If Iím going to having an active account here I should try to keep this updated but Iíve just been so apathetic, not like anyone actually reads this anyway. Not really much new- still unemployed, still a sponge. I got tired of my despot character persona so he did a Mussolini and was publicly executed in a coup. So the Peopleís Republic of Patryksville no longer exists, victim of a foul squirrel plot. But now Iíve graduated high school and am trying to survive my first trimester of college. Iím an art student at the University of Art and Science in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Itís a small school not much bigger than my high school which was a 6A school. Itís an ass load of work.


Some general information- I am Patrick Dowds (I donít mind giving my name never cared much for screen names or pseudonyms), Iím 19 and Iíve been a part of the Fandom for about 2 years. Discovering it is what restarted my interest in art and pretty much why I am an art student. Iíve actually met 2 other fellow furries on campus. Together we formed the Underground Furry Association. I hold the rank of Peopleís Commissar responsible for promoting solidarity and potential members. So far itís just the three of us. Together we all went to Oklacon a local convention here. To be honest I think those people take it a bit too seriously and I felt a bit alienated because I think fursuits are ridiculous, I hate trans music, and Iím not gay (though not saying that Iím %100 straight myself, just that I was the straightest person there). So I left feeling rather disillusioned with the Fandom. That and the constant stress from school to get my work done and my constant depression donesnít help much in getting my pictures done. I donít really identify myself as a furry, but I do still consider myself a part of the Fan Basis so I try to get some work done on my anthro pics when I have free time betwixt my assignments.


Most of my subject matter consists mostly of concepts I do for a furry based Half Life 2 mod I work on called Dracten. You can check it out at dracten.hlgaming.com. I mostly do weapon concepts but my true interest is designing characters though Iím not as good at it.

Also I mostly do scribbles of the story that I am trying to write. It is sort of like Robbing Hood (the cartoon version of course) meets All Quiet on the Western Front. Progress on it has been slow and I can never seem to be able to work on it consistently, mostly because I draw it more than write it. What I have of it is on my account here, but I need to rewrite it. Iím not sure if I will ever get it done, but itís not like anyone actually reads it.


If anyone thinks that I am a worthy artist can ask me to make them a picture for free. I havenít had the best record with commissions, so no guarantees. Please feel free to email me with comments, commissions and whatnot at pdowds_56@hotmail.com.