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Image: Cogwork-Elvis.gif   600x927 69349 bytes 2008.08.27

Cogwork Elvis

Gig poster for <a href="">the Consortium of Genius</a>, with opening act <a href="">Clockwork Elvis</a>.

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Image: consecration.gif   1210x1233 96916 bytes 2011.10.09


If you can recognize the four control points that define this circle, then you might be welcome within it.

Image: ContragravFace.gif   573x513 24728 bytes 2000.08.29

A screengrab of a 'face' (aka 'skin') for Audion, a Mac MP3 player. Available in the official Audion face archive at, if you should happen to use that for your MP3s. Supposedly there's also an Audion face->SoundJam skin converter, too, but this'd look pretty nasty without an alpha channel.

Image: CoonMage.jpeg   442x492 42891 bytes 1999.07.30

Late-night quickie of a raccoon mage interrupted in the middle of casting a spell.\r\nThings look so much better against a black background with an abstract shape\r\nthan floating in a white void, don't they?\r\n\n

Image: coyohti-drider.gif   848x1002 61943 bytes 2001.06.18

Somehow I doubt you've ever seen this particular species mix before...\r\n\r\nCheap pen and black Prismacolor, tarted up in Photoshop a bit for that faded Western feel.\r\n\r\ncoyohti manifests on Furrymuck as a slender gunfighter, hence the clothing.\r\n

Image: cutie-sphinx.jpg   1024x803 458956 bytes 2010.12.03

His Beard Bedewed with Eyeballs

Based on <a href="">this sphinx</a>.\r\n\r\nDirect in Illustrator, using a bunch of photos found via <a href="">Multicolr</a>.\r\n\r\n<i>Superman came to our town/to see who he could rock/He blew away every crew he faced until he reached our block/His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel/And when we brought our set outside, he said: WIKKI WIKKI WIKKI - SHUT UP!</i> - Birdie Nam Nam

Tags: sphinx dj turntables  
Image: dalek-infatuate.jpg   493x800 62757 bytes 2009.06.22

Experimental Anti-Movellan Dalek

Tags: dalek  
Image: Debutante_Ball.gif   1280x883 112357 bytes 2007.01.11

Debutante Ball

By tradition, her left-hand aunt and her right-hand aunt trailed behind. Later there would be tea.

Image: Deep_Delve.jpg   1755x1096 95759 bytes 2012.02.17

Deep Delve

Fan-art for T's new comic.

Image: Desire.jpg   1800x1087 531162 bytes 2010.02.18


Spring, spring, the rainbow's daughter Polychrome

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Image: diafeara.jpg   1600x1031 79249 bytes 2006.12.27


A fire-cat. Non-representational.

Image: DiddleyeBom.gif   532x452 156342 bytes 1999.03.03

'Who put the bom in the bombomdiddleyebom?' - Bently Rhythm Ace. This raccoon probably doesn't know, but she can dance to it...\r\n\n

Image: Disassociative_episode.gif   800x618 154652 bytes 2006.07.11


Image: double_date.jpg   1600x976 323352 bytes 2006.11.24

Vixen Decanting Day, 2006.\r\n\r\nMnemora and Arial are the intellectual property of Ashtoreth.

Image: Dr._Holiday_Wednesday.gif   800x600 54088 bytes 2004.11.21

Dr. Holiday Wednesday, mad scientist and abusive ob-gyn. See <a href="">her Livejournal</a> for more details.

Image: drawmeayiffyvixenpeggy.gif   462x600 104422 bytes 2002.05.05

While at CF02, Gryllus came up to me and said "Draw me a yiffy vixen, Peggy!" She was obviously not terribly serious, but I drew this anyway. In my own sketchbook rather than hers. Ah well. I thought it was funny-looking enough that I decided to bring it through Illustrator...\r\n\r\nIf Huckleberry Hound had breasts, they would look something like the ones depicted here.

Image: Dreamsnail.jpg   900x831 104239 bytes 2003.11.19

Feel the hypnotic power of snail bosoms!\r\n\r\nAnna Pieruccini's 'Dream Snail', warped through my rubbery cartoon vision. Original pencil sketch done midsummer '02, then pulled out and parsed through Illustrator in a day when she became the Postmistress of this week's Yerf Trading Post.\r\n\r\nI wasn't going to upload this any wider than the Trading Post, but people loved it when I posted it to my LJ. Ironically, my boobalicious treatment of the character makes it dubious as to whether it's Yerf-allowable.

Image: EKLogo.gif   640x540 20463 bytes 1999.11.09

Logo sort of thing for a comics project of mine. 100% Illustrator, including autotraced inks.\r\n\n

Image: emergent-behavior.gif   500x500 46241 bytes 2004.06.23

I wanted to work on something more complex, but I ended up more tired than I intended after doing this warmup piece. 1.5 hours, maybe 2.

Image: EmpressAshy.gif   640x499 31767 bytes 1999.03.07

Ashtoreth as the Empress of the Universe, Or At Least A Goodly Portion Thereof.\n

Image: EnsignK-P1.gif   486x756 89752 bytes 2000.01.30

The first page of a backup strip I've done for Richard Bartrop's 'Zaibatsu Tears' comic book (volume #2, issue #3 - bug your local comic shop now!). Six pages of starkly-rendered space opera.<p>And now I shall sleep.\n

Image: EvilPeggy.gif   521x800 72012 bytes 2002.05.12

Me, looking evil and/or seductive. Illustrator over pencil sketch.\r\n\r\nThe text is my little foray into faux-Pseudo-Manitouness.

Image: Exposure.gif   773x1000 55326 bytes 2003.01.11

"Exposure". Illustrator over pencil rough.\r\n\r\nSort of a sequel to 'Full Stop', sort of not.

Image: Fatale.jpg   800x1275 301724 bytes 2004.05.21

A goodbye to a character I've had and worn for a long time. Thanks for everything you showed me about myself, Peganthyrus.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop 7 over pen sketch.

Image: FatRat.gif   336x430 50915 bytes 2001.01.01

A big fat rat which I drew while in New Orleans for the winter holidays. A lot of people there are built along these lines.\r\n\r\nI haven't drawn much lately; I was quite surprised at how well this doodle came out - simultaneously geometric and dimensional. Neat.\n

Image: Five-Rounds-A-Day.jpg   612x972 120433 bytes 2009.02.19

Five Rounds A Day

Just something I doodled to try and get things going for my comic.

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Image: for_terror_is_Thy_name.gif   1280x713 24197 bytes 2007.11.09

...for terror is Thy name

An invocation, an offering.

Image: ForAl.gif   650x572 26272 bytes 2003.01.23

Al Hirschfeld, last of the great celebrity caricaturists. 1903-1993.

Image: From_The_Sea.jpg   600x752 56286 bytes 2004.07.22

It's fishy, and it's happy, and it's cute, and maybe it's your great-great-great-great-[...]-grandmother.\r\n\r\nDone for, where you can buy this on a t-shirt

Image: FullStop.gif   773x1000 58569 bytes 2002.08.18

"Full Stop". Illustrator over pencil rough.\r\n\r\nIt was her utterly happening boots that made me decide to take this from a bus doodle to a finished illustration. There was going to be some text as a graphic element, but it didn't work out.\r\n\r\n(Reupload: tweaked the arms and text.)

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