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Image: trickster_fin.jpg   442x600 77474 bytes 2012.04.11


Not really new but not really old, either.\r\nI finished this piece already quite some time ago, but (for whatever reason) never uploaded it anywhere ... until now. :) It's been a while since I illustrated a silver fox, even though they're such pretty creatures.\r\nAnyway, I hope you like it. :)\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at MMC art show]

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Image: trust_me.jpg   405x573 68355 bytes 2009.12.15

Trust me

Finished version of "Trust me" and the scanner messed it up ... :/\r\nIt's not my best piece so far, but I still like it somehow. Anyways, this little lady is for sale, I'll probably put her on Furbuy or something ...\r\nYou can see the framed version of this portrait here:\r\nPlease enjoy! :)\r\nEdit: Sold!

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Image: vivienne_colo.jpg   409x600 24241 bytes 2010.01.14


Just a quickly done pin-up of a female fox since a lot of you guys seemed to like the picture I made of Toy Wylie. :)\r\nSo I hope you like this one as well, please enjoy!\r\n\r\nI'm currently offering commissions in this style, if you're interested, please check out my journal for further information:

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Image: vivienne_trad.jpg   442x600 77045 bytes 2010.05.06

Vivienne - Watercolor

Some of you might remember her ... Vivienne!\r\nI decided to make a traditionally colored version of it since I thought it would be a pity if it would stay a simple digital pinup. :)\r\n\r\nVivienne will be for sale at MMC art show.

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Image: w_m_charsheet.jpg   1200x600 291650 bytes 2010.06.11

Wichian Maat Character Sheet

The last commission from my old commission list is finally finished! Yay! Time to accept some new ones, eh? ^^;\r\nCommissioned by Anbessa.\r\nThe description how she came to the name "Wichan Maat" was also written by Anbessa (Thanks a lot for that!) and only translated by me. :)\r\n\r\nWichian Maat (c) Anbessa & me

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Image: wahrsagerfuechsin.jpg   431x600 98998 bytes 2009.06.22

I see ...

I did this one back in October, 2008.\r\nIt will be for sale at EF 15 Artshow.\r\n(Media: markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils)

Image: waitedforthelongesttime_fin.jpg   553x800 92754 bytes 2012.05.14

Waited for the longest time

Keep your pride and walk away ...\r\n\r\n[For sale at MMC 15 art show.]

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Image: wet_tshirt_piece_of_pink_fin.jpg   420x600 39159 bytes 2012.08.18

A piece of pink

Another quite simple piece I finished recently. I always wanted to try drawing a wet t-shirt on a sexy lady. :) Small and simple, but I hope you like it anyway.\r\nI'm currently working on several bigger (and realistic) pieces for EF art show, so some of the "usual stuff" will be uploaded next week. :)\r\n\r\n[For sale at EF 18 art show.]

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Image: what_are_you_fin.jpg   800x556 107255 bytes 2010.08.26

What are you?

A mouse and a dunnowhat wondering what the other one is since they never met a strange creature like that before.\r\nAnother one of the bigger pieces for the art show.\r\nI developed that character/species already some time ago. The sketch for this one was rather old, too. I'm not really satisfied with the outcome but maybe you like it anyways. :)

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Image: whererainwontreachus_fin.jpg   547x800 124301 bytes 2012.07.19

Where rain won't reach us

Don't ask me why I didn't upload this piece yet (I finished it way before MMC) ... I don't know myself.\r\nAnyway, this piece was inspired by the piece "Concrete Skies" by Yuumei at DeviantArt.\r\nWhile it features a completely different emotion, I kind of liked the original idea. :)\r\n\r\n[Will be for sale at EF 18 Artshow.]

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Image: you_cannot_break_me_fin.jpg   600x418 47141 bytes 2011.06.27

You cannot break me ...

I think this one's pretty much my first attempt at drawing a semi realistic tiger ...\r\nOh well, nothing much to say about this one, sorry ... I just hope you like it! :)\r\n\r\nOriginal will be for sale at EF 17 art show.

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Image: you_shall_be_mine_fin.jpg   426x600 85702 bytes 2010.08.26

You shall be mine

Yet another piece for Eurofurence 16 art show.\r\nI had a piece like that in my mind for quite some time now ... I'm kinda glad I was finally able to draw it.\r\nOriginally, I planned on making her a black cat with red hair (combing the black cat with the red haired witch ... oh cliché ...), but due to some recent happenings I just wasn't able to picture anything but a fox for this piece ...\r\nAnyways, I hope you like her, even though she's rather simple.\r\nOh and ... it was my first time using Copic paper ... and probably the last time as well. ^^;

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