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Image: jake-gun.jpg   650x827 120539 bytes 2001.12.22

Jake, sneaking around a corner with his gun at the ready. I drew this as the final project in my drawing class this semester, and no less than two people walked up and went "Hey, it's Starfox!". Oh well...I need to color this one sometime.

Image: jakecasual.jpg   600x938 118008 bytes 1999.10.23

Jake, hangin' out in some civilian clothes, looking cool as always. He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: jakefoxydance-color.jpg   612x788 137643 bytes 2001.04.26

Colored version, I'm very happy with this one. The background was a photograph of a ballroom I found online somewhere and after I ran it through some Photoshop filters I put it behind them and it worked. Anyway, enjoy!

Image: jakeglass.jpg   646x924 190855 bytes 2000.07.07

Jake in a cool-looking Matrix/John Woo type shot. Been watching a lot of action movies as of late and this pic just sorta popped into my head :) Jake's copyright 2000 me. \n

Image: jakeglasscolor.jpg   612x792 132729 bytes 2001.02.05

Finally, after almost 6 months of coloring off and on, I've finished it. It's still not quite how I wanted it, but I figured I'd better get on with it and finish it up...I may do an "upgraded" version later with a few more special effects, but until then I consider it finished. It took forever, the Photoshop file for it is around 180 megs. Anyway, enjoy.

Image: jakegun.jpg   534x1052 93772 bytes 2000.07.11

Jake in a cool pose. I'm not done playing with the outfit design, hopefully it'll look better soon. Anyway, he's copyright me.\n

Image: jakelean.jpg   500x824 74642 bytes 2000.03.24

Jake leans against a wall, smiling pleasantly at the viewer. I really like how the face turned out on this one, he looks really cute here :) He's copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakeprotect.jpg   500x652 87126 bytes 2000.01.29

Jake stands defiantly, protecting Foxy from some unseen danger...she is perfectly capable of handling herself, but sometimes, a man just has to look out for his beloved...besides, he just looks cool like that :) Jake and Foxelia are copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakesad.jpg   650x500 73759 bytes 2000.03.02

Jake sits, feeling sad and alone...I started this pic when I felt about how Jake looks here, but I'm better now ^-^ Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakesit.jpg   500x642 104214 bytes 1999.12.12

Finished version. Jake sits on a hillside under a tree, a thoughtful expression on his face. He appears to be pondering some tough decision facing him, or perhaps wondering about Foxy, who is perhaps far from him at that moment. What do you think he's thinking about? Jake Fliers is copyright 1999 Patrick Little. \r\n\n

Image: jakesitcolor.jpg   500x656 254484 bytes 2000.01.20

I finally finished coloring this one, it's taken me weeks of off and on work. I tried a lot of experimental techniques with Photoshop, like the grass and tree textures, I hope it looks good (any feedback on this or any of my other art is welcome and appreciated ^-^) This is still probably my favorite drawing of Jake to date. He's copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakesleepbw.jpg   819x600 95445 bytes 2000.06.12

Cute picture of Jake and Foxy I did awhile back, just never felt like uploading it until now. Foxy just watching her love sleep, with some quick Photoshop lighting effects thrown on to give it mood. Copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: jakeyawn.jpg   650x833 109078 bytes 2000.04.27

Jake, waking up and stretching. An excercise in form and expression, sort of a "just to see if I could draw it" kinda pic. I like the hands in this one, and drawing a yawn is trickier than you'd think it is :) COpyright me.\n

Image: Katellis.jpg   500x678 101465 bytes 1999.10.06

This is my half of an art trade with Katellis, one of the best artists I know. Check his stuff out here on Velan. The art is copyright 1999 me, Katellis is copyright himself.\n

Image: keeganink.jpg   500x650 86701 bytes 2000.02.10

A pic I did for Jaguarundi, of her Tapestries character Keegan. He's a half fox, half dragon, which I think is pretty cool :) He's copyright her, art's mine :)\n

