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Image: vamp-bunny.jpg   532x719 92625 bytes 2007.10.14

I was at a gay club on SL just enjoying the music and was about to head out when this little goth/vampire bunny walks in...he just looked so cool I had to try and draw him! As soon as I was about to ask him he poofed...*sniffles*oh well, enjoy the vampire bunny boi in short shorts

Image: vet.jpg   441x415 79796 bytes 2008.02.24

Had to take my kitten Gizmo to the vet to get spay and shots done. I was so worried about her the whole time. I didn't realize it but I did spend like 45 minutes just staying goodbye to Gizmo, and the lady at the desk had huge freaking boobs....oh and Gizmo is fine by the way.

Image: vicar-eve.jpg   438x561 90129 bytes 2007.11.30

in SL I rp at a sim called Alchera. I was recently promoted to Vicar of Light (like a high priest) and with it I get new powers and stuff. Here's Eve showing off her new Vicar robes casting celestial shield and summoning a weapon. The best thing about being the vicar of light: I get lasers!

Image: vick.jpg   641x726 80160 bytes 2005.07.26

Yes I know she looks like Krystal but she's supposed to! Vick from the Collared Dragon!

Image: vickharem.jpg   610x913 181081 bytes 2005.08.30

Vicky once again! Dressed in the Harem outfit (chain mesh top and loin cloth) and with a few of her own additions.

Image: viffy-spartan.jpg   495x614 83227 bytes 2007.10.06

redrew this thing three times but i think I'm finally happy with the line art. Its Vify as a spartan and he's gonna get ya!

Image: viffy_n_mother.jpg   566x739 99195 bytes 2007.09.08

A special piece for Viffy who has been very supportive to me and now his Mother is in the hospital getting ready for surgery. I think its heart valve but I'm not positive. Viffy wanted this to be a commission but I can't accept money for this. All our prayers are with you and your Mother Viffy.

Image: vify_character_sheet_color.jpg   820x750 148164 bytes 2007.07.17

Vify character sheet in color showing off the fur pattern and what not. Wish I got the weird black highlights better but over all it came out alright..I think.

Image: vifyacroth-doorart-line.jpg   508x719 64084 bytes 2007.12.27

Vify and Acroth together. I'm going to put their names at the bottom and color this, yup more art for Vify and FC '08

Image: vifyacroth-doorart.jpg   449x605 81342 bytes 2008.01.01

colored version of the pic for Vify and Acroth. For FC '08 its them in the same theme I drew their badges in together holding paws (isn't it sweet?)\r\n\r\nVify (c) VifyFox\r\nAcroth (c) Acroth (no steal from dragons)

Image: vifybadge-line.jpg   473x622 51143 bytes 2007.12.27

Viffy! *hugs* he's so sweet to me. Ok this is his line art for FC con badges. I'm going to color it and fix up all the lines, apparently my scanner didn't like this so it tore up the lines :p

Image: vifybadge.jpg   405x567 59686 bytes 2007.12.29

Vify's con badge for FC '08 I tried my best but I think these could have come out a bit better. I hope you like them Vify

Image: volk-quicky.jpg   513x588 46826 bytes 2007.02.09

Another sketch/doodle pic of Volk (the first pic I saw of him in his gallery he was complaining about his sunglasses

Image: warhorse04.jpg   463x704 166198 bytes 2006.06.23

Big, bad, and cybornetic...

Image: warriors.jpg   663x510 125073 bytes 2007.11.04

Different warriors from different worlds gathered to work together...we're all doomed!\r\n\r\nPatches \r\n(semi post-apocalyptic world) assassin/thief\r\n\r\nKumiko \r\n(Amazon controlled world) Amazon huntress\r\n\r\nTeldon "Blackbolt" \r\n(Medieval fantasy world) Avenger/tailor\r\n\r\nEve Bishop\r\n(high fantasy world) Librarian/Scribe/Sage/Seer\r\n\r\nAnton Sonfaitch\r\n(modern day world) Russian hitman/Justicator\r\n\r\n

Image: water_kiss_color_commission.jpg   729x545 99096 bytes 2007.09.29

Eve gives Teldon a kiss (just to give him air) these are the versions of the characters from Teldon's book (Eve is a kitty not a skunk) here she really doesn't like him all that much and I'm sure she's going to smack him if he teases her about this kiss.\r\n\r\nThis was actually kinda fun to do.

