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Image: bday-teldon.jpg   759x610 89058 bytes 2007.08.22

Image: blackbolthurt.jpg   729x528 157603 bytes 2007.09.07

a scene from the story (though its not dead on)\r\n\r\nBlackbolt standing between you and the only door out. He's got arrows stuck in him, his left arm looks broken and his armor is ripped apart in places. His eyes are darker then the inside of a coffin and the half of his broken sword is dedicated to driving itself through your chest...this is his rage

Image: bolt_armor.jpg   809x622 129951 bytes 2007.06.05

Black Bolt in his leather armor showing off his weapons. A rapier like straight sword, a scimitar and a trick crossbow (on his back) I'm really happy with how the leather armor came out!

Image: booboo.jpg   519x675 54225 bytes 2006.08.29

A simple quick pic I did of Eve in an anime girl pose that Lord Dragonfyre showed me once. He thought it was so cute and sexy I had to try it out so this was a small surprise for him

Image: bruce_at_the_bar.jpg   601x782 108446 bytes 2007.05.01

Yeah I buy Bruce drinks at the bar all the you know why *winks* love how he wags his tail when he's buzzed\r\n\r\nBruce is copyright \r\nCharles "Fox" Champion

Image: bruce_version_7.jpg   481x744 108358 bytes 2007.04.13

Bruce version 7.2\r\n\r\nI've been asked to draw a web comic for someone (using their script) and I thought it might be fun so I agreed. This is one of the main characters: Bruce an ex-marine kicked out for being homosexual but he still loves the core.\r\n\r\nBruce is copyright \r\nCharles "Fox" Champion

Image: bunny-shogun.jpg   753x633 89649 bytes 2007.04.09

Commission for my bunny buddy on SL. I wanted to try and keep the coloring and everything 'soft' on this one. I figured a bunny samurai has to have cherry blossoms floating behind him (its the law!)\r\n\r\nBunny (c) his player

Image: carl.jpg   537x636 98890 bytes 2007.09.27

DJ Carl from SL this is just kind of a quick drawing of him

Image: cboy.jpg   578x807 139213 bytes 2007.08.28

its Drayk just hanging out at a subway station looking smexy as always...maybe he's looking for a ride? Hehe\r\n\r\nof course the cutie is copyrighted to:\r\n:icondrayk:\r\n\r\nHope you like it, and hope I didn't mess up too badly. Oh and I'm trying to work on backgrounds...yay!

Image: cetas.jpg   557x799 91879 bytes 2006.03.02

Mmm, big sexy unicorn man. I meet Cetas in Second life and thought he would be fun to draw. He's sexy and I love the star fur pattern (my idea)

Image: chains.jpg   561x1134 143663 bytes 2005.06.03

Chains: part chaotic hellcat, part fluffy black kitty. Just dont let him hear you calling him that or he'll put a chain where the sun-dont-shine. Copyright player

Image: chainskat.jpg   552x949 157488 bytes 2005.08.04

Kat and Chains, dont they make a great couple? A demon with electric powers and a feline with a chain fetish...I've seen worse

Image: chainsnfriend.jpg   577x814 128453 bytes 2005.08.19

Chains and one of his friends. I didn't get the name of the girl...isn't she cute? Looks like she can kick your ass and kill you three times before you hit the ground.

Image: cherry.jpg   547x679 87460 bytes 2007.03.10

Last one for Shara, this is her koopa character, wow she's cut\r\n\r\nCherry the Koopa \r\nCherry is a strong, very tall, very muscular Koopa Girl! She has very long red hair, a red Koopa shell on her back, and like most Koopas she is green and yellow. She has very large breasts and is very very muscular. Don't be scared of her muscles and size, she is friendly....honest!

Image: chibi-hammer.jpg   631x484 107299 bytes 2007.10.25

Tsume and Eve being silly. Eve stole the cubi plushie of Star and all the candy now Tsume wants to 'share' her giant hammer with the skunk girl

Image: chibi-taker.jpg   584x818 93277 bytes 2006.12.24

Chibi Taker

Ok so its not furry but still.\r\n\r\nThe lights turn down, the sound of an ominous bell tolls in the distance as a lone figure in black steps out among the fog. Slow heavy steps as he makes his way into the ring and the lights turn up showing the Undertaker well the chibi version...

Tags: Undertaker Taker  
Image: chocolate_vixen_wraper_color.jpg   801x603 81274 bytes 2008.06.04

Image: chocolate_vixen_wraper_line.jpg   801x603 70610 bytes 2008.04.18

Image: christ.jpg   726x583 93825 bytes 2007.12.21

Image: cigarskunk_fanart.jpg   532x780 96272 bytes 2007.05.16

Hi um, I don't know if your watching my gallery (pretty sure your not) so I wanted to send you a link to some fan art. Sorry its not as good as it could be.\r\n\r\n

Image: clay.jpg   509x647 103354 bytes 2008.01.02

A jackal-fox hybrid, skinny enough to make a model jealous but he still packs a punch. Suited in light gear he actually has two swords, his gauntlets are bladed and reinforced to act as weapons or shields. Clay knows many martial arts but specializes in three forms: Dancing breeze, Crushing Earth, Drifting mist. The forms show off either wide sweeping motions, minimal movement and strong counters or distracting surprise attacks.

Image: clyde.jpg   646x827 137768 bytes 2005.08.12

Now thats a Hot day in the field! Sexy Clyde from the Collared Dragon

Image: coco.jpg   481x888 118366 bytes 2005.08.18

Coco the chocolate vixen. Yes thats actually her name! Quick pic of her. She's supposed to be completly covered in chocolate, the coloring is white chocolate...I think

Image: coconut.jpg   633x763 97938 bytes 2007.07.14

I asked Roland if I could do a pic for him and he asked me to draw someone else's character named 'Coconut' so here she is. Now I have that song "put the lime in the coconut..."

Image: colorpatches.jpg   575x764 139748 bytes 2005.06.08

Patches looking serious for once, atleast a little. He's still cute though isn't he? Side note when he wears that kimono top he usually dosn't wear the pants.

Image: cosplay-bebop.jpg   692x547 93998 bytes 2008.02.09

heh someone suggested some cosplay from Cowboy Bebop (one of the best animes ever) So heres Eve as Spike and Patches as Faye

Image: cosplay-patches_bleach.jpg   533x726 92218 bytes 2008.02.09

Patches cosplaying as Itchigo from Bleach, I'm pretty happy with how this one came out. Wait until you see his Bonkai!

Image: cosplay-patches_greed.jpg   469x588 69530 bytes 2008.02.09

in its's a semi silly drawing I did of Patches cosplaying as Greed from FMA hope you enjoy

Image: cry.jpg   619x802 116152 bytes 2006.01.26

This is a young bat girl I ran into on furcadia ( she was sweet and kind of nerdy but what intrested me the most was the fact she used her feet for her hands since she had wings. Common sense would suggest this kind of thing for feral bats and such but I've never seen an anthro bat do this before and I thought she deserved some credit for it.

Image: cute-thing.jpg   745x573 77965 bytes 2008.02.13

Well my sister has been bugging me to draw her a character, she wanted small, cute and fairy wings so what ever. Kinda happy with this

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