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Image: "51337".gif   1600x909 324897 bytes 2006.03.05


Image: #incbin_neogeen.h.jpg   944x1158 174023 bytes 2012.02.27

#incbin neogeen.h

Neogeen decided to revise her self-image character. I liked what I saw, so I drew it.

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Image: 00_-_The_Fool.jpg   396x612 149100 bytes 2010.10.13

0(0) - The Fool

The zeroth of the Fools and the last one I drew. The pale cyan is a placeholder for Interesting Printing Processes.

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Image: 00_-_The_Fool_(abandoned).jpg   396x612 51408 bytes 2010.09.17

0(0) - The Fool (abandoned)

There are to be three Fools in my Tarot deck, when all is said and done. Two of them are drawn and finished. This one… call it an abandoned path, an alternate mix. This one's left on the cutting room floor.\r\n\r\nIt's the &#8722;1th fool. Too close to the Nothing, too aware of it. Not blithely unaware of where she's going enough, too afraid.

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Image: 01_-_The_Fool.jpg   396x612 58854 bytes 2009.04.26

01. The Fool

A fool with knowledge is still, perhaps, a fool.

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Image: 080-spaceport.gif   2298x1200 295106 bytes 2012.09.20

Vespa Spaceport

New page of Rita!

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Image: 0_of_VOID.jpg   396x612 19581 bytes 2008.04.12

0 of VOID

The Lord of Chaos\r\n\r\nThe 0 of VOID is simultaneously no suit and all suits. It is a reminder that the unformed void lies beneath all four elements; that the world is an infinitely complex and unknowable place. It is the pre-Big Bang monobloc.\r\n\r\nIt has no elemental associations. It has no astrological associations. The void was there before the constellations were lit, and will be there when the last one burns out.\r\n\r\nIt is emptiness; how will you fill it?\r\n\r\nDivinatory meanings (tentative): The Butterfly Effect, chaos, raw unformed possibility. Potential. Things are about to happen, and might happen fast. If ill-dignified, it is 'analysis paralysis', illusions of conspiracy, insignificance. Clusterfuck.

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Image: 1-0.jpg   648x648 104064 bytes 2009.05.28

Absinthe Chapter 1 header

The graphic novel my boyfriend and I are working on is finally going live! - you can visit it Mondays and Wednesdays for new pages, watch it via a rss reader, or friend "5glasses" on Livejournal.

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Image: 1-18-teaser.jpg   648x648 109226 bytes 2007.09.10

Absinthe teaser: p.18

Another bit of teasing for that 'Five Glasses of Absinthe' comic I'm working on. This is page 18, with the dialogue layers turned off. You're missing a monologue that riffs off of the opening of Godard's <i>À bout de souffle</i> ('Breathless').

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Image: 1-6-teaser.jpg   600x332 67884 bytes 2007.08.03

Close-up of a panel on page 6 of <i>Five Glasses of Absinthe</i>. Tease, tease, tease.

Image: 10_-_Fortune.gif   396x612 31206 bytes 2007.10.09

10. Fortune

You pays your money and you takes your chances.

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Image: 10_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 75655 bytes 2008.04.05

10 of Cups

Permanent and lasting success and happiness, inspired from above.

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Image: 10_of_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 84900 bytes 2008.04.17

10 of Pentacles

Force absolute, without moderation.

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Image: 10_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 55528 bytes 2008.02.29

10 of Swords

Ruin, imprisonment, the downward spiral.

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Image: 10_of_Wands.jpg   396x612 55758 bytes 2008.06.26

10 of Wands

Well, so much for that earthly success, huh kids?

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Image: 11_-_Justice.gif   396x612 19930 bytes 2007.10.14

11. Justice

A feather's weight...

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Image: 12_-_The_Hanged_Man.jpg   396x612 40489 bytes 2007.10.19

12. The Hanged Man

I got nothing cryptic to say about this one tonight.

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Image: 13_-_Death.gif   396x612 55663 bytes 2007.11.04

13. Death

She comes to us all.

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Image: 14_-_Temperance.jpg   396x612 57283 bytes 2007.11.10

14. Temperance

Air and sea, crowned with mixed essence. Spirit and mortal.

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Image: 15_-_The_Devil.jpg   396x612 78260 bytes 2007.10.20

15. The Devil

Dichotomy is easy, isn't it?

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Image: 16_-_The_Tower.gif   396x612 46593 bytes 2007.10.30

16. The Tower

Tragedy strikes from a clear sky.

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Image: 17_-_Star.jpg   396x612 44318 bytes 2007.10.08

17. Star

fertility, immortality.

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Image: 18_-_Moon.jpg   396x612 45510 bytes 2007.10.08

18. Moon

Dreams, treachery, and the underworld.

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Image: 19._Sun.gif   396x612 20773 bytes 2007.10.06

Major Arcana #19: Sun

happy sunny bumble bees\r\n\r\nwith happenstance link to Oxun

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Image: 1_-_The_Magician.jpg   396x612 39052 bytes 2007.10.12

1. The Magician

Making, knowing, transforming.

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Image: 20_-_Judgement.jpg   396x612 55392 bytes 2007.10.07

Major Arcana #20: Judgement

curtain down, final crescendo, over and done.

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Image: 21_-_Universe.jpg   396x612 21124 bytes 2007.10.07

Major Arcana #21: Universe

Poised, centered. The last trumpet has just blown; the story is over.\r\n\r\nThe next one awaits.

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Image: 29.gif   1024x768 47385 bytes 2011.10.25

Decrypting Rita, page 29

I'm still working on that sci-fi webcomic! This is page 29; as I write this, I just posted page 32.\r\n\r\nPlease, <a href="">go check it out</a> if you haven't already, and maybe subscribe to it!

Image: 2_-_The_High_Priestess.jpg   396x612 84975 bytes 2008.07.11

2. The High Priestess

Duality; gnostic experience; cryptic wisdom.

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Image: 2_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 65221 bytes 2008.03.14

2 of Cups

Harmony, pleasure, mirth, subtlety.\r\n\r\nMarriage.

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