Image: waterdragon.jpg   711x875 193385 bytes 2005.08.24

Random water dragoness. I wanted to try drawing the fins instead of hair, I think they came out nice and pretty. I think she's pretty but the shading got messed up during the scan.

Image: witchcraft.jpg   707x560 112687 bytes 2008.01.16

nice pony girl I meet on SecondLife, she was just floating around on a broom and we talked a little. Randomly I decided to draw her! Well here is how it ended up, just kinda a quick piece.

Image: with_this_ring_commission.jpg   610x784 129156 bytes 2007.06.03

Jester and his Mate in a loving embrace at their wedding. I tried to do my best on this one but I feel I should have done better. I think it came out alright considering: I had no idea what Jester's mate looks like "Oh she's a snow lepord" was about all I had to go off of. I had no clue what either of them wore the day of their wedding and I couldn't think of something sweet and romantic to put in there. \r\n\r\nOverall I'm happy with it, hope you like it Jester.\r\n\r\nJester and Mate (c) their respective players

Image: wolf_of_the_opera.jpg   550x753 127674 bytes 2007.02.28

I was watching the movie/musical of this on TV and I've wanted to do a pic of it so here it is. Elm on the outside dosn't really fit the part but he was the strongest male singer I know (strongest as in voice) Of course Eve gets to be Christine.\r\n\r\nElm/Phantom sings in Black bold\r\nEve/Christine sings in Pink script\r\nBoth: Black script\r\n\r\nPhantom of the Opera (c) all rights reserved and stuff

Image: wolves.jpg   635x700 77375 bytes 2006.10.04

A request done by my friend Yako, its his character and his mate together

Image: wwe-eve.jpg   776x587 86913 bytes 2006.01.21

The sign says it all! In case you didn't notice I'm a wrestling fan, and I love The Undertaker! He rocks so hard! Randy stinks (daddy's boy)! I drew this the night I got tickets to go to smackdown! Yay!

Image: wwewolf.jpg   676x958 179728 bytes 2005.08.19

Ok so I was watching wrestling and got creative. Come on who dosn't want to see a giant werewolf imitating the Undertaker (The greatest wrestler ever) with a perky manager?

Image: xmas-eve05.jpg   604x795 121548 bytes 2005.12.22

Happy holidays to everone! Its not perfect but its about the best I could do in short notice. I had to redo this stupid thing twice because my computer froze on me while I was working on it! Well Merry Christmas!

Image: Yoru-card.jpg   312x444 39480 bytes 2006.10.23

Little squished sorry

Image: yuriBW.jpg   595x698 67206 bytes 2006.09.25

Yuri a friend of mine from TCD. A cute friendly little feline bookworm

Image: zera-archer.jpg   610x801 115481 bytes 2006.12.24

This is my friend Zera. IRL she's a really good archer but oddly enough her character dosn't use a bow. I just saw the movie Eragon and saw the elf had a really nice 'falcon' inspired outfit and thought that would look killer on Zera so here it is.\r\n\r\nBy the way I recommend the movie Eragon, its a good movie but if you've read the book it is a little underwhelming.\r\nI give it a 4 out of 5

Tags: eragon Zera archer  
Image: zera-scifi.jpg   644x576 104244 bytes 2007.09.02

So I was at Wild Things on SecondLife yesterday and I got bored so I wanted to draw something fun. Well Zera irl is an archer and I was thinking...a sci-fi futuristic archer would be here she is. If I could draw them better I was going to do a steam punk archer.\r\n

Image: zombie-pic.jpg   807x620 269060 bytes 2006.10.26

When I went to Otakon they had a pannel on "How to survive a zombie invasion" sadly I missed it. Well ever since I kept thinking "what if me and my friends were attacked by armies of zombies? Well here is a small part of that. Elm, Mecha, Eve and Patches were enjoying a nice quiet time at an anime convention when all heck broke loose. This pic was taken about two hours after the initial 'contamination' now just about everyone at this giant convention was infected except for a handful.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nElm copyrighted to himself\r\nEve/Patches copyrighted to me\r\nMecha owns his own spidery butt

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