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Image: foxysantasuit.jpg   450x570 65971 bytes 1999.12.20

Yeah, a cute vixen in a Santa outfit isn't exactly the most original idea in the world for a drawing, but then again, how can you argue with something so irrisitably cute? Foxelia is copyright 1999 me. \n

Image: furryballz8.jpg   500x648 159380 bytes 1999.12.14

Final page of the comic. Does Ryznar win? Is Earth (or wherever) doomed? Find out in the next exciting installment! Coming soon to your local theater! (Or not...) This is indeed a cliffhanger ending...I may or may not do another chapter, depends on how I feel (and how many people ask for a continuation...) Anyway, it's all done for now (except maybe a title page, I may do that). It's copyright 1999 me. \n

Image: jakesit.jpg   500x642 104214 bytes 1999.12.12

Finished version. Jake sits on a hillside under a tree, a thoughtful expression on his face. He appears to be pondering some tough decision facing him, or perhaps wondering about Foxy, who is perhaps far from him at that moment. What do you think he's thinking about? Jake Fliers is copyright 1999 Patrick Little. \r\n\n

Image: furryballz7.jpg   500x662 153142 bytes 1999.12.04

Page 7. Rustan learns to not be overconfident...Still copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: lunch.jpg   684x500 104684 bytes 1999.12.04

Felice and Foxy having a light lunch and some pleasant conversation. One wonders what they're talking about...Foxelia and Felica are both copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Starr1.jpg   500x648 60028 bytes 1999.12.01

Here's my half of my art trade with Tracy Fortman. It's his vixen Starr, looking exceedingly cute. Go check his art out here at VCL, he's good. Character copyright him, art is copyright me.\n

Image: furryballz6.jpg   500x644 150378 bytes 1999.12.01

Page 6. Rustan seems to be winning his fight with Ryznar, but all may not be as it seems...Copyright 1999 me, so please don't steal :)\n

Image: comicstrip1.jpg   936x400 91533 bytes 1999.11.27

Sometimes people will ask me "Why is Foxy with a rat and not another fox?", and her answer here is what I always say :) Comic copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: foxysmile.jpg   500x519 38271 bytes 1999.11.26

Man, Jake is one lucky rat, and he knows it. Foxy is always beautiful, but when she smiles, hearts melt and blodd pressures rise...just a quick drawing I did at work one night...Copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: furryballz5.jpg   500x655 160331 bytes 1999.11.24

The latest page in the comic. It's now VERY Dragon Ball-esque. Still, it is copyright 1999 me, so please don't steal :)\n

Image: spectrefight.jpg   652x500 341117 bytes 1999.11.23

A commission work my a fellow Transformers fan. This is his Cybermorph character Spectre (the tiger striped one) fighting a generic enemy I made up for the pic. The character is copyright 1999 Prowlus, the art is copyright me.\n

Image: furryballz4.jpg   500x655 166770 bytes 1999.11.21

Page 4. Witness the destructive power of ridiculous amounts of "ki". This is turning out pretty good for something I started as a way to kill time at work :P\r\nArt copyright 1999 Patrick Little\n

Image: furryballz3.jpg   500x647 147113 bytes 1999.11.14

Page 3 of my DBZ-inspired mini-comic. Getting exciting, isn't it? Still copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: furryballz2.jpg   550x713 150966 bytes 1999.11.13

The second page of the mini-comic. I'd named a couple of the characters at this point. Still, very Dragon Ball-esque, isn't it? It's still copyright 1999 me. \n

Image: belguardewins.jpg   550x760 133301 bytes 1999.11.12

Belguard, standing over his opponent from earlier. He won, but he's pretty roughed up himself. He, and his opponent, are copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: furryballz1.jpg   500x648 146256 bytes 1999.11.12

The first in a series of "Dragon Ball Z" inspired mini-comics I've done. Don't even have names for these characters yet, but they're still copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: revealing.jpg   550x717 104716 bytes 1999.11.08

More swimwear fun. Foxy's managed to talk Jake into wearing speedos, but he's still a little uncertain about it (he's a little shy...). Oh, if you're wondering, Foxy calls Jake "Fuzzy" sometimes. It's her little name for him. Cute, no? They're both copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: werewolfcomic.jpg   550x846 199774 bytes 1999.11.02

The next page in the comic, right after werewolfchange2. I haven't added the word balloons yet, so it doesn't make much sense now. The little guy is a werefox, and the werewolf is trying to kill him. Copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: werewolfback.jpg   550x731 136553 bytes 1999.11.02

My still-unnamed werewolf, from the back. Yes, he's nude, that adds to the savage feel of the pic (I tried putting clothes on him, and he looked too "civilized"). He's still copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: foxyjakekids.jpg   805x600 116579 bytes 1999.10.31

One of my cuter drawings, I was just wondering one day what my two fave characters looked like in their more innocent years. Weren't they both cute as all get out? They're still copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: halloween99.jpg   500x652 65900 bytes 1999.10.30

An experiment: I actually drew this as a negative, and then inverted the image in Photoshop. Looks decent, anyway... Copyright 1999 Patrick Little. Permission to redistribute, as long as it remains unaltered and I am given credit.\n

Image: belguardehurt.jpg   600x653 160331 bytes 1999.10.26

Belguarde, on the losing end of a fight (don't worry, though, he's tough. He can handle whatever it is he's fighting with). He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: foxymodel3.jpg   550x718 166843 bytes 1999.10.24

Part 3 of my Foxelia model sheet, facial expressions. My favorites are "Embarrassed" and the weird anime face in the corner (I think it's like shock, meant in a humorous context). Image copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: foxymodel2.jpg   800x1068 281154 bytes 1999.10.23

Part 2, head and face details. I never realized how many ways there were to draw Foxy WRONG until I did this :) As always, (C) 1999 me.\n

Image: foxymodel1.jpg   650x871 181037 bytes 1999.10.23

Part one of my model sheet for Foxelia: How to draw her body and proportions. Part 2 is head and face details. As always, (C) 1999 me.\n

Image: Fun_in_the_sun_3.jpg   600x829 165386 bytes 1999.10.23

Foxy, wearing a nice bathing suit. I actually did a good background for this one! She's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: feliceworkoutbw.jpg   550x865 110451 bytes 1999.10.23

Here's Felice, sporting some workout clothes. She's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: jakecasual.jpg   600x938 118008 bytes 1999.10.23

Jake, hangin' out in some civilian clothes, looking cool as always. He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: yesthey'rereal2.jpg   550x741 336569 bytes 1999.10.23

Reupload, at a smaller, easier size and with copyright texts added. This is Felice, Foxelia's best friend, answering many a question with her shirt. She's copyright 1999 me. Commissions available, just e-mail to ask.\n

Image: Fun_in_the_sun_2.jpg   650x502 119735 bytes 1999.10.19

Second in my "swimwear" series, this time with Foxy and Jake in front of a crappy background (I plan to actually finish the background sometime). I was stupid when I drew this, which is why Jake's head goes off the top of the image (this is the entire page, I didn't crop it!) They're (C) 1999 me.\n

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