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Image: ryou.jpg   377x641 62613 bytes 2006.03.06

A nice fur sent me an e-mail yesterday, he complimented my work and asked nicely for me to do a pic for him. He wanted me to do a pic of his character, a rabbit that messed with his genes and somehow mixed in dalmation and tiger DNA or something. Now heres Ryou the Rabbit/dalmation/tiger! I guess he's an anthro Ra-lma-ger well if nothing else I think he's kinda cute. If you cant tell his bunny ears are pulled back and tied off like a pony tail. Kind of like that rabbit samurai from Ninja turtles...cant remember his name Usagi or something. Well heres your pic Ryou hope you enjoy it.

Image: sally-fighter.jpg   616x776 87369 bytes 2006.12.24

This is my kitsune friend Sally, she's an ice kitsune (I know thats not really an element but shh) Normally cute and cuddly this is one of the rare moments when she's really ticked off. Um thats supposed to be ice over her hand and you know how Sub zero had vapors rising from his frozen arms in one of the mortal kombats? yeah bad attempt\r\n\r\nSally is all her own.

Tags: kitsune Sally Ice  
Image: secluded-com-color.jpg   620x786 129962 bytes 2005.11.14

Tattered wings, broken dreams but a smile on painted lips and a look of wonder in unmatching eyes. Fallen angel or uplifted devil, tongue like a silver dagger she will take what she wishes and leaves all she had behind...for she is:\r\nSecluded

Image: secluded-com.jpg   620x786 140947 bytes 2005.11.14

Sekluded, she's running an art contest to draw her character. This is just the line art I will either color it or do a ton of pencil/ink shading on it..not sure which probly color will look better.

Image: serik.jpg   599x788 100817 bytes 2005.11.05

Its Serik! He's a really good duelist and a friend of mine. His fur and hair are both supposed to be green so that came out alittle funky. If your wondering thats an oar strapped to his back, he's a water duelist...get it? To my knowledge he's never actually ticked off another duelist by reading during a duel....

Image: sersay.jpg   545x772 106841 bytes 2006.01.03

Sersay (line art) you might remember her from a few of my other pics like TCD girls. This is Sersay a good friend of mine and I believe an Empress in her home world. Isn't she pretty? Those are decorations hanging from her horns and the under skirting of the loin cloth is supposed to be see through.

Image: sharp-griph.jpg   591x734 131873 bytes 2006.03.22

A new character named Sharp I was playing around with. Just trying to practice drawing griffons and such.

Image: shinobi-eve.jpg   603x782 227442 bytes 2006.05.21

The dragoness assassin is back (and clinging to a wall like its nothing). I played a bit with her costume it used to be just a bodysuit but I like this a bit better. I thought someone who moves as agile as Eve does needs to have a weapon that can keep up so I thought a lenght of steel wire with a blade on either end would do nicely. I was origonaly thinking of having her use razor wire since her paws are covered in fine scales that would protect her from the wire but it would go through skin/fur fairly easily. Well still a work in progress I just wanted to draw Eve in her dragoness form being all stealthy. Enjoy

Image: shinobi-patches-color.jpg   706x593 49924 bytes 2006.09.07

Because Shinobi are cool and color is even better!

Image: shinobi-patches.jpg   706x593 50761 bytes 2006.09.07

Patches being all ninja like and sexy in a skirt

Image: silent_fox_line.jpg   560x812 65793 bytes 2008.02.24

Silent Phantom\r\n\r\nMy friend Vify is getting some of his friends their very first commission pics and this is one of them. Its been awhile since I've had so much freedom over a character design. Doesn't he have the cutest ears?

Image: silent_fox_print_color.jpg   671x974 73910 bytes 2008.02.25

Silent Phantom's finished commission. I tried doing the shading differently this time, kinda like how it came out but its a little too subtle in spots but I'll work on that as I go. I'm pretty happy with this pic, ain't he cute?

Image: silly-joke.gif   725x591 104906 bytes 2006.10.26

Do not get between a skunk girl and her Fox McCloud obsession...

Image: singalong.jpg   629x828 132381 bytes 2007.02.02

karaoke at The collared Dragon...God help us all!

