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Image: 17_-_Star.jpg   396x612 44318 bytes 2007.10.08

17. Star

fertility, immortality.

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Image: 18_-_Moon.jpg   396x612 45510 bytes 2007.10.08

18. Moon

Dreams, treachery, and the underworld.

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Image: 21_-_Universe.jpg   396x612 21124 bytes 2007.10.07

Major Arcana #21: Universe

Poised, centered. The last trumpet has just blown; the story is over.\r\n\r\nThe next one awaits.

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Image: 20_-_Judgement.jpg   396x612 55392 bytes 2007.10.07

Major Arcana #20: Judgement

curtain down, final crescendo, over and done.

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Image: 19._Sun.gif   396x612 20773 bytes 2007.10.06

Major Arcana #19: Sun

happy sunny bumble bees\r\n\r\nwith happenstance link to Oxun

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Image: nicole-steam.png   568x342 145117 bytes 2007.10.04

Nicole's Steam icon

A friend asked for something to use as her icon on Steam and her spraypaint in Team Fortress 2. I might offer more icon commissions like this.

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Image: The_Fall_Collection.jpg   1600x400 159973 bytes 2007.09.21

The Fall Collection

Art for the monthly newsletter of - the theme was 'fashion'.

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Image: 1-18-teaser.jpg   648x648 109226 bytes 2007.09.10

Absinthe teaser: p.18

Another bit of teasing for that 'Five Glasses of Absinthe' comic I'm working on. This is page 18, with the dialogue layers turned off. You're missing a monologue that riffs off of the opening of Godard's <i> bout de souffle</i> ('Breathless').

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Image: Absinthe-T-shirt.jpg   612x792 89844 bytes 2007.08.24

Absinthe T-shirt

T-shirt design for the comic I've been working on the past few months. Will be available (with the right URL) sometime after I launch the comic.

Image: 1-6-teaser.jpg   600x332 67884 bytes 2007.08.03

Close-up of a panel on page 6 of <i>Five Glasses of Absinthe</i>. Tease, tease, tease.

Image: Seven_Seconds.jpg   1024x802 64116 bytes 2007.07.23

Seven Seconds Seven Seconds Seven Seconds

Hexagons done with NodeBox.

Image: Another_Dissatisfied_Customer.gif   1277x800 36785 bytes 2007.07.19

Another Dissatisfied Customer

The oracle never gives you what you want.\r\n\r\nA mixture of a never-really-used remix of an old muck character of mine, reading Gorey's "L'Heure Bleue", and the residue of a day mostly spent thinking in spirals.

Image: Opener_of_the_Furthest_Ways.gif   895x600 29760 bytes 2007.07.12

Opener of the Furthest Ways

Long, dark journey.

Image: The_Stolen_Sister.jpg   1024x791 139116 bytes 2007.07.01

The Stolen Sister

Quick and dirty direct-in-Illustrator: Theeka and Sosael, exchanged.\r\n\r\nFor those who didn't hang around Puzzlebox: Theeka is a hypersubmissive rubber mouse, who's had her negative emotions turned off; she's the leader of the Bubble Dolls, a clade of happy latexy servile types. Sosael is a hateful white butterfly who dies a <i>lot</i>, and may or may not be a face of the overall consciousness of the Strangevirus, a bio/data plague that infests an entire sector of the world. Sometimes they claim to be sisters, sometimes they deny it.\r\n\r\nI played Sosael.

Image: Her_Pale_Escort.jpg   800x599 221274 bytes 2007.06.20

Her Pale Escort

Gouache and Prismacolor marker on a paper bag.

Image: Passing_Fancy.jpg   400x1374 177783 bytes 2007.06.07

Passing Fancy

Image: Starbow.jpg   1280x905 189835 bytes 2007.06.02


Singularity to duality to multitudes.\r\n\r\nBut where's the third?

Image: The_Spiral_Boulevard.jpg   849x1200 49907 bytes 2007.05.23

The Spiral Boulevard

Part two of a series of goddess imagery.

Image: The_Left-Hand_Ptah.jpg   848x1200 154909 bytes 2007.05.23

The Left-Hand Ptah

Image: So_predispose_everything,_Quartermaster.jpg   622x762 103955 bytes 2007.05.16

So predispose everything, Quartermaster.

Idly playing with Illustrator CS3, though i didn't actually use any of the new features.

Image: To_Fall_from_Grace.jpg   629x1200 154694 bytes 2007.05.12

To Fall from Grace

Just something I scribbled out without really thinking.

Image: You_are_my_sun_-_you_are_my_moon_-_you_are_my_sky.jpg   1280x832 193660 bytes 2007.04.30

You are my sun, you are my moon, you are my sky

Fiddling around with Artrage (virtual oils/chalk, to be specific).

Image: macrowhiz.jpg   960x624 114355 bytes 2007.04.29

A childish ambition

Just a quick doodle to sum up everything I find distasteful about the 'macro' fetish.\r\n\r\nVirtual crayon via Artrage 2.

Image: lavalavavixyvix.jpg   400x400 56752 bytes 2007.04.27


My boyfriend needed a picture of his lava-lamp vixen Kincaid for purposes of making a fake Magic card.\r\n\r\nSo I did some Illustrator speedpainting. YIP YIP YIP YIP BLOOP!

Image: Siege_of_Syracuse_(back).jpg   800x800 65853 bytes 2007.04.27

The Siege of Syracuse (back cover)

That previous piece looked like an album cover. So I made the back.

Image: The_Siege_of_Syracuse.jpg   800x800 226372 bytes 2007.04.26

The Siege of Syracuse

The Greek text translates roughly to "Do not disturb my circles!".

Image: the_secrets_we_tell_ourselves.jpg   700x1015 93153 bytes 2007.04.17

the secrets we tell ourselves

A sequel to a piece I did a couple years ago.

Image: Palimpsest.jpg   1600x692 192033 bytes 2007.04.15


I was sitting around feeling all lazy and vaguely useless. So I drew a smirky cobra with big titties. Cheered me right up!\r\n\r\nUploaded as a big file so you can see just how sloppy I get sometimes. Sloppy is good now and then.

Image: a_private_katabasis.jpg   1200x677 154292 bytes 2007.03.14

a private katabasis

Giving in to that weird late-night urge to draw some of my semi-self-image characters as boys. Sosael/Atazael is a lot saner than she used to be, but she's still fundamentally crazy, and still gets off on blood and death. (Or, rather, 'he' in this particular moment.) This preference is kinda creepily perky now, though.

Image: the-people's-pinup.jpg   1095x972 251772 bytes 2007.03.11

The People's Pinup

Collaboration with Jonas. His pencils, my Illustratorness.


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