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Image: Fun_in_the_sun_1.jpg   600x859 137264 bytes 1999.10.18

Lately I've been in the mood to draw my characters in various swimwear. Here's Jake, holding a volleyball and a CD player. He must be watching Foxy walking toward him, judging by the look on his face :) He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: feliceuniformbw.jpg   500x711 93890 bytes 1999.10.17

Felice again, in her combat uniform. Yes, that's a quiver of arrows on her back, she carries a collapsable bow and special arrows, like exploding tipped and ones that have homing devices and the like. Kinda like Scarlet from GI Joe, but furry :) Felice is copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Foxycockpitbw.jpg   600x796 191260 bytes 1999.10.12

Here's Foxelia about to take a fighter out for a spin. Her suit is inspired by my favorite anime ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Character and art copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Furry_Gear_Solid1.jpg   1000x638 243663 bytes 1999.10.11

Here's another anthro Metal Gear pic, with more of the cast as furries. I like Liquid the best in this pic. Metal Gear Solid is copyright 1999 Konami, art 1999 me. e-mail comments welcome!\n

Image: Foxyjake1color.jpg   500x601 205533 bytes 1999.10.11

This is a color version of Foxyjake1.jpg, like you couldn't tell. Foxelia "Foxy" Vixen and Jake Fliers are copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Belguarde1.jpg   700x1010 220856 bytes 1999.10.10

This is another character in my comic, Captain Belguarde (pronounced Bell-Guard). He's a starship captain. It took me forever to come up with a satisfactory body armor design for this pic. He's copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: hug2.JPG   450x577 130851 bytes 1999.10.08

I really like this picture. It really conveys the love Foxy and Jake feel for each other. I was playing with Photoshop's lighting effects filters, which explains the funky lighting. Foxelia Vixen and Jake Fliers are (C) 1999 me.\n

Image: werewolfchange2.jpg   600x967 254303 bytes 1999.10.07

Here's the page after the transformation page, where he's completed his change. If you're wondering why the night sky isn't blackened in, I'm going to take care of that on Photoshop when I color this page (as well as add in the dialog balloons). A colored version should be coming soon. As always, character and art are copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Boxers.jpg   700x1030 129587 bytes 1999.10.07

Here's Felice again, showing off her lithe physique. This drawing doesn't really look like I want her to look, she's supposed to be more athletic and build, but still feminine. Still, it's a good pic. There's something about a catgirl in boxer shorts...;) Felice is (C) 1999 Patrick Little\n

Image: Katellis.jpg   500x678 101465 bytes 1999.10.06

This is my half of an art trade with Katellis, one of the best artists I know. Check his stuff out here on Velan. The art is copyright 1999 me, Katellis is copyright himself.\n

Image: solidfox1.jpg   900x1221 308502 bytes 1999.10.06

I decided to see what Solid Snake would look like as a furry, and since a snake would have been kinda tough, I settled on a fox (FoxHound, get it?). Solid Fox is copyright 1999 me, Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid copyright Konami.\n

Image: wolfchange1.jpg   1000x1525 645751 bytes 1999.10.05

This is an old piece, from about this time last year. It's a comic page of a werewolf transforming. I still don't have a name for him, though...Unnamed werewolf and art copyright 1999 Patrick Little\n

Image: Foxeliauniform.jpg   456x1012 259298 bytes 1999.10.05

Here's Foxelia in her uniform, striking a cool pose. Lineart colored in Photoshop. Foxelia Vixen is copyright 1999 me.\n

Image: Foxyjake1.jpg   800x961 182638 bytes 1999.10.05

Here's Jake with Foxelia, his mate. They make a cute couple, doncha think? Yes, I know he's a rat and she's a fox, what of it? :) They're copyright 1999 me.\n

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