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Image: Shiftael_2.jpg   444x746 90238 bytes 2003.09.14

Shiftael of Furcadia decided to change his appearance. This pic is a result of that change (naturally ^^). He has more of a Renaissance-like look to him, I suppose. I took some care to make the highlights a bit more believable. Overall, it's not too shabby.

Image: Frost_Bight.jpg   348x646 78935 bytes 2003.08.28

Another portrait for a Furcadia player. Rendering the translucent sword blade was probably the most painstaking part of creating this picture. A good deal of layer flopping was needed to get it right, but it turned out well. Not my best work but certainly not bad.

Image: Cessie.jpg   372x673 83189 bytes 2003.08.19

Another character revision. Cesaire D'Eure changed his species and appearance, so now he's a terry cloth-wearing, massage specialist bobcat. This certainly isn't one of my best works, but I suppose the detail level was okay enough to suit his portrait needs.

Image: face-offB.jpg   617x625 99970 bytes 2003.08.08

This is a commission for one of my close friends of his main character and his nemesis: Rising Moon and Draelok. As you can see, the lighting remains rather sharp on both "sides". Scenery was hard to decide on at first, but I think these suit the characters well enough.

Image: DariCazhe.jpg   582x778 94866 bytes 2003.08.08

I've done this character before (Darithraxiz, as you may see on this gallery), but his owner changed from canine to feline on Furcadia, thus he needed a new interpretation. I think I got the design a tad more clean-cut this time, and naturally, I've improved on coloring since then.

Image: Kurtis_Trent.jpg   366x761 74230 bytes 2003.08.05

Um.... yeah, it's another portrait, but you knew that already, right? :) Of course you did! This is Kurtis Trent, a black dire wolf who apparently likes brown leather clothing. *shrugs* Not sure why but his eyes seem to have a clear, piercing nature to them. Kinda strange.

Image: Court_Excet.jpg   336x744 68513 bytes 2003.08.05

Yup, another Furcadia portrait. This is Court Excet. Um.... I'm not sure the exact reason WHY he has such limited clothing, but hey, better than nude, eh? I love the background design I somehow managed. >_> Don't think I could reproduce it though.

Image: Farallon_Otter.jpg   384x609 61581 bytes 2003.08.05

A recent commission I finished for a friend. I don't get much practice drawing outside the realm of felines and canines, so it's good when I get a non-generic kind of character to draw. This one's an otter, obviously. :) Hi sname's Farallon. I think the cel shading method worked rather well here. Farallon his creator

Image: cute_Aut_Mayu.jpg   597x629 135802 bytes 2003.07.30

"Mew mew mew-mew!" says Mayu as she plops down and greets little Autero. :) This was done as a surprise for Mayu's creator, and besides, I hadn't drawn cute "kiddie" characters in a long time. :D Aren't they just adorable? ^_____^

Image: Glen.jpg   372x748 76049 bytes 2003.07.12

Just another Furc portrait. ^^ This is Glen, a black-footed ferret... though oddly enough he wanted to look like MacArthur. Don't ask. Anywho, it's nice.

Image: Hammond.jpg   504x389 65161 bytes 2003.06.05

A portrait of Hammond. His creator and I had trouble deciding on whether the jacket should be yellow and the shirt should be green or the total reverse. We settled on the former since it lessened the greenage. ;) Looks kinda cute in a way.

Image: Mayu.jpg   492x689 107876 bytes 2003.06.03

It's Mayu the butterfly furre! :D ... Okay, that was corny, but hey, looks nice anyway. :) I like the wings best for their satiny finish. ^^

Image: Hikageookami.jpg   372x773 125734 bytes 2003.06.03

Hikageookami. Furcadia portrait. Pretty colors. Modest detail. You know the deal by now. ;)

Image: Jaired.jpg   617x813 136831 bytes 2003.05.31

Took me quite some time to color this sucker here. This is Jaired (Furc, yes, you guessed correctly). Lots of shiny stuff!

