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Image: 8_of_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 63784 bytes 2008.04.03

8 of Pentacles

Too much force applied too suddenly. A very rapid rush, but quickly passed and expended.\r\n\r\nSwiftness, rapidity, courage, boldness. Theft and robbery.\r\n\r\nYOU GOT THE POWER-UP.

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Image: 8_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 65007 bytes 2007.11.23

8 of Swords

Too much force.

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Image: 8_of_Wands.jpg   396x612 58136 bytes 2008.06.05

8 of Wands

Investment. Seeds waiting to grow. Putting something away for a rainy day; gambling with the odds thoroughly calculated.

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Image: 99_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 106059 bytes 2010.11.20

99 of Cups


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Image: 99_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 100513 bytes 2010.12.05

99 of Swords


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Image: 99_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 69096 bytes 2007.11.12

99 of Pentacles

One of the things any artist doing a Tarot deck in this day and age must ask herself is "How can I update this 15th-century creation to reflect modern times?". This is my humble contribution for a much louder age: each suit has a 99th card, without the intervening 11-98.\r\n\r\nThe 99 of Pentacles - or Coins - is the Lord of Every Extend. It is in the house of Virgo. In divination, when upright, its meaning is <i>A FREE MAN!</i>. Inverted, it portends the loss of all your power-ups.

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Image: 99_Wands.jpg   396x612 87464 bytes 2010.11.01

99 of Wands


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Image: 9_-_The_Hermit.jpg   396x612 51053 bytes 2007.10.15

9. The Hermit

Retreating, searching. Time grows apart.

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Image: 9_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 61504 bytes 2008.05.10

9 of Cups

Complete happiness, almost perfection thereof. Vanity, conceit. Goodness and generosity with a touch of foolishness.

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Image: 9_of_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 61604 bytes 2008.05.15

9 of Pentacles

Immense, unstoppable force. Accurate delivery thereof. Success - but with strife. Victory - after fear.

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Image: 9_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 86192 bytes 2008.04.27

9 of Swords

Despair, cruelty, lying, subtle dishonesty. Yet another unpleasant card from the high end of the Swords.

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Image: 9_of_Wands.jpg   396x612 63854 bytes 2008.06.12

9 of Wands

Material gain. Compounding of interest. Power begets power.

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Image: A-Glass-of-Kirby.gif   727x700 95116 bytes 2006.01.23

Nobody wanted to talk about Ophelia's new modifications. Everyone knew she'd go on for hours.

Image: a_beautiful_machine.jpg   1280x650 130318 bytes 2007.02.22

a beautiful machine

Front page image for my redesigned website. Said website has only been tested on browsers I can run on my Powerbook; I hope to make it work on IE this weekend.\r\n\r\nIllustrator CS2.

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Image: A_Long-Anticipated_Rendezvous.jpg   792x1224 136102 bytes 2012.08.02

A Long-Anticipated Rendezvous

I decided to participate in Reddit's "Arbitratry Day" gift exchange. The guy I was matched with said he liked "Computers, video games, books, music, t-shirts 2xl, bicycles, narwhals, bacon, midnight." Which didn't give me much to go on. But his icon was a photo of Gonzo and Animal as Dr. Gonzo and Raoul Duke, and he seemed to like some Portal merch in a previous exchange… so I hatched a cunning plan.\r\n\r\nOriginally I was gonna cast Janice as Chell, but after I did the rough of Piggy I realized that the obsessive one-way dynamic between her and Kermit pretty much matches GLaDOS and Chell.

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Image: A_November_Outside.jpg   750x1554 172853 bytes 2006.05.10

Cover art for a double album that never was?\r\n\r\nIllustrator CS2.

Image: a_private_katabasis.jpg   1200x677 154292 bytes 2007.03.14

a private katabasis

Giving in to that weird late-night urge to draw some of my semi-self-image characters as boys. Sosael/Atazael is a lot saner than she used to be, but she's still fundamentally crazy, and still gets off on blood and death. (Or, rather, 'he' in this particular moment.) This preference is kinda creepily perky now, though.

Image: A_Promise_of_Burnished_Copper.jpg   707x1000 149453 bytes 2012.04.20

A Promise of Burnished Copper

Old sketch from 2010. I was originally going to use this as a testbed for playing with DrawScribe but I ended up using my tried-and-true methods.

Image: A_Sacrifice,_Considered.jpg   900x1388 399139 bytes 2010.07.06

A Sacrifice, Considered

Spelunky fan-art for a friend.

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Image: absinthe-locket.jpg   800x602 55829 bytes 2011.02.14

Conflicted Memento

I found these cute little lockets and decided to make an artifact from Absinthe's life - this is, I suppose, her father and mother.\r\n\r\nI have three more of these. Want one? Sixty bucks and I'll draw whatever you like to go inside as long as it's sepia-tone; you'll also get a digital copy of the art at icon sizes!

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Image: Absinthe-T-shirt.jpg   612x792 89844 bytes 2007.08.24

Absinthe T-shirt

T-shirt design for the comic I've been working on the past few months. Will be available (with the right URL) sometime after I launch the comic.

Image: Ace_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 59493 bytes 2007.11.14

Ace of Cups

Water in its most secret and original form. Fertility, beauty, pleasure, happiness. Productivity.

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Image: Ace_of_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 42768 bytes 2007.11.13

Ace of Pentacles

Will and Fire. Force.

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Image: Ace_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 54210 bytes 2008.05.02

Ace of Swords

The root of the powers of Air. Invoked power; justice, force, strength through trouble.

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Image: Ace_of_Wands.jpg   396x612 51018 bytes 2008.05.06

Ace of Wands

The Root of the Powers of Earth.

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Image: angels_think_they're_harpies.jpg   894x1200 157276 bytes 2006.06.25

angels think they're harpies\r\n\r\nGouache, acrylic.

Image: Another_Dissatisfied_Customer.gif   1277x800 36785 bytes 2007.07.19

Another Dissatisfied Customer

The oracle never gives you what you want.\r\n\r\nA mixture of a never-really-used remix of an old muck character of mine, reading Gorey's "L'Heure Bleue", and the residue of a day mostly spent thinking in spirals.

Image: Anticipation.jpg   847x1100 145456 bytes 2001.03.10

An Egyptian rabbit, drawn after some meditation on cliches of species/costume pairs. . Or is she just a well-costumed flapper? One or the other. Digital coloring done over three days in Illustrator 9 atop now-vanished traditional inks; no actual reference used for costume design, only my mental store of Egyptian costume cliches picked up from countless Nile valley furry drawings by many other artists.

Image: Apogee.jpg   700x1100 122096 bytes 2006.12.20


Probably the most joyously inappropriate winter holiday card ever.

Image: Arial.gif   800x1073 69749 bytes 2003.11.22

Arial, for Ashtoreth's birthday. Uncensored version.\r\n\r\nI chose to emphasize her sinuousness and evil instead of her mammaries and genitalia, as most art of her has.\r\n\r\nArial is owned and operated by Ashtoreth, not me. *grin*

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