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Image: bunny-shogun.jpg   753x633 89649 bytes 2007.04.09

Commission for my bunny buddy on SL. I wanted to try and keep the coloring and everything 'soft' on this one. I figured a bunny samurai has to have cherry blossoms floating behind him (its the law!)\r\n\r\nBunny (c) his player

Image: mitsu-commission.jpg   591x746 114309 bytes 2007.04.09

Mitsu Neko\r\n\r\nAnother of Isis' characters, she's a cute little playful neko (arn't they all?) she said and I quote "abnormally large chest" this pose was harder then I thought it would be.\r\n\r\nMitsu Neko (c) Isis

Image: isis-commission.jpg   564x783 102118 bytes 2007.04.09

My friend from way back Isis commissioned/requested a pic of her character. This is Isis a very pretty arctic wolf, she's elegant and delicate but can break your nose with a flick of her wrist. I believe Isis was one of best early (pre anime influence) characters I've ever drawn.\r\n\r\nby the way she's supposed to be like dancing or something...\r\n\r\nIsis (c) her owner

Image: musclebutt.jpg   584x778 108057 bytes 2007.04.07

Quick pic of Tygerstrype from SecondLife. We had a swim wear party and he didn't have anything to wear so I gave him some short shorts (considering he's twice my size that was interesting)

Image: darth-eve.jpg   635x768 101755 bytes 2007.04.05

In SecondLife I stumbled across a Star Wars sim so of course I'm getting into that. This was just a quick sketch and I decided to make something of it so I colored and stuff. I'm pretty happy with the background and the outfit. Instead of giving her a cloak (like everyone seems to wear) its a long dress with a high slit on the left. she does have a 'cape' that attaches and makes the dress look like a long jacket.\r\n\r\nThe text is from when I tried to join a Sith group they asked me that question and that was my answer.

Image: eve-overworked.jpg   788x582 145187 bytes 2007.03.30

This was a true moment I had where I realized just how much junk I had to do and thought...I'll draw a chibi instead of doing my work!

Image: eve-heartless.jpg   595x731 75580 bytes 2007.03.30

yay heartless

Image: patches-silver.jpg   473x670 83074 bytes 2007.03.30

Art trade with Silver\r\n\r\nPatches and Silver swing dancing!

Image: patches-fyre.jpg   621x797 130282 bytes 2007.03.30

Patches and DragonFyre fighting!\r\n\r\nNot sure why they are fighting...they just are. Um I hate to tell Patches this but he really dosn't stand a chance...

Image: pinch-me.jpg   559x742 105713 bytes 2007.03.18

Better late then never but yay for four leaf clovers! No I was not drunk when I drew it :p

Image: eve-mustang.jpg   1508x791 103448 bytes 2007.03.14

More fun with Photoshop...this didn't come out nearly as well as I hoped it would but oh well.

Image: eve-marathon.jpg   578x788 163209 bytes 2007.03.12

Its been a long standing tradition of mine to doodle or draw something while at school (either in class if its boring or during break) Well I sat through about a three hour lecture on how great 3D modeling is (without actually being shown anything on how to do it) so I thought I would try out photoshop and this is what happen..

Image: tcd-smash.jpg   805x624 223781 bytes 2007.03.10

We were talking about Super Smash Brothers and well this is what happen..\r\n\r\n[left to right]\r\nEve (Fox McCloud)\r\nGata (Samus)\r\nSol (Gannon)\r\nSkunk (Young Link) yes he's a rabbit named skunk\r\nKitsu (Link)

Image: cherry.jpg   547x679 87460 bytes 2007.03.10

Last one for Shara, this is her koopa character, wow she's cut\r\n\r\nCherry the Koopa \r\nCherry is a strong, very tall, very muscular Koopa Girl! She has very long red hair, a red Koopa shell on her back, and like most Koopas she is green and yellow. She has very large breasts and is very very muscular. Don't be scared of her muscles and size, she is friendly....honest!

Image: pork-chop.jpg   469x740 69192 bytes 2007.03.10

Aww isn't she cute? Another one for Shara her adorable little piggy (thats supposed to be an apple)\r\n\r\nPork Chops the Pig\r\nPork Chops is a very large and cute Pig! She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves to eat! She is also one of the happiest and friendly pigs you will ever meet!

Image: random-idea1.jpg   616x814 129943 bytes 2007.03.07

Image: afk-tipping.jpg   637x784 184371 bytes 2007.03.07

Based off a true event in SecondLife...\r\n\r\nin the game when someone goes afk there character slumps over like they fell asleep

Image: fairy_evecolor.jpg   571x717 98679 bytes 2007.03.07

Image: fairy_eve.jpg   571x717 81038 bytes 2007.02.28

Eve as a Twinker bell like fairy trying to get you to come fly with her. I plan to color this when I figure out Photoshop

Image: wolf_of_the_opera.jpg   550x753 127674 bytes 2007.02.28

I was watching the movie/musical of this on TV and I've wanted to do a pic of it so here it is. Elm on the outside dosn't really fit the part but he was the strongest male singer I know (strongest as in voice) Of course Eve gets to be Christine.\r\n\r\nElm/Phantom sings in Black bold\r\nEve/Christine sings in Pink script\r\nBoth: Black script\r\n\r\nPhantom of the Opera (c) all rights reserved and stuff

Image: photo.jpg   605x801 111483 bytes 2007.02.23

This is Photo a very nice turtle I meet on SecondLife through Dragonfyre. She's really nice and fun to be around and turns out a lot of fun to draw too! This is just the line art I'm going to color it and hope it comes out decent. \r\n\r\nPhoto (c) her player

Image: justin.jpg   612x803 127197 bytes 2007.02.13

My friend Justin revamped his character and I was feeling inspired so here you go.

Image: spartan-stallion.jpg   608x782 113726 bytes 2007.02.12

I was watching the previews and stuff for the movie 300 and I'm so looking forward to it! Well I had to draw up one and I thought an equine spartan would be cool so here he is.

Image: tcd-heros.jpg   826x629 134406 bytes 2007.02.10

\r\nEve: The Tail Avenger and the Drunk\r\nFrisky: The Evil High Beams\r\nOuka: Evil Plushie Master\r\nBri: Kitty Bell

Image: oroch-fan.jpg   542x608 56890 bytes 2007.02.10

\r\nSexy bunny! [ ]

Image: piggy-chan-fan.jpg   493x661 79915 bytes 2007.02.10

\r\nFan art for the wonderful artist Piggy-chan\r\n[ ]\r\n\r\nFlamers beware!

Image: slumber-party.jpg   812x620 133234 bytes 2007.02.09

\r\nTrying to draw some chessecake...didn't come out very well.\r\n\r\nThalia, Bri (wearing Eve's panties on her head), Frisky, Zera (shh she's sleeping) Shade (mecha plushie)and Eve

Image: monster-quicky.jpg   517x706 84675 bytes 2007.02.09

Meanie monster! stop killing people and leave the poor Starrs folks alone!

Image: volk-quicky.jpg   513x588 46826 bytes 2007.02.09

Another sketch/doodle pic of Volk (the first pic I saw of him in his gallery he was complaining about his sunglasses

Image: frenor-quicky.jpg   574x788 91067 bytes 2007.02.09

\r\nJust a quick sketchy pic of the legendary Frenor (I know its not very good)

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