Image: Gwaland_3.jpg   549x732 142778 bytes 2003.05.31

Pic #3 of Gwaland. ^^ I decided it was time I updated his appearance a little and fine-tuned some details. This is the end result. :) I managed to smooth out shadows and highlights more this time, so it looks much better.

Image: Slate_Air.jpg   564x773 112282 bytes 2003.05.10

They keep asking and I keep doing. ^^ Anyway, this is Slate Air. It's nice but I chose to play with the background more. Random filters do wonders. :D

Image: Wyntarvox.jpg   462x691 129029 bytes 2003.04.25

Many Furcadia characters seem to be mages or scholars of some sort. Wynt here is one of those as well, but in terms of personality, he's one of a kind. ......Anyway, enough of that stuff. ;) Again, the best item here is the set of wings on Wynt. The floating orb was something random to add to the overall effect, and I'd say it looks pretty good.

Image: Ridere.jpg   558x778 141233 bytes 2003.04.25

If you use Furcadia, most likely you know who Ridere is. The original Rose furre got his own portrait here, and I have to admit that it's not often that I take a lot of time in detailing clothing. I made an exception this time, and I have to say that it was worth the effort. Nice, eh?

Image: Pyrox.jpg   552x714 131295 bytes 2003.04.25

A portrait I did for Pyrox Saberdon. Granted, the pose is nothing spectacular, but I think the wings look pretty good in shape. :)

Image: Camstone_stance.jpg   570x798 125222 bytes 2003.04.25

I drew this more dynamic shot of Camstone Fox not only to go for something more colorful and detailed, but it was mostly done to cheer up his creator during a hard time. I like the detail I managed to achieve in the clothing.

Image: Ian_Keith.jpg   532x654 70108 bytes 2003.03.22

This is Ian Keith, a fox-like wolf (hard to discern between the two here, huh?). Ah well. The ground took some work to create some effect of distance, but overall I think it's a tidy image.

Image: Narn_Kritta.jpg   472x816 75176 bytes 2003.03.22

An older image I did for a friend of mine. As you can see, not all parts are proportional as much as they should be, though the upper body's not so bad. The translucent sword was fun to make. ^_^

Image: Capt_Campion2.jpg   444x852 75024 bytes 2003.02.25

Capt. Campion again here in his full shot glory. It's not often that I do good jobs on head-on poses, but I think I was successful on this attempt. I think the color combos work well here.

Image: Runic_Moon.jpg   814x1039 165448 bytes 2003.02.25

Once again, it's Rune SightBlinder, but with a more nocturnal theme. The real size of this image is 11x14 (which explains its size), and I have to admit that I'm fairly pleased with the lighting here.

Image: Capt_Campion1.jpg   456x512 32385 bytes 2003.02.25

Another Furc port (derr! :)). Capt. Campion takes aim at an assailant... I think? o.o

Image: Rabarberr_F.jpg   604x796 105314 bytes 2003.02.25

Here's Rabarberr again, but in feline form. Just a casual walk through the woods for this black cat. :)

Image: Rabarberr_P.jpg   620x796 98988 bytes 2003.02.25

Been some time since I tried a phoenix from Furcadia, and I think I did okay this time. This is Rabarberr. The wings could have been better but the pose is good.

Image: Cliff.jpg   564x796 63052 bytes 2003.02.25

An older commission I did of a Furcadia character, Cliff. The wings look kinda bland but his design is okay, I think.

Image: Adept2.jpg   284x379 34376 bytes 2003.02.11

Just a simple portrait of Adept from Furcadia. Granted, a moon/starry bg is overly common, but it's what he wanted, and I think it works nicely here. :)

Image: Iron_Star.jpg   368x761 74213 bytes 2003.02.11

I did this for a contest that Iron Star was having in his tavern on Furcadia. The task: drawing the conceptual design of Iron. ^_~ Looks pretty ok, I think.

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