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Image: clay.jpg   509x647 103354 bytes 2008.01.02

A jackal-fox hybrid, skinny enough to make a model jealous but he still packs a punch. Suited in light gear he actually has two swords, his gauntlets are bladed and reinforced to act as weapons or shields. Clay knows many martial arts but specializes in three forms: Dancing breeze, Crushing Earth, Drifting mist. The forms show off either wide sweeping motions, minimal movement and strong counters or distracting surprise attacks.

Image: doctormouse.jpg   404x569 93956 bytes 2008.01.02

Its Doctor a mouse! What else would he be?! He's skinny as a rod, crafty and has those big ears.

Image: vifyacroth-doorart.jpg   449x605 81342 bytes 2008.01.01

colored version of the pic for Vify and Acroth. For FC '08 its them in the same theme I drew their badges in together holding paws (isn't it sweet?)\r\n\r\nVify (c) VifyFox\r\nAcroth (c) Acroth (no steal from dragons)

Image: vifybadge.jpg   405x567 59686 bytes 2007.12.29

Vify's con badge for FC '08 I tried my best but I think these could have come out a bit better. I hope you like them Vify

Image: acrothbadge.jpg   402x566 73001 bytes 2007.12.29

Acroth's con badge for FC '08 hope you like it

Image: vifyacroth-doorart-line.jpg   508x719 64084 bytes 2007.12.27

Vify and Acroth together. I'm going to put their names at the bottom and color this, yup more art for Vify and FC '08

Image: vifybadge-line.jpg   473x622 51143 bytes 2007.12.27

Viffy! *hugs* he's so sweet to me. Ok this is his line art for FC con badges. I'm going to color it and fix up all the lines, apparently my scanner didn't like this so it tore up the lines :p

Image: christ.jpg   726x583 93825 bytes 2007.12.21

Image: fixit.jpg   714x562 150795 bytes 2007.12.21

commission for FM (she rocks out loud)\r\n\r\nIts FM and Mids working on fixing a jet bike, Mids is chewing out FM, probably for putting giant speakers on the bike instead of the jets. hehe

Image: angel-pony.jpg   427x564 65019 bytes 2007.12.21

cute little girly boi pony from SecondLife in a santa hat, red skirt and a cute little scarf. He looks cold, anyone want to help him warm up?

Image: otaku-photoshoot.jpg   558x725 140332 bytes 2007.12.21

commission for Otakuwolf\r\n\r\nIts him posing for some photos with his friend, I think she has different plans for these photos then he does...

Image: alchera-slumber-party.jpg   586x446 118350 bytes 2007.12.02

another reason to come visit the rp sim on SL called Alchera. Eve, Tsume, Ferrus and Tabby were hanging out at the library and got a little bored so they had a little fun.\r\n\r\nEve: Vicar of light\r\nTsume: random wandering dragon/demon thingy\r\nFerrus: First Celestial sword of the Light (Paladin)\r\nTabby: gargoyle girl

Image: madison.jpg   438x561 118810 bytes 2007.12.02

Image: kjatar-fry.jpg   446x569 109712 bytes 2007.12.02

Image: oh-heck.jpg   721x449 104707 bytes 2007.12.02

Image: vicar-eve.jpg   438x561 90129 bytes 2007.11.30

in SL I rp at a sim called Alchera. I was recently promoted to Vicar of Light (like a high priest) and with it I get new powers and stuff. Here's Eve showing off her new Vicar robes casting celestial shield and summoning a weapon. The best thing about being the vicar of light: I get lasers!

Image: itsmylife.jpg   562x437 135308 bytes 2007.11.30

I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd\r\nYou're gonna hear my voice\r\nWhen I shout it out loud\r\n\r\nITS MY LIFE!\r\n\r\nLet no one control it\r\nLet no one steal it\r\nlet no one tell you its worthless\r\nlet yourself live every day of that life\r\nhold on to what makes that life important to you!\r\nIts your life so go out and live it!

Image: eve-DEARS.jpg   474x654 95915 bytes 2007.11.21

I thought I would try some cosplay stuff so I picked a random manga I had and well it was "Dears" I honestly do not like this series. Its like soft core porn, the girls act like pets/slaves and wear clothes that are way too small. I like attractive girls and all but come on!

Image: assassins-squeak.jpg   607x493 133292 bytes 2007.11.21

Image: warriors.jpg   663x510 125073 bytes 2007.11.04

Different warriors from different worlds gathered to work together...we're all doomed!\r\n\r\nPatches \r\n(semi post-apocalyptic world) assassin/thief\r\n\r\nKumiko \r\n(Amazon controlled world) Amazon huntress\r\n\r\nTeldon "Blackbolt" \r\n(Medieval fantasy world) Avenger/tailor\r\n\r\nEve Bishop\r\n(high fantasy world) Librarian/Scribe/Sage/Seer\r\n\r\nAnton Sonfaitch\r\n(modern day world) Russian hitman/Justicator\r\n\r\n

Image: duel.jpg   649x508 87077 bytes 2007.11.04

Gift art for my friend Kazufox\r\n\r\nhis prize for winning the contest for funnest video a few weeks back. Its Kazu and Ryu, I honestly don't know much about either character but I think their kinda cute together.\r\n\r\nKazu/Ryu (c) Kazufox

Image: eve_takeout.jpg   493x681 82264 bytes 2007.10.25

Image: holloween07.jpg   668x493 125519 bytes 2007.10.25

Image: rael-leather.jpg   649x471 72718 bytes 2007.10.25

Image: rainbow-chemistry.jpg   484x612 93132 bytes 2007.10.25

cute tiger I meet at a local Fur meeting named Josh. He's really nice, has rainbow hair and is really smart and cuddly hehe. By the way those are test tubes with glowing chemicals

Image: chibi-hammer.jpg   631x484 107299 bytes 2007.10.25

Tsume and Eve being silly. Eve stole the cubi plushie of Star and all the candy now Tsume wants to 'share' her giant hammer with the skunk girl

Image: jade.jpg   501x639 134178 bytes 2007.10.16

Jade from the rp sim: Alchera on SL\r\n\r\na very interesting character, a thief/seductress/survivor who's body is charged with electricity! She was fun to draw\r\n\r\nJade Kachou Ling

Image: eve_battle-shaded.jpg   640x503 111858 bytes 2007.10.14

finally got this shaded and ready. Eve VS the 40 foot Xendrian...oh fudge!

Image: vamp-bunny.jpg   532x719 92625 bytes 2007.10.14

I was at a gay club on SL just enjoying the music and was about to head out when this little goth/vampire bunny walks in...he just looked so cool I had to try and draw him! As soon as I was about to ask him he poofed...*sniffles*oh well, enjoy the vampire bunny boi in short shorts

Image: star-cubi.jpg   493x637 95001 bytes 2007.10.14

I role play on Secondlife in a fantasy sim and well one of the folks there is Star a really nice cubi fox in a harem boi I had to draw him.

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