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Image: stray.jpg   612x664 153367 bytes 2006.04.22

Patches out in the rain, alone and unwanted.

Image: pan-color.jpg   576x769 67979 bytes 2006.04.22

Friend of mine from Secondlife, I did a color pic for him. Yay colors

Image: maro2.jpg   791x578 122915 bytes 2006.04.22

he's shmexy and can kill you in a few dozen ways...he's Maro!

Image: heros2.jpg   580x740 134904 bytes 2006.04.22

Another group shot of the heros.

Image: b-badger.jpg   605x767 82422 bytes 2006.04.22

Friend of mine from Second Life

Image: group.jpg   778x601 163773 bytes 2006.04.22

A new group of heros: \r\n(left to right)\r\nFaith (Eve) mutant speed/agility\r\nBurn (Bri) ability to control fire\r\nArch (Maro) Quick healing body\r\nDead eye (Elm) Amazing strength\r\nSplice (Doc) Controled self mutation\r\nWrath (Neko) Control over light rays itself\r\nCrimson (Tyya) Control over blood cells\r\nAsh (Patches)ilussion and shapeshifting

Image: fractured.jpg   803x603 97854 bytes 2006.04.07

I guess I was feeling pretty odd when I drew this but I like how it came out.

Image: dark-lightmage.jpg   612x814 94897 bytes 2006.04.05

This is Bri and Eve dressed up for a little RPG adventure! In secondlife they have a game called Darklife its an RPG its pretty cool and I'm enjoying myself. Bri the little white kitty is a dark mage, she gets all the offensive spells (fire, ice, wind, and earth) while Eve the skunk girl is a light mage (heal, protect, speed, and power). Basicly Eve is the bandaid in a group and Bri is the Mage that just tosses spells at things she dosn't like. I just thought this pic was cute to try out, Bri with all white fur and Eve with mostly black fur. Well Eve is kind of a red mage (uses both light and dark spells) because I didn't want to get killed when alone.

Image: maro-fox.jpg   540x824 72122 bytes 2006.03.29

This is Maro a friend of mine from DA. This is a simple pic I did of him real fast, I know its not my best work but this was basicly just to figure out how I saw him and how Maro see's himself so dont panic. Isn't he cute?

Image: promise10.jpg   634x822 207453 bytes 2006.03.24

You call this an ending? Elm's hurt and alone, Eve is trapped in a 'doll' Fyre is hanging on the wall and the bad guy got off scot free! *sniffs the air* Do I smell sequal?

Image: promise9.jpg   633x812 268654 bytes 2006.03.24

Insert peg A (Giant stone cross) into slot B (the dragon's face)

Image: sharp-griph.jpg   591x734 131873 bytes 2006.03.22

A new character named Sharp I was playing around with. Just trying to practice drawing griffons and such.

Image: promise8.jpg   626x809 258306 bytes 2006.03.22

Elm is having a very bad day...

Image: promise7.jpg   632x823 267091 bytes 2006.03.22

The story and the violence continue.

Image: promise6.jpg   637x822 274113 bytes 2006.03.18

All of this trouble just to get Elm and Fyre to fight...

Image: promise5.jpg   635x823 254222 bytes 2006.03.18

The death of a joker, and the anger of a really big wolf...

Image: promise4.jpg   635x825 188336 bytes 2006.03.13

Page 4 of the comic. I hope its not too confusing.

Image: girls.jpg   629x799 129187 bytes 2006.03.13

Patches, Arcahamedees, and Skittles. My three crossdressing characters. Arn't they cute?

Image: promise3.jpg   634x821 179662 bytes 2006.03.06

Promise page 3. Ok if you cant tell whats going on Elm's really pissed off now. Elm normally could torcher someone for days on end but I guess after cracking someone's skull in a few places and breaking their jaw they cant stand too much more. Ok the black stuff in the fourth scene is blood, I know it dosn't look right but oh well. I was watching Sin City while coloring this and I think it kind of effected the outcome. Yay finally introduced the badguys! Well kinda.

