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Image: promise.jpg   595x782 146280 bytes 2006.02.08

Elm VS Patches, Elm made a promise long ago never to hurt Patches then he promised Patches never to give up and always to keep fighting....

Image: promise10.jpg   634x822 207453 bytes 2006.03.24

You call this an ending? Elm's hurt and alone, Eve is trapped in a 'doll' Fyre is hanging on the wall and the bad guy got off scot free! *sniffs the air* Do I smell sequal?

Image: promise2.jpg   633x801 254209 bytes 2006.03.02

Page2 of the comic "Promise" I am trying to get done. Hopefully I can finish it fairly soon. It shouldn't be too much longer. If this turns out decent I might try sending it to a furry magazine or something.

Image: promise3.jpg   634x821 179662 bytes 2006.03.06

Promise page 3. Ok if you cant tell whats going on Elm's really pissed off now. Elm normally could torcher someone for days on end but I guess after cracking someone's skull in a few places and breaking their jaw they cant stand too much more. Ok the black stuff in the fourth scene is blood, I know it dosn't look right but oh well. I was watching Sin City while coloring this and I think it kind of effected the outcome. Yay finally introduced the badguys! Well kinda.

Image: promise4.jpg   635x825 188336 bytes 2006.03.13

Page 4 of the comic. I hope its not too confusing.

Image: promise5.jpg   635x823 254222 bytes 2006.03.18

The death of a joker, and the anger of a really big wolf...

Image: promise6.jpg   637x822 274113 bytes 2006.03.18

All of this trouble just to get Elm and Fyre to fight...

Image: promise7.jpg   632x823 267091 bytes 2006.03.22

The story and the violence continue.

Image: promise8.jpg   626x809 258306 bytes 2006.03.22

Elm is having a very bad day...

Image: promise9.jpg   633x812 268654 bytes 2006.03.24

Insert peg A (Giant stone cross) into slot B (the dragon's face)

Image: propertyoffyre.jpg   751x759 198641 bytes 2005.08.11

Little slave/harem girls: Eve and Laby cuddling up behind the bar at the Collared Dragon. Those are supposed to be chain mesh tops but the metal didn't come out looking right...oh well.

Image: pump-pg1.jpg   557x754 162859 bytes 2007.09.27

Image: pump-pg2.jpg   557x754 153907 bytes 2007.09.27

Image: quila_and_wind.jpg   578x788 135062 bytes 2007.07.21

My friends Quila (on the left) and Wind (on the right) showing off their outfits. Ain't they the cutest twin bois ever? Well not really related at all but still darn cute. I hate drawing plaid :p\r\n\r\nQuila and Wind are both DJs at club Wild things on Secondlife and both rock. I did this pic to kinda relax and practice drawing girly bois.\r\n\r\nQuila and Wind (c) their players

Image: rael-leather.jpg   649x471 72718 bytes 2007.10.25

Image: ragnarok-eve.jpg   495x629 142693 bytes 2006.11.20

Yeah guess who's playing Ragnarok online?\r\n\r\nEve is a wizard specializing in fire

Image: raiden.jpg   600x976 165581 bytes 2005.08.27

Raiden. Grr...he's a pirate, with metal legs? He's half dragon too so he's supposed to be scary, Grr..yeah!

Image: rail.gif   618x793 114228 bytes 2006.10.26

My friend Rail Jumper, he's adorable! I got bored and he was there so..I drew him! I do that sometimes

Image: rainbow-chemistry.jpg   484x612 93132 bytes 2007.10.25

cute tiger I meet at a local Fur meeting named Josh. He's really nice, has rainbow hair and is really smart and cuddly hehe. By the way those are test tubes with glowing chemicals

Image: random-idea1.jpg   616x814 129943 bytes 2007.03.07

Image: random_fox.jpg   620x820 129721 bytes 2007.06.05

I was drawing someone I saw in Second life but he left before I got past the pose guide lines so I just made it a random fox buy. I like how he turned out but I can't think of a name for him. Any suggestions?

Image: rave-fox.jpg   530x735 105347 bytes 2007.10.14

I was on secondlife, got bored and thought "hey theres a cute fox boi with glow sticks I should draw him" and here he is..kinda. He poofed before I could ask permission so I change some details on him

Image: red.jpg   413x546 68087 bytes 2008.01.24

Friend of mine named Red. Been hanging out with him in real life so I thought I'd give a shot at drawing him. He's a black leopard that seems to just wander around Asia picking up this and that.

Image: rev-kai-color.jpg   598x664 85824 bytes 2008.01.20

Happy birthday Miss Kai from Alchera. Rev asked me to do this pic as a birthday present for miss Kai and here it is. I'm pretty happy I did this whole thing in two days (would have been one day if I didn't get swamped with school work)

Image: rockband.jpg   766x566 145429 bytes 2008.01.16

For those about to rock! Random silly pic I did for no real reason\r\nRael (lead vocals)\r\nPuppers (lead guitar)\r\nEve (bass)\r\nPatches (drums)

Image: rohan.jpg   603x776 156546 bytes 2005.09.17

thats Sir Rohan to you. Sir Rohan the holy fighter and part time paladin! This is a friend of mine's character from D&D he may not look like much but he's strong as heck and I think his running record at the moment is going through 23 monsters in one turn with his holy avenger!

Image: Roland.jpg   483x763 53603 bytes 2006.05.21

Isn't he cute? Little Roland in an oversized sweater and his collar...hmm looks like he forgot his pants. I hope you like this piece, I drew it around 3am or so.

Image: rori-bowie.jpg   778x616 125503 bytes 2007.08.06

the big green draggy commissioned me to do a pic of him like the Goblin King and big hair 80's Bowie so this is the line art for his pics. Hope you like it

Image: rori-bowie_commission.jpg   778x616 119111 bytes 2007.08.28

My friend Rori the smexy dragon imitating the Goblin king and Bowie now in color!

Image: rose-patches.jpg   846x1239 253370 bytes 2005.06.03

Aww Patches found a friend in the slave chambers. Arn't the new earings so cute on Patches? Her name is Rose-b by the way. Copyrighted to players

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