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Image: john2.JPG   358x746 65477 bytes 2001.07.13

Another piccy of John. This time it's his secret other side: John secretly wants to be a rapper. But he's too shy around other people to say this. Ain't he such a cute guy?

Image: ice2.jpg   300x683 71091 bytes 2001.07.11

First entirely cg(minus line art) of Ice. I like it, seriously. She's tap dancing by the way, which is why her leg is like that. She's prepping for a triple buffalo. I'd explain, but you still wouldn't get it unless your in tap prolly.

Image: lue.jpg   464x606 119914 bytes 2001.07.10

Yet another exchange, this time with Kina. I love her charry, Lue. She's so cute! I used wings on the background, don't ask why. ^-^ oh well.

Image: ally.jpg   432x721 157733 bytes 2001.07.01

Yet another exchange! I've been going kinda crazy exchange wise, just cause I don't wanna draw my own characters. ;) This exchange was with Ally(Shorty). Her work is awesome, though she doesn't have a lot of original ones, just like me. It's still spiffy. She has many people who have done renditions of her's amazin. Can't wait to see who she draws a pic of..

Image: scribbles.jpg   501x711 227140 bytes 2001.06.28

I'ts Scribbles! I did an art exchange with her today, and finished the picture today too. I REALLY like the background. It's not quite as good as the one with Axel Kitty though. I'm really starting to perfer doing exchanges over drawing my own characters. With my own chars, I'm always a lot more sloppy. :P Anyway, if you didn't notice, Scribbles looks a lot like Ice, so I used Icer's outfit instead of Scribbles! It just looks good! But I should've hand colored it to make it really look like Ice, cause I haven't cg'd Ice yet.

Image: hitoxan.jpg   337x589 80720 bytes 2001.06.26

This picture is of Hitotoki and Xander. Hitotoki is the upgrade of Alisha. Yes, Alisha decided she didn't want to be purple, and that she didn't want her real nam. Well nyaa! And Xander is her boyfriend, who in rl is just her crush who hapens to be a real jerk. Oh well. By the way, the quotes on the original piece of paper were amusing. Hitotoki: Is wishing for this moment to last forever. Xander: Is wishing for x-ray vision. :P

Image: john.jpg   326x678 80350 bytes 2001.06.26

Hehehe...I just created a boyfriend for my character! Who! Hios name is...Jonathon. But you can call him John. Isn't he soo cute?! He's an artist, and he's really shy, and likes my character but is too embarrassed to say so! It's so cute...I'm going to eventually write a story about Tia and John. Mind you, currently John only represents the guy of my dreams. *sigh*

Image: axelmou.jpg   400x600 95503 bytes 2001.06.16

This is my half of an exchange with Meg of <a href=>Meg's Cafe</a> The characters in this picture are Axl Kitty(the kitty anthro) and Graymouse67(the mouse in her hand). Graymouse was added when I couldn't figure out what the heck to do with Axl's hand. I personally like how this turned out, and I think the foggy background creates a very spiffy effect.

Image: raver.jpg   303x588 63020 bytes 2001.06.16

This is a picture that was inspired by a long awaited apology between me and a guy named Chris who is the best raver I've ever seen. I drew him as a hedgehog, maybe not the best hedgehog ever, but a hedgehog none-the-less.

Image: together.jpg   530x480 116734 bytes 2001.06.15

Me and Alisha. This picture was requested by Alisha. She's my neighbor. Characters İMe

Image: wccd.jpg   390x703 103208 bytes 2001.06.15

What color Can Do is the title of this pic. It's basically Ice and her boyfriend together. The title is because this is the first time I did a background on photodeluxe.

Image: tia.jpg   418x755 89426 bytes 2001.06.13

It's me! Dancing. I don't generally dance that well. Anyway, it's still me! And I love this picture cause it's actually very cute, so nyaa. You know, nyaa is becoming my favorite word. :P

Image: percol.jpg   287x463 68917 bytes 2001.06.13

I love this picture! ^.^ It's my first colored picture of Perot! Who is actually going out with another girl now, but oh well. Doesn't mean I can't draw his character, because I still like his character so nyaa! And he's still my friend anyway.

Image: kixxi.jpg   311x503 84178 bytes 2001.06.13

This is an exchange I did with Kixxi of <a href=>*wasted space*</a> I think it turned out pretty cute. Actually, I really really like it! Her character was so cute though, so I'm really glad I did the exchange with her.

Image: ice.jpg   337x678 96224 bytes 2001.06.13

This is the first time I drew and colored Ice. Actually, the first time I drew any species other then hedgehogs. All my hedgehogs are old and icky. Anyway, her eyes aren't particularily beautiful. It looks kinda funky.

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