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Image: Fussyspider-Door.jpg   625x1500 168478 bytes 2011.10.31

Just Nod And Say It

This is exactly the size of my front door. It's probably the same size as yours, too, at least if you're in America!\r\n\r\nYou can find a PDF of this <a href=>here</a> If you print it, Paypaling a few bucks to would be appreciated, but not required. Happy Halloween!

Tags: missfussyspider halloween skittles spider  
Image: Ghost_Dance.gif   900x1200 111912 bytes 2006.08.20


Image: gothkitty.jpg   400x538 100272 bytes 2008.11.16

Goth Catgirl Mask

Last night, I was the only catgirl at the Goth Catgirl Rave whose face matched her dress.\r\n\r\nGouache on prefab mask.

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Image: Gravity_Angel.gif   1280x887 80850 bytes 2006.12.30

Gravity Angel

The spiders fly through the empty spaces on their pretty inertialess drives.\r\nSwooping and weaving and crashing for the fun of it, they weave a web of trails in the stars.

Image: HelloCupid.gif   602x800 35334 bytes 2002.02.14

Lately I've been playing around with funny-animal versions of half-snakes from myth. Here we have a raccoon lamia and my reaction to finding myself stricken with insomnia on the morning of Valentine's Day.\r\n\r\n\r\nQuick and dirty Photoshop greyscale under scanned inks.

Image: Her_Clever_Disguise.jpg   618x800 181791 bytes 2006.05.13

It's anybody's guess what's under all that rubber.\r\n\r\nIllustrator CS2.

Image: Her_Pale_Escort.jpg   800x599 221274 bytes 2007.06.20

Her Pale Escort

Gouache and Prismacolor marker on a paper bag.

Image: Her_Slip_is_Showing.jpg   927x1200 290545 bytes 2012.07.13

Her Slip is SHowing

Commission for Sigil's birthday from Ix.

Image: HGA.jpg   800x1618 119992 bytes 2009.09.12


Image: ILikeToDrawNakedFoxWomen.gif   548x457 9128 bytes 1999.05.01

This emerged from a rather lengthy discussion in Furry's Studio de l'Artiste about abstraction, meaning, messages, and the like. I pointed out that the message of much furry art is simply 'I like to draw naked fox-women', then realized that's a dandy title for a quick image.\r\nI spent about ten minutes on it, from ballpoint pen scribble to digital tones. The ironic part is that I _don't_ really like to draw naked fox women. Oh well.\n

Image: Incubus.jpg   800x553 53894 bytes 2004.05.01

Tentacles are love.

Image: Indigo.jpg   769x1000 71375 bytes 2011.04.22

The Power of Speech

lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples lipples

Tags: lipples  
Image: InFourMoves.jpg   600x810 96050 bytes 2005.11.24

Caged collared orthogonal locked.

Image: InPassing.jpg   664x1200 118344 bytes 2001.05.19

Inari. Done in exchange for a tune.\r\n\r\nIllustrator over inked rough.

Image: Introduction-to-Applied-Poromechanics-Day-5.jpg   1107x800 231236 bytes 2012.02.06

Introduction to Applied Poromechanics, Day 5

I get the BEST COMMISSIONS IN THE WORLD. This is Qliphoth, the child of a butterfly and a god of Holey Space. ()r gender is "()".\r\n\r\nI'm really not doing commissions nowadays but everyone someone makes a request that is TOO AWESOME TO PASS UP, and are still interested when I warn them it will probably take months to happen...

Tags: Qliphoth butterfly void panopticon trypophilia  
Image: Involution.gif   612x792 142571 bytes 2005.07.21

I have to move in a week and a half. I'm still not entirely sure where I'm going. I don't really have the funds for shipping or storing my stuff.\r\n\r\nI keep on slipping into these moods where all I can do is curl up on my bed and shiver with fear.\r\n\r\nThis is what happens when I try to see if I can draw.

Image: Joe.gif   600x898 27194 bytes 2004.04.06

WMYLG Joe for Yerf Trading Post #52.\r\n\r\nArrows, whee.

Image: Joyous_And_Triumphant.jpg   800x991 127597 bytes 2007.01.03

Joyous And Triumphant

The tinsel was all cleaned up, but she still hadn't had a chance to play with her new toy.

Image: Kali_Destroyer_of_Toys.jpg   600x706 80534 bytes 2004.07.22

Kali. Cute little baby Kali.\r\n\r\nDone for, where you can buy this on a t-shirt.

Image: King_of_Cups.jpg   396x612 61998 bytes 2008.06.28

King of Cups

Air of Water.

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Image: King_of_Pentacles.jpg   396x612 84149 bytes 2008.07.23

King of Pentacles

Air of Fire.

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Image: King_of_Swords.jpg   396x612 76885 bytes 2008.07.27

King of Swords

Air of Air.

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Image: King_of_VOID.jpg   612x396 126297 bytes 2010.11.17

King of (VOID)

Empty of air.

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Image: King_of_Wands.jpg   396x612 49292 bytes 2008.08.07

King of Wands

Air of Earth.

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Image: Kobi.gif   611x800 71688 bytes 2003.12.13

Kobi for the Yerf trading post.\r\n\r\nDirect in AI, sketch and all. Probably about two hours when I should've been working, but hey, there's just something about a guy in a dress.

Image: LarvalStage.gif   600x363 16520 bytes 2005.01.23

This was part of a larger, multi-character piece that was going to be for the door of the room I shared at Further Confusion 2005, or little cards for us to hand out to the Special People who were worthy of knowing our location, or some such, but the images of the other inhabitants didn't come together. So I give you this mutant self-portrait fragment.

Image: Launching_June_2009.jpg   648x648 119812 bytes 2009.05.22

Coming in June 2009

Like it says: <a href=""></a>, coming June 2009. Mature audiences.

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Image: lavalavavixyvix.jpg   400x400 56752 bytes 2007.04.27


My boyfriend needed a picture of his lava-lamp vixen Kincaid for purposes of making a fake Magic card.\r\n\r\nSo I did some Illustrator speedpainting. YIP YIP YIP YIP BLOOP!

Image: level-40-get.jpg   906x792 103662 bytes 2011.07.04

Level 40 Get!

I turn 40 on the 5th.

Image: Like_stones,_her_basilisk_eyes..jpg   800x538 79992 bytes 2006.06.14

Illustrator CS2.

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