Image: kendall.jpg   600x774 79110 bytes 2000.05.25

Eric Goodwin's character Kendall playing some arcade game or another (knowing him, it's probably Tekken Tag or Soul Caliber :). A commission from Eric. Character's copyright him, art by me.\n

Image: loss.jpg   600x812 105352 bytes 2000.03.29

Foxelia has just found out that her father has died, and the last time she had seen him they had fought. I tried to put a lot of emotion into this pic, and I hope it shows...copyright 2000 me.\n

Image: lunch.jpg   684x500 104684 bytes 1999.12.04

Felice and Foxy having a light lunch and some pleasant conversation. One wonders what they're talking about...Foxelia and Felica are both copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: millenniumconfusion.jpg   500x654 128685 bytes 1999.12.30

Foxy explains when the true turn of the millennium is, much to the hinderance of Jake and Felice's enjoyment of the evening (BTW< Foxy's right, y'know, it is 2001, not 2000, but 2000 is still kinda cool nonetheless...) Copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: newfurself.gif   600x840 61446 bytes 2002.11.11

My new "furself" design. I got tired of being just another fox, so I decided to go with a foxcoon, seeing as I love foxes and raccoons, it is.

Image: Nicholas.gif   369x752 33790 bytes 2002.01.23

My newest character, Nicholas. He's a computer wizard with a mischevious streak. He's also smitten with Jake, which is kinda awkward considering Jake's taken, and straight. Don't worry though, he'll find a mate soon enough.

Image: Nick_play.gif   600x800 66467 bytes 2002.12.06

My character Nick as a kid playing his Gameboy. I just had the urge to draw this, it was too cute an idea not to.

Image: Nick_play_color.jpg   650x867 103069 bytes 2003.01.10

Here's the color version. People commented I should leave it as a monochrome, so I'm uploading both versions. I'm really happy with how this turned out, I'll have to use this coloring method more often.

Image: Nick_play_monochrome.jpg   600x800 96785 bytes 2003.01.10

Monochrome version of this pic, I just got a Wacom and wanted to try a different technique for coloring.

Image: randomsketches.jpg   580x572 61639 bytes 2000.08.14

Sketches I did in class last week, I was bored out of my skull. I like the furry guy in the corner tho, he looks pretty cool, I might use him for something. Anyway, here's an example of my rarely-used skills at drawing humans.\n

Image: revealing.jpg   550x717 104716 bytes 1999.11.08

More swimwear fun. Foxy's managed to talk Jake into wearing speedos, but he's still a little uncertain about it (he's a little shy...). Oh, if you're wondering, Foxy calls Jake "Fuzzy" sometimes. It's her little name for him. Cute, no? They're both copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: sabrina2.jpg   600x776 91539 bytes 2000.04.20

My second, much better pic of Sabrina...I went for my own anime-derived style rather than trying to copy Eric Schwartz's style this time, to much better results. She's so cute, ne? I hope he likes it. She's copyright Eric Schwartz, art by me.\n

Image: sally.jpg   450x580 58515 bytes 2000.04.07

A pic of Hellenic's character Sally Ermine, since he was nice enough to draw Foxy for me :) I thought I'd uploaded this pic awhile ago, guess it didn't go through...oh well, here it is now, so it's all good :) Sally's copyright 2000 him, art's by me.\n

Image: solidfox1.jpg   900x1221 308502 bytes 1999.10.06

I decided to see what Solid Snake would look like as a furry, and since a snake would have been kinda tough, I settled on a fox (FoxHound, get it?). Solid Fox is copyright 1999 me, Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid copyright Konami.\n

Image: spacevix.gif   792x612 57875 bytes 2001.04.13

Just a vixen flying through space in some nifty space armor. It's my Anthrocon 2001 conbook submission. I know it looks kinda like Buzz Lightyear, you don't have to tell me! Pic and space vixen copyright 2001 Patrick Little

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