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Image: VCL-1.jpg   685x528 90404 bytes 2004.08.22

"Frightened by the F-1" (July 2003)\r\n\r\nJak'edrac sel'Gury, in the second completed drawing I did since 1991. This is a study for a far more involved oil painting starring his mate and several human characters, based on a scene from my first novel. My technical skills have definitely improved since I drew this. Jak'edrac looks weird, and the tornado looks like it's made from spun cotton. My ambition greatly outweighed my skill at this point, but I did the best I could :B. I am still a ways off from getting good enough to do that oil painting.\r\n\r\nElfwood version (I like this version better):\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nJak'edrac sel'Gury (c) 2003, 2004 Paul J. Doyle. All rights reserved.

Image: VCL-2.jpg   768x599 86094 bytes 2004.08.22

(June 2003) "Jak'edrac and Jul'ewisa:Mates For Life." This was my very first picture completed since 1991. Rejected by Elfwood, causing a stir, but things worked out OK in the end ;-)\r\n\r\nJak'edrac and Jul'eweisa are the main dragon characters (gold Doyle dragons) from my forthcoming novel sequence. Jak'edrac is a soul-brother of sorts to the main character, Phil, who is (GASP!) a human. They are sentient beings, very much in love, and rather horny (although this scene has yet to happen in the actual novel sequence; I am only on the final draft of the first (un-named) novel. Incidentally, the female is the dominant gender despite obvious sexual dimorphism favoring the male.\r\n\r\nCharacters and artwork (c) Paul J. Doyle. Copyright 2003, 2004 by Paul J. Doyle. All Rights Reserved!

Image: VCL-3.jpg   700x529 71944 bytes 2004.08.22

"Samurai Frog!" (2003)\r\n\r\nI can definitely draw better now, but I hope the satirical humor shines through ^__^\r\n\r\nElfwood version (not given the "Levels" treatment:) \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI have no idea what it says on the banner, but I got the lettering from a vintage poster at my son's eye doctor's office :)

Image: VCL-4.jpg   541x712 178595 bytes 2004.08.27

Image: VCL-5.jpg   744x315 98111 bytes 2004.08.27

"Sleepy Dragon Beach" (December 2003)\r\n\r\nThis is actually part of a larger picture, and is rather self-explanatory. Jak'edrac and Jul'eweisa mysteriously take a vacation from my fortcoming novel sequence and enjoy the alien shore. I have improved my skills since this time.\r\n\r\nI did not want the science fiction elements in the bigger picture showing. At the time Elfwood had seperate science fiction and fantasy galleries whose rules were overbearing, and led to a fiasco. The galleries were merged shortly thereafter, pleasing almost everybody.\r\n\r\nEW version:\r\n\r\nJak'edrac sel'Gury (the big male with the beard) and his mate-for-life Jul'eweisa are expressly (c) to Paul J. Doyle.

Image: VCL-6.jpg   748x700 147899 bytes 2004.08.27

"I Still love You" (February 2004)\r\n\r\nI think my skills started improving with this picture, particularly the shading (where there was practically no shading before) though plainly I needed more practice.\r\n\r\nThis is simply my wife, my son and myself personified as gold Doyle dragons, not looking quite as regal as Jak'edrac and Jul'eweisa, but still dragons all the same, albeit with human-ish eyes.\r\n\r\nElfwood version:\r\n\r\nI was very depressed at the time I drew this, and it means a lot to me, even if I have greatly improved since this picture was done.\r\n\r\nAll scaly fursonications (c) Paul J. Doyle.\r\n\r\nThe people they represent are very much real.

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