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Image: jakeglass.jpg   646x924 190855 bytes 2000.07.07

Jake in a cool-looking Matrix/John Woo type shot. Been watching a lot of action movies as of late and this pic just sorta popped into my head :) Jake's copyright 2000 me. \n

Image: foxyunderwatergear.jpg   600x836 115276 bytes 2000.06.23

Foxelia in some underwater equipment. S'about it. Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakesleepbw.jpg   819x600 95445 bytes 2000.06.12

Cute picture of Jake and Foxy I did awhile back, just never felt like uploading it until now. Foxy just watching her love sleep, with some quick Photoshop lighting effects thrown on to give it mood. Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg8.jpg   600x790 146297 bytes 2000.05.27

Next to last page for this chapter (like it matters, I post as I draw them, anyway...). An unexpected plot twist, but only because I didn't show the beginning of the story (because I started in the middle of it :P). Anyway, next page should be coming soon. Copyright me.\n

Image: kendall.jpg   600x774 79110 bytes 2000.05.25

Eric Goodwin's character Kendall playing some arcade game or another (knowing him, it's probably Tekken Tag or Soul Caliber :). A commission from Eric. Character's copyright him, art by me.\n

Image: terry1.jpg   650x937 100590 bytes 2000.05.24

Pic of Terry "Mouse" Sender's personal furry. He's a good friend of mine, so I felt like drawing him a pic :) Pic's copyright me, character is copyright him.\n

Image: fbz2pg7.jpg   600x793 205274 bytes 2000.05.22

Next page. I tried a few simple Photoshop blur filters on this one to give it a little special effect-type thing...or...something...lemme know if you like that or not, I may reupload it without them. Anyway, I'm slowly but surely getting this litle comic closer to it's conclusion, be patient :) Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: CynthiaAlenplay.jpg   600x783 128784 bytes 2000.05.07

Cynthia and Alen (her boyfriend) playing some Dreamcast game or another (probably Marvel vs Capcom 2 or something ^-^). I thought it would make a cute pic to show them doing something together like this...copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakeyawn.jpg   650x833 109078 bytes 2000.04.27

Jake, waking up and stretching. An excercise in form and expression, sort of a "just to see if I could draw it" kinda pic. I like the hands in this one, and drawing a yawn is trickier than you'd think it is :) COpyright me.\n

Image: fbz2pg6.jpg   600x794 218633 bytes 2000.04.27

Next page, and in less than a month, too! The plot thickens :) Still copyright me.\n

Image: sabrina2.jpg   600x776 91539 bytes 2000.04.20

My second, much better pic of Sabrina...I went for my own anime-derived style rather than trying to copy Eric Schwartz's style this time, to much better results. She's so cute, ne? I hope he likes it. She's copyright Eric Schwartz, art by me.\n

Image: fbz2pg5.jpg   550x724 132160 bytes 2000.04.20

Finally, the next page! Sorry...I'm trying to get it done as fast as I can...if it's any consolation, the next page is already half pencilled...honest...anyway, some cool pyrotechnics on here, enjoy :) Copyright me.\n

Image: sally.jpg   450x580 58515 bytes 2000.04.07

A pic of Hellenic's character Sally Ermine, since he was nice enough to draw Foxy for me :) I thought I'd uploaded this pic awhile ago, guess it didn't go through...oh well, here it is now, so it's all good :) Sally's copyright 2000 him, art's by me.\n

Image: walksketch.jpg   518x400 32518 bytes 2000.04.07

A lonely fox walking down a windy street...I should finish the background up at some point. I like the mood in this pic. Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: loss.jpg   600x812 105352 bytes 2000.03.29

Foxelia has just found out that her father has died, and the last time she had seen him they had fought. I tried to put a lot of emotion into this pic, and I hope it shows...copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: cynthiadance.jpg   500x660 75282 bytes 2000.03.25

Those of you familiar with my art may remember once upon a time I uploaded a pic of a skunkette that had no name. Finally, after almost 6 months, she returns, named and clothed :) Cynthia here is enjoying a present her boyfriend got her, an MP3 player (I imagine she's jamming to some X Japan right now :)Cynthia here is copyright 2000 me :)\n

Image: jakelean.jpg   500x824 74642 bytes 2000.03.24

Jake leans against a wall, smiling pleasantly at the viewer. I really like how the face turned out on this one, he looks really cute here :) He's copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg4.jpg   500x657 132539 bytes 2000.03.14

Finally, the next page! Sorry about the long wait since the last page, it took me awhile to get back into the mood to draw Furry Ball Z...I promise the next few pages will be up quicker :) Copyright me. \n

Image: jakesad.jpg   650x500 73759 bytes 2000.03.02

Jake sits, feeling sad and alone...I started this pic when I felt about how Jake looks here, but I'm better now ^-^ Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: foxylick.jpg   585x450 68823 bytes 2000.02.15

Foxy giving Jake an affectionate lick to the cheek ^-^ I figured I ought to draw a Valentine's Day type pic, and this was the result...they look so cute together, don't they? ^-^ Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: keeganink.jpg   500x650 86701 bytes 2000.02.10

A pic I did for Jaguarundi, of her Tapestries character Keegan. He's a half fox, half dragon, which I think is pretty cool :) He's copyright her, art's mine :)\n

Image: jakeprotect.jpg   500x652 87126 bytes 2000.01.29

Jake stands defiantly, protecting Foxy from some unseen danger...she is perfectly capable of handling herself, but sometimes, a man just has to look out for his beloved...besides, he just looks cool like that :) Jake and Foxelia are copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg3.jpg   500x644 137400 bytes 2000.01.25

Page 3 of chapter 2. Hmm, guess who's awake now? Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakesitcolor.jpg   500x656 254484 bytes 2000.01.20

I finally finished coloring this one, it's taken me weeks of off and on work. I tried a lot of experimental techniques with Photoshop, like the grass and tree textures, I hope it looks good (any feedback on this or any of my other art is welcome and appreciated ^-^) This is still probably my favorite drawing of Jake to date. He's copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg2.jpg   450x583 143965 bytes 2000.01.19

Chapter 2, page 2. I'm trying to develop the personalities a little me, I know what I'm doing here :) Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: fbz2pg1.jpg   500x660 159337 bytes 2000.01.08

Page on, chapter 2. Due to popular demand (and because it's a lot of fun to draw :) I've decided to continue my little Dragon Ball homage, and I actually have an idea how to explain the whole story, as well as finish it :) I'll be posting more pages as I finish them, don't worry, all will be resolved :) Copyright 2000 Patrick Little\n

Image: millenniumconfusion.jpg   500x654 128685 bytes 1999.12.30

Foxy explains when the true turn of the millennium is, much to the hinderance of Jake and Felice's enjoyment of the evening (BTW< Foxy's right, y'know, it is 2001, not 2000, but 2000 is still kinda cool nonetheless...) Copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: trevor.jpg   400x527 87053 bytes 1999.12.30

A pic of Randy Entinger's character Trevor Darkwolfe. I'm pleased with this one :) Character copyright him, art copyright me.\n

Image: Starr1color.jpg   500x648 112097 bytes 1999.12.25

Color version of my pic of Vulpes Mundi's cute vixen. I really should have had this done a long time ago, but life happens...anyway, here it is, I hope he likes it :) She's copyright him, the pic's copyright me.\n

Image: foxynude.jpg   450x572 56675 bytes 1999.12.22

A tasteful nude pic of Foxelia, sitting and looking happy and cute. Nothing showing, but if you're not Jake, you can't touch anyway ;) She's always beautiful, and always copyright me.\n

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