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Image: eve_cowbell.jpg   626x807 92289 bytes 2008.12.03

Eve Cowbell from WoW

I've been playing alot of World of Warcraft so of course I have to do some art work for it. Here's my Tauren hunter: Eve Cowbell

Image: kio_color_commission.jpg   919x661 69104 bytes 2008.08.16

Here we go, Kio all colored and looking quite nice if I say so myself. Its the foxy Kio in his office probably looking at furry stuff on his laptop with his stuffed wolf guarding it for him...grr\r\n\r\nKio (c) his owner

Image: trevor.jpg   626x818 124472 bytes 2008.08.06

Trevor from SecondLife, just a semi random pic I did

Image: inkflow_to_pig.jpg   493x773 67304 bytes 2008.07.09

My friend Inkflow is into 'masking' wearing girly body suits and masks to turn himself all girlie and stuff. Well I did this pic for him. didn't put it in the yiff section since its clean

Image: chocolate_vixen_wraper_color.jpg   801x603 81274 bytes 2008.06.04

Image: chocolate_vixen_wraper_line.jpg   801x603 70610 bytes 2008.04.18

Image: teldon_n_eve_death.jpg   563x743 82038 bytes 2008.03.29

another rp moment from the fantasy sim on SL Alchera. Here Teldon saved Eve's life but in the process was mortally wounded. Eve is too weak to heal him and he doesn't have much time. Maybe not the most original scene ever but still sweet.\r\n\r\nheavily influenced by the current rp and by this pic:\r\n

Image: Amad2.jpg   632x814 68171 bytes 2008.03.08

I was on SL and I ran into Amad I haven't seen him in forever and he's changed his apperence *he's still a sweety*

Image: fyre-pov.jpg   626x818 86832 bytes 2008.03.06

Kind of a quick pic I did of the Lord Dragonfyre, I haven't drawn him in awhile and I should practice drawing dragon so here he is. Tried to make it like you were looking up at him. yes that is a very big sword....\r\n\r\nDragonfyre (c) himself\r\n\r\nMy first scanned image on my new scanner (thanks Telly!)

Image: 3_bunny-shaded.jpg   636x489 93839 bytes 2008.02.29

Miss Sasha, her baby Tia and her friend Rhea all posing for a nice bunny picture. Heh bunny fairies.

Image: silent_fox_print_color.jpg   671x974 73910 bytes 2008.02.25

Silent Phantom's finished commission. I tried doing the shading differently this time, kinda like how it came out but its a little too subtle in spots but I'll work on that as I go. I'm pretty happy with this pic, ain't he cute?

Image: 3bunnies.jpg   724x614 117242 bytes 2008.02.24

Miss Sasha commissioned me for a pic of herself, her baby and her friend so here they are. Sasha, Tia and Rhea (left to right) bunnies with wings, so cute arn't they? All three bunnies are from the Alchera Sim on Second Life

Image: vet.jpg   441x415 79796 bytes 2008.02.24

Had to take my kitten Gizmo to the vet to get spay and shots done. I was so worried about her the whole time. I didn't realize it but I did spend like 45 minutes just staying goodbye to Gizmo, and the lady at the desk had huge freaking boobs....oh and Gizmo is fine by the way.

Image: silent_fox_line.jpg   560x812 65793 bytes 2008.02.24

Silent Phantom\r\n\r\nMy friend Vify is getting some of his friends their very first commission pics and this is one of them. Its been awhile since I've had so much freedom over a character design. Doesn't he have the cutest ears?

Image: picnic.jpg   943x692 92051 bytes 2008.02.18

Teldon and Eve enjoying a little time to themselves on the island called Alchera

Image: picnic-sample.jpg   943x692 131750 bytes 2008.02.13

Image: cute-thing.jpg   745x573 77965 bytes 2008.02.13

Well my sister has been bugging me to draw her a character, she wanted small, cute and fairy wings so what ever. Kinda happy with this

Image: cosplay-patches_bleach.jpg   533x726 92218 bytes 2008.02.09

Patches cosplaying as Itchigo from Bleach, I'm pretty happy with how this one came out. Wait until you see his Bonkai!

Image: cosplay-bebop.jpg   692x547 93998 bytes 2008.02.09

heh someone suggested some cosplay from Cowboy Bebop (one of the best animes ever) So heres Eve as Spike and Patches as Faye

Image: cosplay-patches_greed.jpg   469x588 69530 bytes 2008.02.09

in its's a semi silly drawing I did of Patches cosplaying as Greed from FMA hope you enjoy

Image: red.jpg   413x546 68087 bytes 2008.01.24

Friend of mine named Red. Been hanging out with him in real life so I thought I'd give a shot at drawing him. He's a black leopard that seems to just wander around Asia picking up this and that.

Image: rev-kai-color.jpg   598x664 85824 bytes 2008.01.20

Happy birthday Miss Kai from Alchera. Rev asked me to do this pic as a birthday present for miss Kai and here it is. I'm pretty happy I did this whole thing in two days (would have been one day if I didn't get swamped with school work)

Image: teldonvelmpage4.jpg   398x534 93544 bytes 2008.01.19

so far this is the best page in the series I think

Image: ashtyn.jpg   409x553 75933 bytes 2008.01.19

cute little bunny I met on SecondLife. I seem to be developing a habit of going to the Yiff theater and drawing random (clothed) furs I meet there.

Image: teldonvelmpage3.jpg   599x801 127039 bytes 2008.01.16

Image: teldonvelmpage2.jpg   601x794 125115 bytes 2008.01.16

Image: teldonvelmpage1.jpg   597x785 128965 bytes 2008.01.16

Image: rockband.jpg   766x566 145429 bytes 2008.01.16

For those about to rock! Random silly pic I did for no real reason\r\nRael (lead vocals)\r\nPuppers (lead guitar)\r\nEve (bass)\r\nPatches (drums)

Image: witchcraft.jpg   707x560 112687 bytes 2008.01.16

nice pony girl I meet on SecondLife, she was just floating around on a broom and we talked a little. Randomly I decided to draw her! Well here is how it ended up, just kinda a quick piece.

Image: teldon-vs-elm.jpg   535x668 174511 bytes 2008.01.05

I have a bad habit of thinking up fight scenes between random characters I find interesting. In this case its Teldon "BlackBolt" vs Elm "Legend. One is a renown justicator known for taking on impossible odds and coming out alive. The other is a known killer, a living legend that will never die.\r\n\r\nThis is set in a D&D style fantasy world.

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