Image: ryou.jpg   377x641 62613 bytes 2006.03.06

A nice fur sent me an e-mail yesterday, he complimented my work and asked nicely for me to do a pic for him. He wanted me to do a pic of his character, a rabbit that messed with his genes and somehow mixed in dalmation and tiger DNA or something. Now heres Ryou the Rabbit/dalmation/tiger! I guess he's an anthro Ra-lma-ger well if nothing else I think he's kinda cute. If you cant tell his bunny ears are pulled back and tied off like a pony tail. Kind of like that rabbit samurai from Ninja turtles...cant remember his name Usagi or something. Well heres your pic Ryou hope you enjoy it.

Image: cetas.jpg   557x799 91879 bytes 2006.03.02

Mmm, big sexy unicorn man. I meet Cetas in Second life and thought he would be fun to draw. He's sexy and I love the star fur pattern (my idea)

Image: promise2.jpg   633x801 254209 bytes 2006.03.02

Page2 of the comic "Promise" I am trying to get done. Hopefully I can finish it fairly soon. It shouldn't be too much longer. If this turns out decent I might try sending it to a furry magazine or something.

Image: promise.jpg   595x782 146280 bytes 2006.02.08

Elm VS Patches, Elm made a promise long ago never to hurt Patches then he promised Patches never to give up and always to keep fighting....

Image: jewel.jpg   544x786 76855 bytes 2006.02.01

Samaurai Jewel\r\n\r\nA young half dragoness in black armor, a samurai in trainning and a pretty nice young lady. I was sitting a few seats from her watching a duel when I got a whisper asking me to draw her character. She had a pretty nice pic for herself already but that wasn't drawn specificly for her character and she wanted me to do a character pic for her. I thought the character was so intresting it might be fun to draw so here she is. The combination of gray scale and jet black really brings out the armor I think.\r\n\r\nCharacter copyrighted to her player.

Image: fallen-faith.jpg   631x772 111259 bytes 2006.01.31

Fallen Faith\r\n\r\nThis is a cubi character I created, not sure exactly of the name but she will most likely call herself "Faith". She is intresting because she is your steriotypical succubis, charm some people, cause chaos go home and have a cup of tea. One big difference is she hates herself. She hates the fact she is ageless and gets piercings to remind her that she's still alive. On her right forearm those are D ring piercings with ribbons lacing them together same on her left thigh. Ironicly she is partially based off one of my pet rats.

Image: tyyavseve.jpg   801x624 98894 bytes 2006.01.30

Tyya VS Eve battle of the artists!\r\n\r\nThis is a funny pic I drew up after Tyya did a few pics of Eve. She was joking about drawing a brain nibbling Eve pic and I said I would draw Tyya in an orange bride maid's dress. I was tempted to put the little quotes in the pic but kinda ran out of room:\r\n\r\nTyya: Have you ever tried brains? I hear they are pretty good!\r\n\r\nEve: Orange really isn't your color....\r\n\r\nboth characters copyrighted to their characters (paws off boys)

Image: badcompany.jpg   782x589 135150 bytes 2006.01.29

Kind of a random pic of the Elm character. I made a few little changes here and there, see if you can tell what they are!

Image: support-clean.jpg   584x803 84708 bytes 2006.01.28

Starving artist over here! If these two cant get some attention I dont know what will...

Image: epic-eve.jpg   747x638 129688 bytes 2006.01.26

This is the character Eve in her D&D epic form. She is a mystic theurge (that means she can cast both arcane and divine spells) and is roughly level 21. Eve is a half dragoness and follower of Palor, this picture is inside a hallway of her home which she protects fiercly.

Image: cry.jpg   619x802 116152 bytes 2006.01.26

This is a young bat girl I ran into on furcadia ( she was sweet and kind of nerdy but what intrested me the most was the fact she used her feet for her hands since she had wings. Common sense would suggest this kind of thing for feral bats and such but I've never seen an anthro bat do this before and I thought she deserved some credit for it.

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