some silver acrylic paint on dyed bristol paper)

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Image: silver_night.jpg   412x600 45835 bytes 2010.04.07

Silver Night

Shitty scan is shitty ... ever tried scanning something shiny? :/\r\nNot much to say, I guess ...\r\nWell, I hope you like it anyways. :)\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: skinny.dipping.jpg   423x600 101339 bytes 2010.01.12

Skinny Dipping

Old art!\r\nI found this one while tidying up my place. I did it in 2008, I guess ...\r\nThis one is yet another picture that was supposed to be part of the "Simple is Best" portfolio ... but since I changed plans regarding my portfolio, I decided to upload it here and offer it for sale as well.\r\nI hope you like it even though it's quite old already. ;)

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Image: small_but_powerful_fin.jpg   500x718 120815 bytes 2011.07.05

Small but powerful

I wanted to draw something small but powerful, so I tried to think of a small animal I'd never be afraid of ... and a squirrel came to my mind.\r\nI'm not really happy with the outcome, but I hope you like it anyways ... (':\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: snowkitty_commission_fin.jpg   500x341 40198 bytes 2009.08.15

Dreaming of you

Commissioned by the very kind Snowkittychat.\r\n(Media: black ink and colored pencil on bristol paper)

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Image: sound_of_the_savanna_contest.jpg   432x600 75942 bytes 2010.08.23

Sound of the savannah

This is my entry for this year's Eurofurence conbook cover contest.\r\nIt took me quite some time to finish this painting since it's pretty big (about A3). It's my second acrylic painting and I'm pretty fond of it ...\r\nAnyways, credits for the sky go to the very talented tabalon tabalon , he was kind enough to airbrush the sky and add some clouds (Thank you again, I owe you one!).\r\nYou could say it's some kind of collaboration.\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at EF 16 art show.\r\n\r\nThe scan's rather crappy for the colors ... here's a picture Eisfuchs took of the almost finished painting:\r\n\r\nAnd yes, I do know that ring-tailed lemurs don't live in the savannah, smartass. :P

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Image: spirit.of.water.jpg   714x500 127255 bytes 2009.07.08

Spirit of Water

Done in January 2009, will be for sale at EF 15 art show.\r\n(Medium: pastel pencils on dyed bristol paper)

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Image: spotlight_fin.jpg   571x787 61779 bytes 2013.05.04


And I can only see myself in the light ...\r\n\r\n\r\n(Pun intended.)\r\n[Will be for sale at MMC 16 art show.]

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Image: standinginyourownshadow_fin.jpg   800x527 95091 bytes 2012.05.03

Standing in your own shadow

Well ... I hope the piece explains itself, so no big words here.\r\n\r\n[For sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: summer_rain_fin.jpg   548x800 88269 bytes 2012.04.27

Summer rain

One of my favourites of my recently finished paintings.\r\nAnd my first real attempt at painting wet fur that's supposed to be wet fur ... I think.\r\nPlease enjoy. (Inspired by the song "Erzhl mir die Geschichte" by Wise Guys.)\r\n\r\n[Maybe for sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: sweet_temptation.jpg   800x568 65448 bytes 2009.07.10

Sweet Temptation

One of my newer pieces, I finished this one in June this year.\r\nA3, will be for sale at EF 15 art show. Prints will be available soon.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils)

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Image: swordmaster.jpg   382x600 57021 bytes 2009.07.08


I did this one back in January 2009.\r\nThis young lady will be for sale at Eurofurence 15 art show.\r\n(Media: ink pen, marker, colored pencil)

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Image: teiirka_proud_tigress_fin2_kl.jpg   840x600 163096 bytes 2012.07.02

The proud seductress

Commissioned by the amazing Teiirka\r\nI finished this piece a few weeks ago and I really loved working on it. It's one of my current favourites. :]\r\n\r\n[Commission]

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Image: tendermoments_fin.jpg   596x800 95999 bytes 2012.08.26

Tender Moments

Just in time for EF. :]\r\nThat one sure was a whole lot of work. Also, I tried a new brand of paper for this piece (400g/m) since I'm facing the problem of wrinkled paper when working with acrylics (and lots of water) way too often. And ... what can I say? No wrinkles this time! :)\r\nI thoroughly enjoyed myself while painting this piece. I hope you will enjoy it just as well.\r\n(Original size is about 30x40cm.)\r\n\r\n[Original will be for sale at EF 18 art show.]

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Image: the_fox_and_the_grapes.jpg   450x453 59232 bytes 2009.12.15

The fox and the grapes

Just practicing my children's books illustration style. I hope you like it, I really enjoy painting those pictures.\r\nThe original is for sale, just note me or send me an email (mail(at) if you're interested. :)\r\n(Media: black ink and watercolors; size: 24x24cm)

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Image: the_proud_warrior_fin.jpg   409x600 24804 bytes 2013.05.24

The proud warrior

Fear the proud warrior! ... is what I'd like to say but somehow he turned out a bit to cute to scare anyone. Whoops. ;)\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at Confuzzled art show.]

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Image: time_thief.jpg   405x600 33807 bytes 2010.05.18

Time Thief

The second illustration for this year's MMC conbook.\r\nThe original is still for sale.\r\nA4, double matted, framed.

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Image: tobi3b_nikky_balu_klein.jpg   460x650 50925 bytes 2011.05.24

Balu and Nikky in love

This was a digital flat color commission done for the very kind tobi3b.\r\nI really enjoyed drawing this piece, Balu and Nikky are such cute characters.\r\n\r\nBalu & Nikky tobi3b\r\n\r\n(I'm currently open for commissions. If you're interested, just contact me. :))

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Image: touching_the_sky_lineart.jpg   394x600 15405 bytes 2013.05.23

Touching the sky

Since it's going to be my first time at Confuzzled this year, I thought it would be a pity to not take a line art along. :)\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at Confuzzled art show.]

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Image: toy_charsheet_pose1.jpg   369x600 33127 bytes 2010.01.12

Toy Wylie

A little gift for my dear friend Toy Wylie. I'm going to make a complete character sheet for her, but for now I'll work on commissions and stuff. :)\r\n\r\nI'm offering those digital commissions for 35 - 45 Euro, please check out my journal for further information: \r\n\r\nor\r\n\r\n\r\nToy Wylie Toy Wylie

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