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Image: AC03_conbadge.jpg   850x663 96802 bytes 2003.07.30

My conbadge for Anthrocon 2003. Contrary to popular belief, it's NOT The Big O, it's Giant Robo. Big O was obviously inspired a little by GR. I think maybe 3 people the whole con didn't immediately go "It's Big O!" when they looked at my badge.

Image: Belguarde1.jpg   700x1010 220856 bytes 1999.10.10

This is another character in my comic, Captain Belguarde (pronounced Bell-Guard). He's a starship captain. It took me forever to come up with a satisfactory body armor design for this pic. He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: belguardehurt.jpg   600x653 160331 bytes 1999.10.26

Belguarde, on the losing end of a fight (don't worry, though, he's tough. He can handle whatever it is he's fighting with). He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: belguardewins.jpg   550x760 133301 bytes 1999.11.12

Belguard, standing over his opponent from earlier. He won, but he's pretty roughed up himself. He, and his opponent, are copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Biofurry.jpg   700x956 235721 bytes 2002.05.22

This pic was VERY inspired by the Resident Evil (AKA Biohazard in Japan) games, the one for Gamecube in particular. Took forever to draw, and it'll take longer to color.

Image: Biofurry_color.jpg   750x1014 234487 bytes 2002.10.02

Color version of my Resident Evil inspired pic. This took about 20 hours to color, overall I'm pleased with it. Resident Evil games are owned by Capcom, game designers supreme.

Image: Boxers.jpg   700x1030 129587 bytes 1999.10.07

Here's Felice again, showing off her lithe physique. This drawing doesn't really look like I want her to look, she's supposed to be more athletic and build, but still feminine. Still, it's a good pic. There's something about a catgirl in boxer shorts...;) Felice is (C) 1999 Patrick Little\n

Image: brian_nick_kiss_color.jpg   1039x800 116491 bytes 2004.02.15

Color version of Nick giving his boyfriend Brian a small kiss on the cheek. No, I didn't draw it for Valentine's Day, but it does sorta fit, I guess.

Image: comicstrip1.jpg   936x400 91533 bytes 1999.11.27

Sometimes people will ask me "Why is Foxy with a rat and not another fox?", and her answer here is what I always say :) Comic copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: CynthiaAlenplay.jpg   600x783 128784 bytes 2000.05.07

Cynthia and Alen (her boyfriend) playing some Dreamcast game or another (probably Marvel vs Capcom 2 or something ^-^). I thought it would make a cute pic to show them doing something together like this...copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: cynthiadance.jpg   500x660 75282 bytes 2000.03.25

Those of you familiar with my art may remember once upon a time I uploaded a pic of a skunkette that had no name. Finally, after almost 6 months, she returns, named and clothed :) Cynthia here is enjoying a present her boyfriend got her, an MP3 player (I imagine she's jamming to some X Japan right now :)Cynthia here is copyright 2000 me :)\n

Image: cynthiadancecolor.jpg   604x792 144356 bytes 2001.03.07

Cynthia getting down with her portable MP3 player. It took me forever to get around to coloring this, but anyway, here it is, enjoy! She's copyright me.

Image: fbz2pg1.jpg   500x660 159337 bytes 2000.01.08

Page on, chapter 2. Due to popular demand (and because it's a lot of fun to draw :) I've decided to continue my little Dragon Ball homage, and I actually have an idea how to explain the whole story, as well as finish it :) I'll be posting more pages as I finish them, don't worry, all will be resolved :) Copyright 2000 Patrick Little\n

Image: fbz2pg2.jpg   450x583 143965 bytes 2000.01.19

Chapter 2, page 2. I'm trying to develop the personalities a little me, I know what I'm doing here :) Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg3.jpg   500x644 137400 bytes 2000.01.25

Page 3 of chapter 2. Hmm, guess who's awake now? Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg4.jpg   500x657 132539 bytes 2000.03.14

Finally, the next page! Sorry about the long wait since the last page, it took me awhile to get back into the mood to draw Furry Ball Z...I promise the next few pages will be up quicker :) Copyright me. \n

Image: fbz2pg5.jpg   550x724 132160 bytes 2000.04.20

Finally, the next page! Sorry...I'm trying to get it done as fast as I can...if it's any consolation, the next page is already half pencilled...honest...anyway, some cool pyrotechnics on here, enjoy :) Copyright me.\n

Image: fbz2pg6.jpg   600x794 218633 bytes 2000.04.27

Next page, and in less than a month, too! The plot thickens :) Still copyright me.\n

Image: fbz2pg7.jpg   600x793 205274 bytes 2000.05.22

Next page. I tried a few simple Photoshop blur filters on this one to give it a little special effect-type thing...or...something...lemme know if you like that or not, I may reupload it without them. Anyway, I'm slowly but surely getting this litle comic closer to it's conclusion, be patient :) Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg8.jpg   600x790 146297 bytes 2000.05.27

Next to last page for this chapter (like it matters, I post as I draw them, anyway...). An unexpected plot twist, but only because I didn't show the beginning of the story (because I started in the middle of it :P). Anyway, next page should be coming soon. Copyright me.\n

Image: fbz2pg9.jpg   588x785 115948 bytes 2000.08.14

(Dodges the hail of thrown objects from irate fans) Okay, I know I took forever to get this page up, but I've not been in the mood to draw FBZ for awhile now...sorry...Hopefully school won't take so much of my time this next semester and I'll have more time to draw. Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz3pg1.jpg   601x780 164205 bytes 2001.01.22

Here's page 1 of part 3 (like anyone's counting anymore :P). I really like the first panel, the trees look nice (considering I never draw trees, that is...) Anyway, enjoy.

Image: fbz3pg2.jpg   612x792 178619 bytes 2001.04.10

Next page, just some fighting. I'll try to get the pages done faster, but I have to be in the mood to draw this. Copyright 2001 Patrick Little.

Image: felicerun.jpg   650x844 123412 bytes 2001.04.10

Just Felice, out for a bit of a run. It's been forever since I've drawn her, so I've slightly altered her character design a bit, I like her better now. The pose came out kinda funky, though.

Image: feliceuniformbw.jpg   500x711 93890 bytes 1999.10.17

Felice again, in her combat uniform. Yes, that's a quiver of arrows on her back, she carries a collapsable bow and special arrows, like exploding tipped and ones that have homing devices and the like. Kinda like Scarlet from GI Joe, but furry :) Felice is copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: feliceworkoutbw.jpg   550x865 110451 bytes 1999.10.23

Here's Felice, sporting some workout clothes. She's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Foxeliauniform.jpg   456x1012 259298 bytes 1999.10.05

Here's Foxelia in her uniform, striking a cool pose. Lineart colored in Photoshop. Foxelia Vixen is copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Foxy-lean.gif   650x914 48620 bytes 2002.01.17

Just a pic I did at school between classes today. I hadn't drawn her in awhile anyway : )

Image: Foxycockpitbw.jpg   600x796 191260 bytes 1999.10.12

Here's Foxelia about to take a fighter out for a spin. Her suit is inspired by my favorite anime ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Character and art copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Foxycockpitcolor.jpg   700x936 241665 bytes 2000.07.20

Yes, I know this is an ancient picture, but I just recently finished coloring it (took something like 15 or so hours to do). I hope it looks good, I'm still thinking of little things to do to it, but frankly I'm tired of coloring it (chuckles). It's copyright 2000 me.\n

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