Image: skunk-commission.jpg   754x569 124787 bytes 2007.10.06

line art for Mr. Skunk's commission. I hope he likes it (I'll color it as soon as he says he likes the line art)\r\n\r\nIts Mr. Skunk and Purple and Mr. Skunk is pulling the old 'insta-skunkette' trick

Image: SL_heros.jpg   804x606 166960 bytes 2007.04.22

Random drawing of a bunch of my friends from SL\r\n\r\n[left to right]\r\nLord Dragonfyre (Monster hunter)\r\nEve Bishop (modern paladin/Wolfwood knock off)\r\nTeldon (Alucard, Hellsing)\r\nFullMetal (steampunk)\r\nMidnight (Mercenary)\r\nCandy (ninja for hire)\r\n\r\n(this would have been easier to draw if they were around when I drew it)

Image: sl_heros2.jpg   820x614 217255 bytes 2007.04.26

Tried drawing a bunch of my friends again. this turned out better but I should have done better on the shading.\r\n\r\n[Left to right]\r\nTeldon (Vampire/gunman)\r\nMidnight (cyber vixen)\r\nEve (Modern Paladin)\r\nLord DragonFyre (one BAD undead dragon)\r\nOtty (Shinobi) --thats a giant kunai he's holding--\r\nKumiko (Feline that can kick your tail!)\r\n

Image: slumber-party.jpg   812x620 133234 bytes 2007.02.09

\r\nTrying to draw some chessecake...didn't come out very well.\r\n\r\nThalia, Bri (wearing Eve's panties on her head), Frisky, Zera (shh she's sleeping) Shade (mecha plushie)and Eve

Image: snow-lilly.jpg   472x705 62817 bytes 2005.05.24

She has stared down dragons\r\nbroken slavers under her gentle touch\r\nthe petite she-mouse with the eyes of a preditor\r\nMore pleasurable then your greatest wet dream\r\nmore frightening then your worse nightmare.\r\nInnocent as blood soaked snow\r\nshe is Snow Lilly!\r\nCharacter copyrighted to player.

Image: sorwyn.jpg   729x949 151861 bytes 2005.09.01

My entry in Sorywn's pic contest. This is just the line art, no shading or anything else yet.

Image: sorwyn2.jpg   717x966 268420 bytes 2005.09.01

Shaded and stuff...

Image: spartan-stallion.jpg   608x782 113726 bytes 2007.02.12

I was watching the previews and stuff for the movie 300 and I'm so looking forward to it! Well I had to draw up one and I thought an equine spartan would be cool so here he is.

Image: spider-eyegear.jpg   454x590 43218 bytes 2007.01.10

Justin and Mecha Pop were talking at the Collared Dragon (on Furcadia) and Justin being an inventor was talking about a kind of harness for the glasses Mecha wears (since the spider has no nose or ears) well being the way I am I had to sketch out my thoughts and here they are.\r\n\r\nSomewhat simple: Two lens in normal position with three straps that branch off to the side and hold the lens over the spider eyes (I changed Mecha's image some so they look more like spider eyes rather then just dots on his face) and those three straps go behind his head with another that hooks under the.

Image: spidermare.jpg   614x740 93956 bytes 2006.11.29

What if:\r\n\r\nAn anthro spider and a NightMare had a baby? Well yeah...weird things happen on furcadia

Image: star-cubi.jpg   493x637 95001 bytes 2007.10.14

I role play on Secondlife in a fantasy sim and well one of the folks there is Star a really nice cubi fox in a harem boi I had to draw him.

Image: straightjacketeve.jpg   618x793 101567 bytes 2007.07.14

I remember someone asked me to draw Eve in a straight jacket along time ago...well better late then never?

Image: stray.jpg   612x664 153367 bytes 2006.04.22

Patches out in the rain, alone and unwanted.

Image: stripe.jpg   608x738 126892 bytes 2007.04.26

I had the suggestion by Otty to draw Eve as a super hero so here she is! Um thats a train above her...\r\n\r\nLets play a game!! Suggest a name for her and maybe I'll draw another pic of her saving you or something. Should start with an S since she has that on her chest.\r\n\r\nThe Stripe (my suggestion)

Image: support-clean.jpg   584x803 84708 bytes 2006.01.28

Starving artist over here! If these two cant get some attention I dont know what will...

Image: tarotemperor.jpg   518x967 158395 bytes 2005.08.06

The Emperor. Lord Dragonfyre so fits this, not just because he's my boss. He's almost like a father, he's always there for you with solid advice and sound thinking. He's going to yell at me for praising him but oh well.

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